Giro Helmets

Giro Helmets


Giro are leaders in protective Winter wear, selling more ski and snowboard helmets than any other company in the industry. With a blend of understated style, premium build quality and progressive technical features that should come as no surprise. Whether you need a helmet and/or goggle for riding, sliding, racing, killing it in the park or just learning, Giro has the perfect product for you. If you're also in need of eyewear then check out our selection of Giro goggles which are made to be seamlessly compatible with all Giro helmets!


Giro was founded in 1985 by Jim Gentes. Based in Santa Cruz, California, Giro's location at the intersection of surf and mountains has allowed for the pioneering of protective wear for all manner of action sports, not least skiing and snowboarding.


Every helmet in the Giro range offers some form of customised fitting system, making them perfect for those who need that perfect fit. MIPS technology is an increasingly common fixture in Giro helmets, and offers enhanced protection from rotational brain injury.


Whether old or young, park or piste, Giro offer helmets to fill every niche. For low-profile brimmed style the Ledge is the way to go. If you need a helmet that does just about everything, the Range MIPS is the perfect choice.

The excitement of a new winter season brings an energy all its own – the anticipation of adventure and a world full of open opportunity. This same energy inspires Giro's approach to creating functional, forward-thinking innovative products.

Giro Helmets - Introduction

Giro Helmets 2017/18

Experts In Protective Snow Headwear

Season on season, people keep coming back for more from Giro. You may ask what makes them different? We can't answer that in just a single sentence but we'll do our best to break it down for you on this page!

Giro are renowned for delivering the complete package. A finely-tuned range which offers helmets for every purpose, at every price point, with no compromise on build quality or protective capabilities.

Visor helmets are finding their way on to mountains the world over, and Giro want a slice of the action. To fit the bill, say hello to the new Vue and Essence! Perfect for skiers looking for that clutter-free gear solution that does its thing right out of the box.

If you want a backcountry lid that has you covered for rough and tumble, need to dial in the fit just right, or perhaps get chills at the thought of a sweaty mop head by the day's end, there's a Giro tech feature for you! See some of the show-stopping tech features in Giro's helmets below.

Giro Helmets - Technical Features

Helmet Technology

Innovation That Covers All The Bases

Giro Technology - MIPS


Available in most Giro products, a low-friction membrane within the helmet rotates independently of the helmet in an angled impact, reducing violent forces on the brain.

Giro Technology - Conform Fit System

Conform Fit

The ultimate solution for those wanting the perfect helmet fit, Conform articulates the shell of the helmet to deliver unbeatable fitting. Available on the Range and Stellar models.

Giro Technology - Adjustable Ventilation

Thermostat Control

A feature on a wide range of Giro helmets, adjustible ventilation gives you complete control over airflow on the move, maximising comfort no matter the weather.

Giro Helmet Range

Bases: Covered

An Extensive Selection of Designs For All Purposes

Part of what makes Giro great is their extensive product range. Whether you're sticking to the piste, exploring the backcountry or helping your kids find their feet on the snow for the first time, you'll meet your match here.

Helmets are custom-made to the demands of their environment, meaning you aren't left with unnecessary bells and whistles, just a lid giving you exactly what you need to play safe on the slopes.

Giro Range Helmet

The Range features Conform Fit for unbeatable comfort.

Giro Fade Helmet

The Era, a lightweight women's helmet equipped with MIPS.

Giro Ratio Helmet

Ratio is a tough-wearing, yet lightweight helmet for freeriding.

Giro Crue Helmet

The Crue: skate-inspired, youth-specific, and featuring MIPS.

Had your fill of gaper gap, lens fogging and iffy colour coordination? Giro's new visor helmets aren't just a practical solution, functionally the new Vue and women's-specific Essence lead the pack!

A convertible shield lens offers protection from the elements and exceptional lens clarity. If you're fed up of OTG goggles then you won't have any problems wearing eyeglasses underneath these visors!

Giro Helmets - Visor Helmets

New Visor Helmets

The Ultimate, No-Fuss Winter Protective Wear Solution

Giro Helmets - Seamless Goggles Integration

Seamless Integration

Designed To Pair Up Perfectly With Giro Goggles

Not keen on the visor approach? Not to worry, Giro have you covered with a great range of ski goggles for men, women and kids that deliver exceptional performance and compatibility with Giro helmets.

New this season are VIVID lenses, made in collaboration with the ZEISS optical lab. Giving some of the highest-definition views on snow, we think you'll be impressed! Check them out here.

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