Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet

Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet

  • Lightweight all-mountain helmet with adjustable ventilation, redesigned for 2018/19
  • Modular Brim System (MBS) - two brim sizes included for ultimate goggle compatibility
  • BOA 360° Fit System gives full adjustable fitting comfort with the turn of a dial
  • Fidlock fuss-free magnetic strap buckle, removable liner and audio-compatible earpads
  • Certification: CE EN1077 Class B, ASTM F 2040; Weight: 460 grams (medium size)

Our View: Oakley's MOD 3 snow helmet is back for a new season, sporting a facelift which has perfected sleek, aggressive design while still packing a mean punch under the hood. New this year is the introduction of adjustable venting, giving you total control over airflow and comfort.

"All-Mountain versatility, design lines inspired by freshly groomed resort corduroy. Featuring a lightweight in-mold construction and our Modular Brim System (MBS), the MOD3 delivers the highest level of comfort for all day riding." - Oakley

  • MBS - Modular Brim System
  • Lightweight In-Mold Construction
  • Boa adjustable fit system
  • Fidlock magnetic buckle closure
  • Adjustable Ventilation
  • X-Static anti-microbial lining
  • Removable Comfort Liner
  • Removable Ear Pads
  • Removable Goggle Strap Retainer
  • Helmet carry bag included
  • Certification: ASTM F2040
  • Certification: CE EN1077 Class B
  • Goggles not included
  • Weight: 460 grams

Oakley Helmets - Modular Brim System

Oakley have redefined helmet and goggle integration. The patented Modular Brim System (MBS) not only allows the perfect goggle and helmet fit, but also allows for future innovation should you choose to update your helmet over time.

Oakley Modular Brim System - Large Brim


The LG-Brim gives you a perfect fit for larger frames such as the Flight Deck goggle. Is a great fit for Oakley models including Airwave 1.5, Airbrake XL, Airbrake, Flight Deck, Flight Deck XM, Canopy, Line Miner and O2 XL.

Oakley Modular Brim System - Small Brim


The SM-Brim provides a tighter integration with smaller framed goggles like A Frame 2.0. This brim has been designed to integrate best with the A Frame 2.0, Crowbar, O2 XM, O2 XS, E Frame and Wind Jacket 2.0.

Oakley Helmets - Helmet Construction


Designed with a hybrid shell construction (ABS in front and In-Mold in rear), the MOD helmet gives you both increased durability and weight savings.

ABS hard shell material provides extra protection against major impacts, resistance to penetration and increased durability where you need it most.

Specific areas are strengthened to not only provide vital protection but also to create a finely balanced helmet that optimises comfort for long days on the mountain without proving a heavy drag.

Oakley’s lightweight design lets you focus on performance and nothing else that might be weighing you down.

Oakley Helmets - Fit And Comfort

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better fit for all-day comfort. No-pressure ear cups keep you at ease and on alert to hear the world around you. Plus a magnetic buckle secures the MOD Helmet with no worries.

Oakley Fit And Comfort - Earpads

No-Pressure Earpads

Unlike traditional designs, Oakley's ear pads put zero pressure on your ears—allowing for more comfort and better hearing. Removable functionality lets you wear the strap over or under the helmet.

Oakley Fit And Comfort - Fidlock Buckle

Fidlock Magnetic Buckle

There’s no time to fuss on the slopes. Seamless magnetic functionality lets you fasten your helmet fast with gloves on.

Oakley Fit And Comfort - BOA Fit Sytem

BOA Fit System

A fully adjustable design delivers an exact fit, perfect for you.

These are the fitting measurements for the Oakley MOD 3 ski helmet:

51cm - 55cm
55cm - 59cm
59cm - 63cm
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Factory Pilot Blackout
Sizes: Medium , Large
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Factory Pilot Whiteout
Sizes: Small , Medium , Large
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Matte Arctic Surf
Sizes: Medium , Large
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Matte Black
Sizes: Small , Medium , Large
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Matte Dark Blue
Sizes: Medium
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Matte Dark Brush
Sizes: Medium , Large
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Matte Forged Iron
Sizes: Medium
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Matte Gold Brown
Sizes: Medium , Large
Oakley MOD 3 Ski Helmet - Matte White
Sizes: Small , Medium , Large