Melon Goggles

Melon Goggles

Found wanting by this season's offering of colour schemes from other brands? Looking for that perfect design that ties your gear together? Melon Optics ski goggles come to the rescue with fully customised goggles that give you vision on the snow your way.


Founded in 2013, Melon specialise in creating customisable eyewear including sunglasses, ski goggles and motocross goggles. With offices in Bali and London, Melon believe in treading their own path through the world of optics and think you should too!


Melon goggles tick all the boxes for performance, comfort and style. Optional Sonar lens technology by Zeiss helps bring out detail in the snow to boost reaction times, improve safety and help you take to the challenge of the mountain with confidence.


With a mindblowing number of combinations of frame colours, strap designs and lens tints. Whether you want to make a statement or coordinate perfectly with the rest of your gear you can create a pair of goggles true to your own style.

Melon are changing the optics game by letting you have goggles whichever way you like. Choose from three different designs and build your product from the frame up for fully customised, personalised style! Keep reading to learn more about how Melon ski goggles work, and why we're hyped to get them on board!

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Liberate Your Vision

Melon Optics believe in creating truly sensational eyewear. This isn't limited to performance. With Melon's goggles you can leave your mark on the mountain in a unique look through complete customisation, making your goggles work exactly how you want.

To begin, simply choose from the three models on offer. The Chief is a classic spherical style with a ventilated lens, the cylindrical Parker sports a low-profile edge, while the sleek and cleanly-styled Jackson gives an alternative spherical look.

Melon Goggles - Introduction

Once you've chosen your model, building your Melon goggles couldn't be easier. Just follow these three steps to make your personalised design!

Melon Ski Goggles - Choose Your Frame


Start making your Melon goggles by choosing your frame colour.

Melon Ski Goggles - Choose Your Strap


Choose from a wide range of strap designs to make your goggles as wild or understated as you like!

Melon Ski Goggles - Choose Your Lens


Choose from an array of coloured mirrors and condition-specific tints, all made by Zeiss.

Melon Goggles - Lenses by Zeiss

Melon know that to truly stand out you need to do more than just talk the talk. In pursuit of that knockout punch, Melon have teamed up with Zeiss to build a line of performance lenses that not only look great but also provide excellent optical clarity.

Zeiss lenses come as standard across all options and models in the Melon range. An optional extra is the line of lenses using Sonar technology, engineered to amp up contrast on the snow to help you perform to your best through a wide range of light conditions.

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Melon's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightWhen the sun is beating down on the piste you'll need to beat the brightness with one of these bright light options. Silver Chrome Sonar delivers the added bonus of contrast enhancement for all-weather performance.

Dark SmokeDark Smoke

Blue ChromeBlue Chrome

Silver Chrome SonarSilver Chrome Sonar

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightThe Sonar versions of Melon's Blue, Green and Red Chrome tints are excellently suited to changeable weather, performing well in lower light conditions as well as sunny weather.

Blue Chrome SonarBlue Chrome Sonar

Green Chrome SonarGreen Chrome Sonar

Red Chrome SonarRed Chrome Sonar

Low Light

Low LightYellow is the traditional low-light tint, intensely amping up contrast to improve visibility in really mucky weather. The Infrared Sonar tint provides clearer vision in a wide range of conditions from low to moderate light.

Infrared SonarInfrared Sonar

Yellow Low LightYellow Low Light

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