POC POCito Fornix Ski Helmet

POC POCito Fornix Ski Helmet

  • Lightweight, in-mold helmet with EPS liner & fixed goggle clip
  • Adjustable ventilation gives control over temperature under the lid
  • Aramid bridge reinforcements help to dissipate impact energy
  • Reflective patches and reflective sticker kit for personal information
  • Certification: EN 1077-B ASTM 2040. Weight: 400g

Our View: The POCito Fornix is a youth version of POC's award winning Fornix helmet. This in-mold helmet has Aramid bridge reinforcements and built in goggle vents along with adjustable helmet ventilation channels - an excellent entry-level helmet for kids.

POCito Fornix is a kids’ version of the award winning Fornix helmet. The helmet is aramid reinforced, well-ventilated and equipped with a size adjustment system that makes it possible to customize the fit of the helmet to ensure it stays safe and comfortably in place. By applying aramid strings and molding them together with the foam liner, it was possible to develop a lightweight helmet while maintaining structural stability and a high level of protection. Like all POCito products, visibility is a key safety criteria and the POCito Fornix comes in a bright fluorescent orange and pink color and is equipped with reflective patches. - POC

  • In-Mold Helmet with EPS liner
  • Aramid bridge reinforcements
  • Adjustable ventilation
  • Reflective patches and reflective sticker
  • Google vents
  • Size adjustment system
  • Recco reflector
  • Fixed goggle clip

  • POC Helmet Technology

    POC Helmet Technology - EPS Liner

    In Mold EPS Liner

    Expanded Polystyrene is an established technology which is highly suited to in mold constructions. The strength of EPS lies in its versatility and protection against single impact accidents

    POC Helmet Technology - Adjustible Ventilation

    Adjustable Ventilation

    Heat is expelled through the use of a slider-actuated vent mechanism integrated into the top of the helmet. By placing vents at the top of the helmet, heat can rise out from the head to provide the most efficient ventilation possible.

    POC Helmet Technology - Size Adjustment System

    Size Adjustment System

    Delivered through either a dial or slider-actuated mechanism, the size of the helmet can be tweaked to perfect fitting. Adjustable fitting systems give a degree of control over fitting up to 3cm.

    POC Helmet Technology - Aramid Bridge

    Aramid Bridge Reinforcements

    Aramid bridges are added to the core of the helmet to help spread impact forces over a larger surface. They also add to the structural stability of the helmet keeping it lightweight but super tough.

    POC Helmet Technology - Goggle Vents

    Goggle Vents

    Strategically positioned vents in the helmet helps to generate airflow and allow for ventilation through the goggles and the helmet. Designed to prevent your goggle from fogging up whilst you're on the slope.

    POC Helmet Technology - Recco avalanche rescue reflector

    Recco avalanche rescue reflector

    The Rescue System is two-part technology. Rescue teams carry detectors, which send out a search signal. Reflectors worn by skiers, bounce back a signal that directs the rescuer straight to the reflector.

    Sizing for the POCito Fornix ski helmet is as follows:

    51cm - 54cm
    55cm - 58cm

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