POC Obex SPIN Ski Helmet

POC Obex SPIN Ski Helmet

  • Construction Hybrid construction, lightweight in-mold shell with EPS liner
  • Features SPIN interior padding offers exceptional rotational impact protection
  • Certification CE EN 1077 Class B, ASTM F 2040
  • Venting 11 adjustable ventilation channels with goggle vents in the brim
  • Fit Personal height and size adjustment system
  • Weight 450 grams (size M-L)

Our View

The POC Obex SPIN helmet has been developed specifically for skiers and snowboarders looking for the perfect balance in material quality, protection, weight and comfort whether on or off piste. Constructed with an EPS liner, in-mold polycarbonate shell and ABS top shell, the Obex is a lightweight helmet ideal for all-day use.

"The Obex SPIN provides adaptable protection for a variety of styles of skiing and snowboarding. Constructed with an EPS liner, PC Shell and ABS top shell, the Obex is lightweight, making it ideal for all-day use. An interior size-adjustment system allows a user to find an ideal fit without needing to change pads."" - POC

  • Integrated POC SPIN padding
  • In-Mold construction with EPS liner
  • ABS top shell with adjustable vents
  • Size adjustment system
  • Fixed goggle clip
  • Compatible with POC AID Communication Earpads
  • Certification: CE EN 1077 Class B
  • Certification: ASTM F2040
  • Weight: 450 grams (medium size)

  • POC SPIN Technology

    POC Helmet Technology - SPIN Introduction


    Shearing Pads Inside: Rotational Impact Protection by POC

    Rotational impact protection is necessary to counter the forces involved in oblique impacts, which are a common cause of head injury. Pads are integrated into a helmet and add an extra layer of rotational impact protection.

    When rotational impact occurs, POC's patent-pending SPIN pads shear in any direction, allowing the head to move relative to the helmet, reducing the force transmitted to the brain.

    POC Helmet Technology - SPIN Before Impact

    Before Impact

    When the helmet is worn a SPIN helmet will feel like any other helmet. In the event of a direct impact the SPIN pads will function as any other impact-absorbent liner, and compress to absorb impact energy.

    POC Helmet Technology - SPIN After Impact

    After Impact

    In the event of oblique impact the SPIN pads will work to dissipate rotational energy by shearing and allowing the head a degree of movement relative to the helmet, reducing the risk of brain rotation.

    POC Helmet Technology

    POC Helmet Technology - EPS Liner

    In Mold EPS Liner

    Expanded Polystyrene is an established technology which is highly suited to in mold constructions. The strength of EPS lies in its versatility and protection against single impact accidents

    POC Helmet Technology - Adjustible Ventilation

    Adjustable Ventilation

    Heat is expelled through the use of a slider-actuated vent mechanism integrated into the top of the helmet. By placing vents at the top of the helmet, heat can rise out from the head to provide the most efficient ventilation possible.

    POC Helmet Technology - Size Adjustment System

    Size Adjustment System

    Delivered through either a dial or slider-actuated mechanism, the size of the helmet can be tweaked to perfect fitting. Adjustable fitting systems give a degree of control over fitting up to 3cm.

    POC Helmet Technology - Goggle Vents

    Goggle Vents

    Strategically positioned vents in the helmet helps to generate airflow and allow for ventilation through the goggles and the helmet. Designed to prevent your goggle from fogging up whilst you're on the slope.

    POC Helmet Technology - POC Aid Communication

    POC Aid Communication Compatible

    Drop in the POC Aid Communication headset, it allows you to listen to your favorite tunes and also offers two-way communication. Feel safe in knowing you can make make contact wherever you are on the mountain.

    POC Helmet Technology - Detachable Goggle Clip

    Detachable Goggle Clip

    A handy detachable clip on the back of the helmet helps to keep your goggle strap in place and secure. Gone is the worry that if you take a tumble your goggles will ping off into the powder.

    Sizing for the POC Obex SPIN ski helmet is as follows:

    55cm - 58cm
    59cm - 62cm
    Sizes: M-L , XL-XXL
    Sizes: M-L
    Sizes: M-L
    CLOSE ×
    48cm - 52cm
    53cm - 56cm
    57cm - 59cm
    60cm - 63cm
    64cm >
    Adjustable Fit
    Adjustable Vents