Anon Auburn MIPS Ski Helmet

Anon Auburn MIPS Ski Helmet

  • Lightweight women's helmet optimised for comfort with an auto-adjusting fit system
  • Low-friction MIPS membrane to protect from violent forces to the brain through oblique impact
  • Goggle ventilation channels in the helmet brim help to exhaust warm air and reduce risk of lens fogging
  • Long-hair fleece liner and removable, audio-compatible ear pads
  • Compliance: CE 1077B, ASTM 2040; Weight: 410g

Our View: The Anon Auburn MIPS helmet is a triumph in clean, simple and functional design. Lightweight In-Mold construction is given an added aspect of protection thanks to the integrated low-friction MIPS membrane, designed to reduce the risk of brain injury in oblique impacts.

"The women’s Anon Auburn helmet features MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) for the safest protection against angled impacts. In-Mold shell construction offers the best in comfort with a sleek, low-profile fit and performance. Multiple vents throughout keep goggles clear and maintain comfort all day long." - anon.

  • Weight: 410g
  • Auto-Adjust Fit System
  • Simple Fit
  • MIPS System
  • Passive Ventilation
  • Goggle Ventilation Channel
  • In-Mold Shell Construction
  • Long-Hair Fleece Liner and Ear Pads
  • Audio Accessory Compatible
  • Fidlock Snap Helmet Buckle
  • Certification: CE 1077B
  • Certification: ASTM 2040
Anon Helmets - Technical Features

Technical Features

Anon Helmets - In-Mold Shell Construction

In-Mold Shell Construction

In-mold helmets fuse a lightweight polycarbonate shell with an EPS liner for the best in comfort with a sleek, low profile fit and feel.

Anon Helmets - Passive Ventilation

Passive Ventilation

Passive ventilation channels integrated into the helmet draw fresh air in the front and pulls moisture out the back.

Anon Helmets - Long Haired Fleece Lining

Long Haired Fleece Lining

Women’s-specific with a silky feel that won’t pill, designed for premium warmth and comfort.

Anon Helmets - Simple Fit

Anon Simple Fit

Removable ear pads and liners make every model easily convertible for riders who want to run a beanie and goggle under their lid without sacrificing comfort.

Anon Helmets - Fidlock Snap Buckle

Fidlock Snap Buckle

Fidlock’s magnetic SNAP helmet buckle lets you open it with one hand, even if you’re wearing gloves, closing it is just as easy.

Anon Helmets - MIPS Technology

MIPS System

The Multidirectional Impact Protection System protects against angled impacts with a low-friction layer between the helmet’s outer shell and liner that mimics the brain’s natural defense mechanism

Anon Helmets - MIPS Technology

MIPS Technology

MIPS is used to reduce the rotational forces to the brain in the case of an oblique impact. Anon helmets are created to absorb direct impacts very efficiently and when combined with MIPS, Anon helmets absorb oblique forces better by allowing a small rotation of the outer shell relative to the liner.

Anon Helmets - MIPS Technology

When you fall to the ground at an angle rotational forces are generated. A helmet integrating MIPS technology creates a sliding layer between the outer shell and the head. This allows the helmet's outer shell to slide relative to the head when hitting the ground, so the rotational force is decreased, reducing the potential to damage your brain.

Anon Helmets - MIPS Strain Levels

The above shows a simulated deformation of the brain from angled impact when the user is wearing a helmet with and without MIPS. Highest levels of strain are shaded red with the lowest levels dark blue.

Fitting dimensions for the Anon Auburn MIPS Ski Helmet are as follows:

52cm - 55cm
56cm - 59cm
Sizes: S
48cm - 52cm
53cm - 56cm
57cm - 59cm
60cm - 63cm
64cm >
Adjustable Fit
Adjustable Vents