Bern Helmets

Bern Helmets

Bern Unlimited were founded in 2004, born from the desire to give action sports enthusiasts one lid that is adaptable to all seasons and all non-motorized action sports. Pioneers of the peaked snow helmet, Bern have reshaped the ski helmet world.


Founded in 2004, Bern Unlimited was started to give action sports enthusiasts a single lid for all seasons and all non-motorised action sports. A partnership with Winter Olympic gold medallist Seth Wescott catapulted Bern to fame.


Bern believe in providing a single helmet for action sports all year round. Certified for use on snow and on the bike in summer months, season-specific liners easily pop in and out of the helmets, making them perfect for use all year round.


Bern's signature visor shape revolutionised the style of head protection worldwide. Every single brand on the market now has a brim, but Bern is the original. The low profile look of Bern makes them a must have for the style conscious.