Atomic Goggles

Being one of the market leaders in ski hardware, Atomic are aiming to "make every skier a better skier"; supplying both professional ski athletes and leisure skiers with eyewear which can be worn straight out of the box thanks to a wealth of features designed to enhanced fit and comfort is a unique trait of Atomic. Spherical and cylindrical lenses of the highest quality, developed in conjunction with Zeiss, paired with photochromic and multi-layered mirror technologies and a system making lens switching quick and simple mean you will be fully prepared for whatever is thrown at you this winter. Wherever you want to ski, Atomic equipment can take you!


Based in Austria, Atomic have been manufacturing ski equipment for over 60 years, supplying past and present pro stars, both male and female, in practically every skiing discipline including racing, freestyle, nordic combined and biathlon.


Atomic have collaborated with world-leading Zeiss to produce their impressive goggle lenses, offering exceptional clarity in any weather condition. Live Fit Frame technology helps to give a seamless fit straight out the box, whatever your face shape.


Whether you're a racer in need of streamlined shape or a freeskier wanting to look your best, the world class Revent series is the one for you whilst the Savor offers an OTG option. These goggles pair up seamlessly with our range of Atomic helmets!

Atomic was created by skiers for skiers, so they know what makes a great helmet and goggle set up. More importantly they can turn this insight into innovation. With the help of their Austrian in-house development; collaborations with some of the leading athletes in snow sports and European based production, Atomic have once again progressed in the world of snow optics by introducing Stereo HD lenses to help you see in high definition out on the slopes.

Atomic goggles tech

Atomic Goggles

Clean styles and ultimate performance

Atomic pride themselves on delivery world class tech to the masses. None more so than with their Revent range; featuring a variety of styles and understated features, they perform above and beyond the call of duty.

From the flagship model, the Revent Q, featuring a quick release lens system and a bonus lens for low light to the Savor M equipped with a Photochromic lens, Atomic's goggles suit any rider in any condition.

Atomic Goggles - Mens Goggles

Men's Goggles

With an even wider range than ever, Atomic's 2017/18 goggles are in a world of their own. Returning and once again being the pick of the bunch is the Revent Q, a top of the range product that performs whatever the weather.

Atomic Goggles - Womens Goggles

Women's Goggles

An issue no more; Atomic have addressed the elephant in the room in sizing their premium products. Enter the Revent S. A scaled down version of their top of the range model in scaled down size which is packed full of tech and high quality features.

Atomic OTG Goggles

OTG Goggles

Remove the hassle of changing glasses when out on the slopes and keep your eye on the piste map thanks to Atomic's OTG series. Featured on one of their most popular models, the Savor M, you'll be sure to keep your eyes on the prize this winter.

Atomic Stereo HD

Atomic Stereo HD Lenses

Premium lens technology

High Definition contrast

Incredible snow visibility

High-definition contrast lens technology creates incredible snow visibility in all light conditions. Perfect to help pick out undulations and defects on the surface for a more confident approach to skiing.

Stereo HD lenses use crystals in the lens to divide white light into its six spectral colours. Enhancing sensitive ones; you get a greater sense of depth and therefore a better optical experience.

Silver Stereo HD

Silver Stereo HD

Blue Stereo HD

Blue Stereo HD

Green Stereo HD

Green Stereo HD

Atomic offer some of the most advanced goggles around but their helmets keep the noggins of some of skiing's biggest names safe and sound. Check out the Revent+ AMID for premium protection and integration.

Combine the Revent's for Atomic's best ever integration. With seamless compatibility and aligned ventilation channels; protection is combined with comfort, performance and style for a great look this winter.

Atomic Helmets

Atomic Helmets

Pair up for ultimate integration