Electric Goggles

Electric Goggles

Back with the freshest products yet! Electric goggles bring show-stopping style to the snow like nothing else before them. The Electric range is finely tuned and focused. Rather than flooding you with options, every shape and size provides the best optical experience in its class. Brand new for this season are the Electron, featuring an electrochromic lens for adaptation at the touch of a button, the EGG and Kleveland designs. Electric have thrown caution to the wind with their goggles for 2018/19, we're sure you won't be disappointed!


Electric were founded in California at the turn of the century. By building upon what has stood the test of time, Electric reengineers classics, making quality products made to enhance active lifestyles - offering Style that performs.


Below Electric's minimalist design is a range of spec-heavy goggles, including the new Electron which features an electrochromic lens and the EGG, whose toric lens mimics the curvature of the eye for superior peripheral vision and optial clarity.


The range is a fusion of retro design cues and cutting edge technology. The EG3 and EGX are masterpieces of frameless design. Electric offer frames to suit all sizes and personalities, for those who love a bit of colour and those who prefer a classic finish.

Back for another season at RxSport, Electric have taken a fresh approach for this winter, offering the best in not only technology but style as well. With the introduction of some new faces, be prepared to see some real showstoppers for 2018/19!

Electric Goggles

This is Electric Visual Evolution

For 2018/19 Electric have returned to the drawing board. By daring to innovate they have broken the mould, creating some of the most spectacular goggle designs of the year, leading the way not only in technology but also in style.

Making its debut is the Electron, a cutting-edge goggle with an electrochromic lens which darkens or lightens its tint at the touch of a button. Never before has adaptation to changing conditions been so simple or straightforward!

Electric Electron Goggles
Electric EGG Goggles

Another new face for 2018/19 is the EGG (pictured), based on the best-selling EG2 design but featuring a new toric lens shape. Mimicking the curve of the human head, this lens delivers exceptional peripheral vision with no compromise on clarity, or style.

Finally, we welcome the Kleveland. As the name suggests, this is Electric's first model tie-in with rising snowboard star Marcus Kleveland. Sporting a low-profile cylindrical shape, everything about this design is what makes Electric goggles great.

Electric have opted not to roll out the kaleidoscope of various lens tints and mirrors you may find with competitor brands. What you will find is a scaled-back array of lenses using the Brose (bronze and rose) base tint that simply and silently do their thing!

This blend of colours delivers the best of both worlds for contrast enhancement and eye comfort, perfect for the snowy environment where detail in terrain can easily get washed out. We also stock replacement lenses for a range of Electric goggles. Find them here!

Electric Goggles - Lens Technology

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down the lenses from Electric. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightStyle that performs is Electric's mantra, and their stealth lenses live up to the understated image. Perfect for bluebirds, these options are genuinely dark, and seriously cool.

Jet BlackJet Black

Brose Silver ChromeBrose Silver Chrome

Brose Green ChromeBrose Green Chrome

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightOne of Electric's party tricks is the Brose lens, combining the powers of the Bronze and Rose base tint for ultimate contrast and clarity. Any rose or amber base tint will help in cloudy conditions.



Brose Pink ChromeBrose Pink Chrome

Low Light

Low LightYellow Blue Chrome and Light Green are Electric's go to lenses for low light conditions. Helping cut through whiteout conditions and improving contrast so you can hit the slopes with confidence!

Yellow GreenYellow Green

Yellow Blue ChromeYellow Blue Chrome

Brose LightBrose Light