Giro Agent Ski Goggles

Giro Agent Ski Goggles

  • Toric lens goggle with Magnetic lens change system and VIVID lenses by ZEISS
  • Infinity Lens Design - lens wraps at the edges to create unparalleled peripheral views
  • VIVID lenses with optics by ZEISS deliver high-definition vision in a wide range of conditions
  • Adapt Strap technology - change the style of your design with an accessory strap - available here
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit; includes microfibre bag and bonus low-light lens

Our View: A thoroughly modern piece of performance eyewear, the Giro Agent goggles feature leading-edge optical technology including the spectacular Infinity Lens for unmatched peripheral vision and a seriously sleek look. Combined with the contrast-boosting benefits of VIVID lenses, the Agent steals the show this season!

"Our most eye-catching modern design to date, the Agent goggle features Infinity lens design for a flashy new frameless look with infinite style. These high-end goggles are styled with a magnetic Quick-change lens system, EVAK vent technology, plus two toric VIVID lenses with Optics by ZEISS. The Agent is customizable with the new Adapt Strap to fine-tune your style." - Giro

  • EXV frameless design
  • Infinity Lens design
  • Quick Change Magnetic Lens System
  • Toric lens
  • VIVID lenses with Optics by ZEISS
  • Includes two VIVID ZEISS lenses
  • EXV - Expansion View Technology
  • EVAK Vent Technology
  • Triple layer face foam with microfleece facing
  • Anti-fog lens coating
  • Seamless Compatibility with Giro helmets
  • OTG Friendly design
  • Adapt Strap compatible
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit

Giro Goggles Technology - VIVID


VIVID Lenses

Developed in conjunction with Zeiss

VIVID is a patented lens technology - developed by Giro in partnership with Zeiss Optics. Designed to improve your visual experience out on the snow by boosting contrast in blue light, accentuating detail in shadows and relief to bring clarity to a challenging environment.

Developed over decades of research, VIVID Lenses enhance contrast and definition to reduce eyestrain improve reaction time and boost your confidence through delivering precise vision in a wide range of conditions.

Found exclusively on Giro goggles fitted with VIVID lenses, EVAK Vent Technology uses a new foam made from an ultradurable, non-absorbent material. EVAK vents minimize the chance of fogging by releasing moisture while simultaneously creating a barrier from the elements.

EVAK Vent keeps vision clear in the most challenging conditions by keeping fog-causing moisture away from the goggle canopy, meaning you can depend on the exceptional clarity of VIVID lenses no matter the weather.

Giro Goggles - Evak Vent Technology

EVAK Vent Technology

Keep vision clear and the elements out

Giro Goggles Technology - EXV

EXV - Expansion View Technology

Developed and perfected at the DOME, Giro's R&D center in Santa Cruz, California, the groundbreaking Expansion View Technology (EXV) is a new frame design that creates an unparalleled field of view. Giro began with a helmet-compatible goggle design and then eliminated and tapered material from the frame and engineered frameless zones to optimize a massive spherical lens and yield maximum peripheral vision in their goggles.

Giro Goggles Technology

Giro Goggles Technology - Anti-Fog Coating

Infinity Lens Design

The Infinity lens offers a flashy new frameless look with infinite style. The lens flows over the goggles edges, eliminating the traditional frame – resulting in a vast field of view and a thoroughly modern look.

Giro Goggles Technology - Seamless Compatibility

Adapt Strap Compatible

The new Adapt Strap interchange goggle strap is your ticket to goggle customization. This accessory strap features a clean, seamless in-frame attachment point to quickly update the look of your goggles. Available in multiple colorways to match or set off your goggles for the ultimate self-expression. Shop for your adapt strap here!

Giro Goggles Technology - Toric lens by Zeiss

Toric lens by Zeiss

A blend of the key benefits of both cylindrical and spherical lens designs, Toric lenses retain the low profile style of cylindrical lenses while boasting the distortion-free vision and peripheral views of spherical lenses. Combined with the expertise of ZEISS, the result is market-leading optics on the snow.

Giro Goggles Technology - Triple-Layer Face Foam

Triple-Layer Face Foam

Triple Face Foam is a three part system that provides a plush contact layer against your face, a super soft middle layer that allows maximum contour and compliments the goggle ventilation, and a durable back layer connected to the goggle frame. The microfleece inner layer offers ultimate comfort for long days out on the mountain.

Giro Goggles Technology - Anti-Fog Coating

Anti-Fog Coating

Every Giro goggle lens features our anti-fog coating to keep your vision crisp and clear in all conditions. Added to a superior ventilation system, the days of fogging are over so you can focus on what matters when out on the slopes this winter.

Giro Goggles Technology - Seamless Compatibility

Seamless Compatibility

For optimal performance of both helmets and goggles; Giro products are designed to work together as a single integrated unit. Ensuring a seamless interface between helmet and goggles offers exceptional fit and dependable, worry-free function.

INCLUDES: Bonus Lens
Black / Grey / Silver
Purple / Violet
Rose / Pink
All Weather
Overcast / Cloudy
Snow / Flat Light
Bonus Lens
Quick Lens Change