Zeal Goggles

Zeal Goggles

If there was ever an example of form and function coexisting in harmony then it comes in the form of Zeal Optics. Based at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Zeal pride themselves on thoughtful design, quality craftsmanship and technical excellence. Throw in a wealth of lens options including polarised and photochromic technologies and you're left with a premium range designed to help you explore the great white outdoors of Wintertime. Discover your explorer spirit this Winter with Zeal Optics!


To be the best you have to test. Rigorously. Zeal are based in Boulder, Colorado and there are few better places to give your goggles a shakedown than the Rocky Mountains! This range is tried, designed and tested in all elements, every day, every product.


Zeal offer goggles for everyone, from entry-level enthusiasts to tech-savvy trailblazers. The latest PolarizedPlus+ lens technology adapts to changing light and blocks reflected glare for the ultimate in all-round vision for any weather.


Zeal offer goggles utilising all manner of construction styles for an eclectic range of looks, from rimless spherical to rimmed cylindrical. Heavy duty threading on every strap ensures the weave feels as high quality as it looks.

Zeal believe that to be the best you have to test. Rigorously. Zeal Optics' HQ is situated in Boulder, Colorado and there are few better places to give your goggles a shakedown than the Rocky Mountains! This range is tried, designed and tested in all elements, every day, every product.


ZEAL means passion, and they live by their name every day. Zeal build the highest quality eyewear for people who, like them, live for outdoor adventure.

When they're not burning the midnight oil working to improve their products, they're up at the break of day to get out and test what they make.

Zeal are proudly based in Boulder, Colorado — a mountainside town that runs on the outdoors. Boulder represents the ideas and goals of Zeal. They're fueled by a passion to work hard and play harder.

Everything Zeal makes is designed to enhance your adventures and is built for life outdoors.


The Zeal Optics Automatic+ lens adjusts to changing light conditions, eliminating the need to carry spare lenses. Build with polarised protection, this patented lens takes photochromic technology to a whole new level.

Zeal's proprietary Automatic+ lens fuses photochromic technology with Zeal's own Japanese-made polarised film to bring you the most advanced lens change and the highest quality optics. Our patented Automatic+ continues to be the most premium lens on the market.

The Automatic+ lens is UV activated, meaning it will respond to natural ambient light. The lens transitions from a low-light yellow base to a high-contrast persimmon to accentuate relief and elevation changes on the mountain.


Zeal goggles are designed to confidently go beyond everyday boundaries with unparalleled vision. In the harshest conditions, when everything is on the line, having a reliable and durable goggle is paramount.

All of Zeal's goggles feature an injected polycarbonate spherical lens for the ultimate optics experience. The spherical shape allows for even stress dispersion throughout the lens, eliminating distortion for maximum visual clarity.

This season, Zeal have upped their anti-fog to bring you Everclear, the new Zeal standard in anti-fog. Everclear features a hydrophilic infusion, maximising surface energy to prevent condensation buildups. In a controlled environment Everclear withstands fogging for over 220 seconds, more than double the industry standard.

Confused by jargon, and unsure which lens you need?

Building on years of sports and optical experience, our experts have broken down Zeal's lenses. Mixing our expertise with your feedback, we have picked our favourites for every condition.


Bright LightTrue colour greys are key for Zeal's range of bright light lenses, a simple choice between polarised or not. The polarised lens will cut glare, and this is one of Zeal's trademark technologies.

Dark Grey PolarisedDark Grey Polarised

Dark GreyDark Grey

Changeable / Intermediate

Changeable / Intermediate LightVirtually unique in goggles, Zeal's polarised photochromic Automatic lenses are a cut above. Alternatively, the Phoenix Polarised lens seductively blends a polarised amber base with a fire mirror.

Polarised AutomaticPolarised Automatic

Phoenix PolarisedPhoenix Polarised

Low Light

Low LightThe Bluebird Polarised offers supreme versatility, and is a virtual all-rounder. The Sky Blue mirror is more of a low light specialist, and best as part of a 2 lens package in all honesty.

Sky Blue MirrorSky Blue Mirror

Bluebird HT PolarisedBluebird HT Polarised