Smith Goggles

Smith Goggles

From Idaho to the world, Smith produce some of the world's best winter sports eyewear. Their heritage, dating back to the 1960s, is driven by a passion for the outdoors and the necessity for your gear to perform. With a huge range of options, Smith have got a goggle to suit any requirement.

Ranging from the I/O series, designed to make lens changing effortless when mountain conditions change to their innovative Turbo Fan series, helping to eliminate fogging up when out on piste, Smith's goggles and helmets are co-engineered to work in perfect harmony and provide ultimate performance out on the slopes. Check them out here!


In 1965 Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist by trade, made the first ever goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. This revolutionised the powder skiing experience, and would make Smith Optics a worldwide brand in the years to come.


This is a spec-heavy product line, featuring the likes of magnetic lens interchange with the new I/O MAG and unbeatable fog-busting ventilation in the form of the I/OX Turbo Fan. ChromaPop lens technology delivers precision-engineered vision on the snow.


Smith are constantly updating shapes and styles to stay up to date with the latest fashions. There is a Smith goggle for every taste, whether you're into the oversized look and bold colours or prefer retro throwbacks and simplicity from years gone by.

Smith offer one of the most complete selections of ski goggles on the market today, with models geared towards men, women and kids. Paired up with the benefits of a raft of premium features including ChromaPop lens technology, you'll be sure to find the perfect design for you. Keep reading to learn more about this season's range of Smith ski goggles.

Smith Ski Goggles - Introduction

53 Years of Innovation

Fuelling fun beyond walls since 1965.

Dr Bob Smith built the world's first thermal sealed goggle lens so he could stay on the hill on powder days. Five decades later Smith retain the same purpose, to amp up the thrill of human experience, and deliver equipment to help you pursue your thrill.

Over the last several seasons the Smith goggle range has gradually evolved into one of the most complete in the industry. This season sees the introduction of further refinements, aimed at making your time on the mountain safer, more stylish and more fun.

This season Smith have introduced the I/O MAG. Using 16 weatherproof, premium-grade neodymium magnets and a dual locking mechanism, these goggles boast the most secure, most convenient lens fitting and swapping of any design available today.

Smith MAG technology enables you to quickly adapt to varying light conditions on the snow with the confidence of lens security. Combined with the benefits of contrast-boosting ChromaPop lens technology, you'll never be caught out by the weather again!

Smith I/O Mag Ski Goggles
Smith Goggles - ChromaPop Lens Technology

When you see more, you can do more. Smith's proprietary ChromaPop lens technology enhances clarity and natural colour to let you effortlessly see more detail. Compared to traditional lenses, ChromaPop gives more detail over a wider range of conditions.

Greater detail in vision gives you the advantage needed to perform confidently and have more fun. Each of Smith's condition-specific ChromaPop lenses is available in different coloured mirror finishes, meaning you're not confined to just one style!

Through Smith's proprietary ChromaPop™ lens technology, you can see detail and colour beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop™ filters light at two specific wavelengths. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural colour, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail. With just one ChromaPop™ lens you experience enhanced definition across a greater range of conditions than with traditional lenses.

Smith Goggles - ChromaPop Sun

Smith Goggles - ChromaPop Sun

ChromaPop Sun

Perfect for bright weather, the eye-catching mirrors over a grey base eases the harsh glare of high elevation sun while helping the eyes see more detail in terrain.

Smith Goggles - ChromaPop Everyday

Smith Goggles - ChromaPop Everyday

ChromaPop Everyday

Suited for a range of conditions, enhances every undulation of snow so you get more out of every moment. Perfect for changeable weather.

Smith Goggles - ChromaPop Storm

Smith Goggles - ChromaPop Storm

ChromaPop Storm

Tuned to bring the most out of an environment when the storm moves in and the lights go out. Optimize contrast even on the worst days, so you can stay out longer.

Smith goggles and helmets are designed to work as a complete system. Synchronised ventilation systems help to keep vision fog-free when on the move, and you can guarantee the fit will be impeccable every time. This is a gap-free zone!

Head over to our Smith ski helmets page to sample the range. New this season are the Mission (pictured) and Mirage designs, aiming to deliver the benefits of Aerocore construction to the masses. You'll also find brand favourites like the Vantage, Maze and Quantum.

Smith Goggles - Artist Series

Ultimate Integration

Top compatibility with Smith Helmets.

Smith Goggles - Artist Series

Smith don't just set out to innovate the product. Collaborating closely with their team of top athletes, the Athlete Collection brings to life their individual personality and creativity in an exclusive line of colours across the entire product line.

New this year are collaborations in the Artist Series, where Smith have teamed up with creative forces including Evan Hecox, Gina Kiel and Chris Coulon (AKA Tallboy). Where subculture meets performance, these are some of the hottest looks of the year!

Confused which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Smiths lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightChromaPop Sun is the way to go in bright glacial conditions. It enhances clarity even on the brightest days and looks great classic mirrored lenses, from Platinum to Red. ChromaPop Sun Black rocks, but only for the bluest bluebirds!

Green Sol-XChromaPop Sun Platinum Mirror

Red Sol-XChromaPop Sun Red

BlackoutChromaPop Sun Black

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightChromaPop Everyday is the king for Smith's intermediate lenses, offering improvements to contrast and depth perception – no matter what the weather. Meanwhile, their pioneering photochromic lens is a genuine American All-Star!

ChromaPop Everyday VioletChromaPop Everyday Violet

ChromaPop Photochromic RoseChromaPop Photochromic

ChromaPop Everyday GreenChromaPop Everyday Green

Low Light

Low LightChromaPop Storm is a game changer when the lights go out. Specifically tuned to bring the best out of a bad situation, you'll be going in search of blizzards to marvel at the wonders of the detail enhancement!

ChromaPop Storm Rose FlashChromaPop Storm Rose Flash

ChromaPop Storm Yellow FlashChromaPop Storm Yellow Flash