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Spy Optic Goggles

Universal Prescription Insert

Spy Optic Prescription Goggles

We also offer a range of Spy Optic prescription ski goggles, which work with a prescription insert. This removes the need to wedge spectacles inside your goggles, or battling with contact lenses in a cold environment.

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For over two decades Spy have been delivering optical joy unto the masses. Based in Southern California and carrying an inimitable carefree swag that could only be held by those drenched in surf culture, Spy's collection of team-designed and tested goggles combine revolutionary patented technology with flavourful personality. With an array of styles and fits artfully tailored to suit any and every kind of rider around. Spy DNA is a true double helix, melding an action sports heritage with an obsession for fashion-forward styling. Spy live at the intersection of retro-futuristic design and optical innovation, expressing their identity through the iconic minds, bodies, and vision of the world’s greatest athletes and artists.


Born and bred in North County San Diego, Spy’s heritage is deeply rooted in action sports. Nearby mountains make their backyard the definitive product testing ground for our employees and world class athletes.


Fingerprint-free lens swapping technology is an increasingly common feature on Spy goggles, with the Bravo and Doom models utilising the Lock Steady system and the all-new Ace making use of the Quick Draw mechanism.


Spy goggles feature some of the most eyecatching and colourful frame and strap designs around, with each season seeing a new range of trendsetting liveries. The oversized cylindrical Ace model is a killer look for 2016.

Spy Optic ski goggles and sunglasses are designed in California, genuinely hand-crafted in Italy, and undergo an elaborate manufacturing and quality control process that helps retain Spy Optic's reputation as one of the top goggle brands in the world. Spy regularly develop technical product with the world's best snowboarders and skiers. Breakthrough optical engineering advancements, illustrating Spy Optic's strategic commitment to cutting edge eyewear technology.

Spy Optic Goggles - Quick Draw

The all-new Quick Draw™ lens change system puts the mid-size Ace at the top of the deck. In volatile conditions, easily slot the free bonus lens into place and quickly return to action without losing to Mother Nature's wicked ways.

Spy Optic Goggles - Quick Draw Tech

Spy Optic Goggles - Happy Lens

The new color and contrast enhancing Happy Lens™ is now available in Spy’s premium snow goggles — making bluebird days bluer, bumps and jumps more distinct, and your sightline crisper and clearer than ever.

Superior color and contrast enhancement

Distortion free Arc® lenses ARC® lenses

"Good" rays in, "bad" rays out

Uplift in mood and alertness

Relaxes eyes to reduce fatigue

Easily distinguish changes in terrain

Spy Optic Goggles - Happy Lens

Spy Optic Goggles - Goggle Technology

Flex Frame

SPY's polyurethane flex frame fits comfortably to the countours of your face no matter how cold it gets.

Triple-layer Isotron™ Face Foam

Geo-force, triple-layer, expanded, Isotron™, and ergonomic face foam are all engineered to keep your goggles sitting comfortably on your face while you ride.

Silicone Ribbing

This thin strip of silicone inside the strap keeps your goggles in place, protecting your eyes from face shots without any loss of sensation or pleasure.

RISE® Ventilation System

Forces airflow through subframe vents above the goggle (and in-between helmet), creating a vacuum that pulls hot air from behind the lens.

Scoop® Ventilation System

Combats lens fogging by promoting airflow between the lens and the face by forcing air through strategically placed vents on the frame.

Helmet Friendly

Every one of SPY's goggle frames is designed to fit a wide variety of helmets to minimize the space between eye and head protection.

SIC® (Superior Injected Curve)

Lenses that are injected to create a curved shape that provides better impact protection and high-quality optics.


Our Anti-fog lenses have a super secret extra strength coating that keeps your lenses clear as day, all day long.

Spectra™ Lens

Lenses that contain multiple layers of mirror for a look that is equally unique as it is effective by reflecting glare in full sunshine.

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