Atomic Helmets

Born in the Austrian Alps, Atomic has Skiing in its blood, producing high quality goggles and helmets for all classes of skiers. Their passion for safety is apparent with new developments into their helmet designs and structure, the introduction of AMID and HOLO CORE technologies this season means we can offer the ultimate in protection.


For more than 60 years Atomic have been supplying quality products to both pro and leisure skiers. The passion of their employees drives their success and inspires their designs resulting in consumer friendly products that go the extra mile.


A key feature of our range of Atomic helmets is the Live Fit system, which uses a special memory foam to create a perfectly fitting helmet straight out of the box. Helmets featuring both tough hardshell and lightweight in-mold construction are available.


Atomic have been able to create a line of helmets which is not only functional but also looks the part, with up to date styling and colours to suit everyone. They also integrate seamlessly with Atomic goggles for a coordinated look!

Piste, powder, cross-country track or World Cup. Wherever people ski, Atomic is there with products that push the world of skiing forward. For 2017/18 Atomic is proud to present innovations designed to transform the market and offer the ultimate in protection and performance. -Atomic

Developing on their knowledge from the past six decades Atomic have released the latest in technology, comfort and style, ensuring you can not only look good, but stay protected whilst on the mountain.

Their ideas and passion comes from within, with employees and designers all having an interest in the sport. Putting forward individual ideas and pushing to achieve the best products on the market.

Brand new for this season is the Revent+, also available with AMID protection. A helmet full of style and tech but seriously light in weight. The Live Fit system moulds to your head for an unbeatable fit.

Pair up with an Atomic goggle for ultimate compatibility. Together they help to seal out the elements and offer a comfortable fit, as well as reducing the risk of fogging thanks to the active airflow throughout the helmet.

Ladies aren't left out when it comes to Atomic with the Affinity LF designed especially for them. With Live Fit technology and active dual zone venting to help keep you cool and comfortable during a day on the slopes.

Our favourite this season has to be the new Revent+ AMID, its Hybrid shell construction keeps the helmet lightweight whilst still having fantastic impact protection with Holo Core and AMID technology.

Ultimate goggle and helmet compatibility for maximum comfort and protection.

Maximised venting helps to keep you cool and comfortable on the slopes.

Live Fit is a 360° fitting system that can be fine tuned and molded to any head shape.

AMID - Atomic's Multi-directional Impact Deflector, the ultimate in protection.