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Anon Helmets

Anon Helmets


From progressive design concepts to technical executions, Anon ensures that every product meets the demands of the top snowboarders in the world while delivering an unparalleled riding experience and style statement. Anon helmets pick up the baton from RED – keeping standards as high as you'd expect from the Burton Snowboard family. Innovative blended helmet constructions, plus collaborations with BOA fit systems and MIPS technology, show that Anon mean business. Technical expertise has been blended with Anon's renowned artwork, allowing riders to express their individual style.


Anon is part of the Burton Snowboards family. A relatively young brand for young skiers and riders, Anon push the envelope of conventional style, collaborating with tour pros including Bode Merrill and Eric Pollard to exhibit their gear.


MIPS is an increasingly common feature, available on the flagship Prime and new Invert design, which along with the Auburn are two new feature-packed in-mold designs for men and women. Anon also specialise in all-season lids, evidenced by the Raider and Greta.


Anon specialise in non-nonsense style for those who prefer to do their talking on the snow. If you're a fan of the low profile look then you'll feel right at home around this range. Anon cater to a range of head sizes for adult men, women and younger riders too!

For over a decade, Anon has challenged the competition by pushing the limits of design, style and technical execution. Anon helmets give every rider the ability to make their own style statement.

Anon Helmets - Winter 2018 Summary

Anon Helmets

In relentless pursuit of innovation.

For fans of low-profile snowboard style Anon return for another season of doing what they do best: functionally superior lids brimming with technology that don't make any compromises on aesthetic.

Anon have refined the concept of MIPS integration, available in the flagship Prime and Invert models. The ever-popular Raider returns in a selection of fresh colours, with the new Highwire picking up the torch from the Blitz with its classic brimmed shape.

Leading Anon helmets are packed with features that set them apart. The BOA fitting system, Fidlock magnetic strap clips, seamless compatibility with Anon goggles and the ICEdot ID service are the little things that combine to create a standout product.

If the bare essentials are enough to keep you going, the Raider is a great shout. A ding-resistant Endura Shell construction and certification for skate and bike make this your go-to for year-round punishment through park and piste!

Anon Helmets - Premium Technologies

Premium Technologies

Market-leading form, fit and function

Anon Men's Helmets

Men's Helmets

The MIPS-equipped Prime is the show-stopper of the Anon range. The new Invert keeps things feature-packed, while stripped-down models like the Raider and Highwire are perfect for the park.

Anon Women's Helmets

Women's Helmets

For girls the Omega leads the way with a lightweight construction, ample ventilation and a long haired fleece liner. If you're in need of a helmet for year-round use then you can't go wrong with the Greta!

Anon Kids' Helmets

Kids' Helmets

We've brought the Rime back for another season at RxSport. This kids' lid is multi-season certified, features a Fidlock strap buckle and an adjustable fit system for growing heads.

Anon are well known for decking out their gear in fashionably fresh liveries that don't leave you looking like you collided with the reduced rail at your local charity shop. Understatement is the theme here!

What's more, the Anon ski goggles and helmets are designed to work in perfect harmony, synching up ventilation systems and fitting geometry to create the ultimate low-profile look free from the dreaded gaper gap.

Anon Helmets - Aligned Collection
Anon Helmets - Progressive Protection

Progressive Protection

The feature-packed Invert and Auburn helmets by Anon

For years Anon fans have been crying out for highly-functional in-mold helmets and the call has been answered! Say hello to the Invert and Auburn, two of the hottest properties for your head this winter.

A lightweight construction not only feels incredibly comfortable but allows for ample, adjustable ventilation. The BOA fit system allows you to tweak in the perfect fit and Fidlock tech lets you buckle up fuss-free.

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