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Bern Goggles

After setting the winter protectives scene alight over the last ten years, Bern have decided to take a step into uncharted territory with their latest range of ski goggles. Designed to pair up perfectly with their selection of all-season helmets, Bern goggles are designed to provide essential protection and great style for your adventures on the snow.


Founded in 2004, Bern Unlimited was started to give action sports enthusiasts a single helmet, adaptable to all seasons and all non-motorised action sports. A partnership with Olympic gold medallist Seth Wesscott catapulted Bern to fame.


Bern's exclusive partnership with PLUSfoam technology, a renewably sourced foam material, gives their goggles credentials as some of the greenest around. What's more, they're also extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear!


Bern have rolled out a range of goggles to fill every niche, from the large-fitting Eastwood to the women-specific Monroe, and the smaller Sawyer and Scout models for boys and girls, there is a set of Bern goggles out there for everyone.

The Bern goggles experience continues on into 2016-17 with the development of existing styles to push the envelope of performance and create the lowest profile fit between goggle and helmet available on the market.


Bern are famous for their low profile helmet designs, a style they have become famous for and stamped their own name on! The Bern Profile is carried through into their new goggle collection—the low profile style that Bern customers expect.

All Bern goggles have been designed to fit seamlessly with our helmets creating those clean lines that Bern is known for.

The smooth integration gives you a high-performance fit and comfortable feel so that they can ski or ride without that annoying gap.

For 2016-17 we introduce the Jackson and Juno models; medium-fitting frames for men and women that suit our range of Bern lids perfectly.


B.O.S.™ (Bern Optic System) goggle technology is warped at just the right angle for unfettered peripheral and clear line of sight in a variety of conditions, repelling harmful glare and UV for proper depth perception. Make the most of the mountain with a range of lenses designed to perform wherever you go.

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