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Oakley Prizm Snow Low Light Goggles

Oakley Prizm Snow Low Light Goggles

Prizm changed the way we see on the snow. Often imitated but never truly duplicated, Oakley's proprietary contrast-enhancing lens technology was the result of painstaking field research and the application of decades of knowledge gained from working in the optical industry.

2018-19 Oakley Ski Goggles

Prizm Snow Lens Technology

Low-light conditions on the snow pose a unique challenge. Terrain becomes tricky to read, increasing risks including obstacles and sharp changes in elevation. Whiteout conditions give very little visual information to the eye, making contrast enhancing lenses essential.

Snow environments are dominated by white and lack any particular colour. Prizm accentuates cyan and reds - colours we can best detect snow contrast with. Prizm Snow Rose and Prizm Snow HI Pink Iridium are both designed to boost vision in dull-as-dishwater graybird weather.

Oakley Ski Goggles - Oakley Prizm Snow Wavelengths
Oakley Ski Goggles - Prizm Snow Lens Comparison - With Prizm Lenses
Oakley Ski Goggles - Prizm Snow Lens Comparison - Without Prizm Lenses

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Prizm Rose and Prizm HI Pink Iridium can both be considered low-light lenses, but they're both suited to different types of low-light weather.

Prizm Rose was one of the first Prizm snow-specific lenses introduced by Oakley. Conceived as the choice for low-light skiing and boarding, this lens does handle whiteout conditions well and is our choice for the brighter side of overcast, but it can struggle on the gloomiest days.

This is where Prizm HI Pink Iridium comes into play. Based on rider feedback, this lens was developed to hit the spot for the greyest days with no chance of the sun breaking through. We also recommend Prizm HI Pink Iridium for dawn or dusk riding, but you'll probably need to swap out when conditions brighten up.

Oakley Ski Goggles - Prizm Snow Rose
Oakley Ski Goggles - Prizm Snow HI Pink Iridium