Anon M4 Toric Ski Goggles

Anon M4 Toric Ski Goggles

  • Toric lens goggle utilising Magna-Tech for quick and secure lens interchange
  • Wall-to-Wall vision provides exceptional peripherals views to help you stay on top of the action
  • Full perimeter venting, ICT anti-fog treatment and Outlast face foam all work to keep the lens mist-free
  • MFI technology: Connect a facemask for seamless, stylish and secure integration
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit; includes MFI facemask and microfibre goggle bag as standard

Our View: Utilising the latest in lens technology, Anon's M4 Toric features a new lens curvature which is optimised for ventilation, peripheral vision and helmet compatibility. Paired with the outstanding optics offered by Zeiss' Sonar lens technology - the M4 Toric goggles are one of the outstanding designs of this winter.

"The Anon M4 goggle offers the most precise helmet-to-goggle fit with maximum field of vision, SONAR by ZEISS clarity, powerful magnetic lens retention, and the unprecedented versatility to switch between toric and cylindrical lenses. Toric lens technology mimics the curvature of the eye for superior optics, enhanced peripheral vision, and maximized venting for fog-free vision." - Anon.

  • Wall-to-Wall Vision
  • Triple Layer Face Foam
  • Lightweight TPU Frame
  • Magna-Tech Quick Lens Change
  • Anon Toric Lens Technology
  • MFI Technology (Patent Pending)
  • Over-the-Glass (OTG) Compatible
  • Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece
  • ICT (Integral Clarity Technology)
  • No-Slip Silicone Strap
  • Full Perimeter Channel Venting
  • Lens Tech Feat. Zeiss
  • MFI Facemask
  • Spare Graybird Lens
  • Microfibre Goggle Bag

Anon Goggles - Key Tech Features

Key Technical Features

Anons Magna-Tech is one of the easiest lens change systems available on the market. Lens changing is effortless with multiple rare-earth magnets holding the lens firmly in place with no compromising gaps.

When at the top of a mountain in difficult conditions, lens changing can be fiddly and tough. The Magna-Tech system means lenses can be changed in seconds, even when wearing gloves, saving time and effort.

Anon Goggles - Magna-Tech Lens Change System


Lens changing made easy

Anon Goggles - Sonar Lenses by Zeiss

Sonar Lenses

Enhance contrast and vision

anon's new Sonar Lens by ZEISS has been exclusively developed for snow sports. These lenses enhance contrast for the highest possible definition and terrain recognition in a variety of weather conditions.

Available in different colours and light absorption levels on leading models, Sonar is a fully functional yet stylish way to keep on top of the action whether your days are whiteout or bluebird.

The Anon MFI facemask is a great way of protecting yourself against the elements in an all-in-one goggle facemask system. The facemask provides warmth, and comfort for all day use.

Small magnets connect the warm fleece facemask to the goggle, snapping into place with ease. This ensures that the weather is kept out, and you'll look super cool whilst out on the slopes.

Anon Goggles - MFI Facemask Integration

MFI Facemask

Block out the elements with seamless integration and style

Anon Goggles - Other Tech Features

Other Technical Features

Anon Goggles - MFI Technology


Four magnetic connection points create a seamless goggle to facemask connection. This ensures maximum comfort as well as keeping the elements at bay.

Anon Goggles - Magna-Tech

Magna Tech

The best quick change lens system on the market. 16 rare earth magets are used to create a simple and secure lens to frame seal that keeps moisture away.

Anon Goggles - Toric Lens Construction

Toric Lens Construction

A blend between cylindrical and spherical shapes, boasting the perfect combination of distortion-free vision, canopy ventilation, peripheral views and helmet compatibility.

Anon Goggles - Integral Clarity Technology

ICT (Integral Clarity Technology)

Works in tandem with the channel venting technology to provide clear vision in all conditions. An effective anti-fog inner lens coating helps to reduce fog buildup.

Anon Goggles - Full Perimeter Channel Venting

Full Perimeter Channel Venting

Working alongside Anons anti-fog system, airflow is ensured with maximum venting. Moisture is also pulled away from the lens to provide clear, fog-free vision.

Cylintrical Lens Construction

Outlast Fog Management Face Fleece

Featured in the Magna Tech goggle collection to provide the highest level of anti-fog and climate regulating performance for comfort and clear vision.

Anon Goggles - Wall-2-Wall Vision

Wall-2-Wall Vision

A low profile frame utilities 40% thinner face foam for an ultra close fit. An unobstructed viewing experience is achieved which provides clearer peripheral vision.

Anon Goggles - Lightweight TPU Frame

Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane Frame

As well as being lightweight the TPU frame is also flexible in changing temperatures. The frame material allows the goggles to fit every face shape comfortably.

Anon Goggles - OTG Ready

OTG (Over The Glasses)

This Goggle can comfortably be worn over the glasses, so you don't have to compromise your vision. Comfort and style is also ensured with the OTG goggle.

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