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Oakley Prizm Snow Medium Light Goggles

Oakley Prizm Snow Medium Light Goggles

Prizm changed the way we see on the snow. Often imitated but never truly duplicated, Oakley's proprietary contrast-enhancing lens technology was the result of painstaking field research and the application of decades of knowledge gained from working in the optical industry.

Prizm Snow Goggles

Prizm Snow Lens Technology

Pristine bluebird days can be a rare thing. If the sun escapes behind the clouds you can be caught off guard by wearing a dark lens. In order to stay out there in conditions that are the meteorological equivalent of a fruit salad, Oakley developed a series of all-rounders.

Prizm snow lenses were made to accentuate cyan and red components of the visible spectrum - colours we can best detect snow contrast with. Prizm Jade, Sapphire and Torch Iridium lenses give a balance of contrast enhancement and sun-blocking for all-weather performance.

Oakley Prizm Snow Lens Technology
Prizm Snow Lens Comparison - With Prizm Lenses
Prizm Snow Lens Comparison - Without Prizm Lenses

Prizm Snow for Medium Light


Prizm Jade Iridium, Prizm Sapphire Iridium and Prizm Torch Iridium are your weapons of choice for changeable weather conditions. These lenses will keep you out on the snow through breaks of sunshine and the occasional snow flurry.

The striking mirrors on these three lens options not only look great but help to dampen intense light, perfect for when things edge onto the brighter side.

Prizm Snow Jade Iridium

Prizm Snow Sapphire Iridium

Prizm Snow Torch Iridium

If you're set on taking to the hill with just a single lens, these are our top recommendations! If you have the option of taking a spare, we would recommend picking up a Prizm bright light or low light lens, depending on the conditions at hand.