Salomon Helmets

Salomon are masters of the mountain. Their rich history can be traced back nearly seven decades to the French Alps. Theirs is a passion which has permeated every level of mountain sports, not least the world of protective winter wear. Salomon offer a range of functional and fashionable ski helmets, utilising all manner of construction methods to provide the lightest, toughest protection possible. Whether you're an adventurous spirit in search of the backcountry or a park-bound freeskier, you will be able to find a helmet to tick your boxes with Salomon.


Salomon was born in 1947 in the heart of the French Alps and the birthplace of modern alpinism. Driven by passion for skiing and design innovation, Francois Salomon and his son George designed and perfected many of the first modern ski bindings.


The unique EPS 4D construction method is leading the way in comprehensive impact protection. Other brands are starting to follow suit, but this is the original! Salomon's Custom Air inflatable fitting system allows you to nail form-fitting comfort every time.


Salomon are venturing into seamlessly integrated visor helmets for those who want no-fuss solutions to their protective wear problems. On the whole, these are high-function helmets with clean and unfussy designs that let your skills to the talking!

Salomon was born in the French Alps in 1947. Their passion for mountain sport progression, product development, quality and craftsmanship drives them to create progressive gear. If you like high-spec, functional design then you'll feel right at home with a helmet from Salomon!

Salomon Helmets - Introduction

Salomon Helmets

Where Science Meets The Snow

For seven decades Salomon have been driven by an enduring passion for the snow, creating premium skiing equipment and protective wear that sweats it out over the details to leave the fun bits to you, the skier.

Salomon have always done things a little differently. A diverse range of helmets with truly unique features sets them apart from any other brands. To learn more about some key stories this year, read on!

Salomon Men's Helmets

Men's Helmets

The new Driver+ features OTG-ready visor technology, while best-selling, all-mountain Ranger 2 makes a return. The new QST Charge equips you perfectly for the backcountry.

Salomon Women's Helmets

Women's Helmets

New this year, Mirage+ is a unique spin on visor helmets. For a top all-rounder look no further than the Quest, while the Icon 2 Custom Air delivers a perfect, air-cushioned fit every time.

Salomon Kids' Helmets

Kids' Helmets

The Grom returns as a super-light helmet with a dial-adjustable fitting system perfect for growing heads. We introduce the Grom Visor as an excellent one-piece solution.

A key feature within Salomon's flagship models is a unique impact protection system that changes the way helmets defend from impact. Exclusive to Salomon, EPS 4D is leading the way helmet technology!

A uniquely-structured EPS liner uses a modular structure to provide enhanced shock absorption, 30% more than the industry standard, while also dampening forces exerted on the head in a rotational impact.

Salomon Helmets - EPS 4D Construction

EPS 4D Construction

Dynamic Impact Protection Technology

Salomon Helmets - New Driver+ Helmet

Play Modern, Play Fast

The New Driver+ Visor Helmet

New this season are the Driver+ and women's-specific Mirage+ helmets from Salomon. These designs feature an integrated, easily detachable and replaceable visor to offer a one-piece head protection solution!

Salomon's Motion Shield System is a simple, OTG-ready technology that delivers the benefits of goggles without an enclosed canopy, meaning you can comfortably wear eyeglass frames while on the snow.

Never shying away from novel ways to enhance the capabilities of its product range, Salomon's Custom Air technology provides a secure, seamless fit that is good for long days on the mountain.

Available in a standard pump-actuated or self-adjusting Auto Custom Air form, this technology works by allowing air into the padding to deliver form-fitting comfort that is truly unique to every wearer.

Salomon Helmets - Custom Air Technology

Custom Air

Adjustable Cushioning System For A Perfect Fit