Salomon Mirage+ Ski Helmet

Salomon Mirage+ Ski Helmet

  • Hybrid shell, all-mountain women's helmet with integrated, retractable visor and feminine detailing
  • Groundbreaking EPS 4D technology absorbs 30% more impact energy than the industry standard
  • OTG-ready Motion Shield lens system is the clutter-free solution to goggles
  • Includes drawstring helmet bag, select colours include bonus lens and lens storage bag
  • Certification: CE-EN1077, ASTM F-2040; Weight: 660g

Our View: Pushing the envelope of helmet technology once again, Salomon introduce the Mirage+. Delivering a great fit right out of the box with the adjustable Custom Air fit system, the Mirage+ makes life easy on the hill by integrating a retractable visor, meaning no more fussing with ski goggles!

"Take style and sport performance to a higher plane with the new Mirage+ visor helmet from Salomon. This unique visor helmet features an easy changing lens system and exclusive Motion Shield System for convenience, fit and comfort. Mirage+ is built with EPS 4D technology for improved safety in glancing impacts. And for a personalised fit, Mirage+ uses Salomon's Custom Air system. All these features create Salomon's most progressive visor design." - Salomon

  • EPS 4D
  • Hybrid construction
  • Custom Air fit system
  • Motion Shield lens
  • OTG-ready
  • Active Ventilation
  • TCS (Thermo Control System)
  • Advancedskin Activedry
  • Merino Wool liner finish
  • Certification: CE EN1077
  • Certification: ASTM F2040
  • Weight: 600g
  • Includes drawstring helmet bag
  • Includes bonus low-light lens (select colours)
  • Includes drawstring lens bag (select colours)

Salomon Helmets - EPS 4D Technology

EPS 4D Technology

Salomon EPS 4D - Introduction

EPS 4D Technology

Exclusive Technology, Leading Protection

Salomon's recent study has highlighted the very high risk of traumatic brain injury in skiing. To reduce the risk of head injury as much as possible, their goal is maximum energy absorption from impact.

EPS 4D has been co-developed and tested with industry-leading partners involved and recognised for their work in safety. A team of doctors, neurosurgeons and researchers have made safety their quest.

EPS 4D absorbs 30% more of the impact than is required by the industry standard, and importantly, is able to absorb impact from any direction whether it be oblique or vertical.

Salomon EPS 4D Technology - Lateral Impact

In oblique impact the EPS components are able to flex and shear, helping to absorb rotational energy and reduce violent forces on the brain, while also protecting against general impact energy.

Salomon EPS 4D Technology - Direct Impact

In direct impact the strategically-placed EPS components compress to absorb impact energy safely, helping to distribute energy through the entire helmet to prevent stresses on specific areas.

Salomon Helmets - Other Technical Features

Other Technical Features

Salomon Helmets - Hybrid	Construction

Hybrid Construction

A In-Mold helmet with strategically-positioned hardshell elements for a balance of weight and strength.

Salomon Helmets - Custom Air Fit System

Custom Air Fit System

A pump-actuated fitting system which uses air cushioning to create perfect, form-fitting comfort for all head shapes.

Salomon Helmets - Active Ventilation

Active Ventilation

Slider control allows you to adjust the level of air moving through the helmet for customised comfort.

Salomon Helmets - Motion Shield

Motion Shield

A retractable shield lens is the perfect one-piece solution for head and eye protection.

Salomon Helmets - TCS (Thermo Control System)

TCS (Thermo Control System)

Adjustible ventilation and airflow channels through the helmet combine to deliver unbeatable temperature control.

Salomon Helmets - EPS Lining

EPS Lining

Expanded polystyrene is fused to the outer shell of the helmet to absorb energy from impact.

Salomon Helmets - Advanceskin Activedry

Advancedskin Activedry

A comfortable helmet liner with moisture-wicking layering to reduce sweat buildup.

Salomon Helmets - Merino Wool

Merino Wool

An extra-fine Merino wool finish to the liner gives a premium feel while helping to regulate temperatue and moisture.

Salomon Helmets - OTG Ready

OTG Ready

Capable of being worn with prescription eyeglasses underneath the helmet visor.

Fitting dimensions for the Salomon Mirage+ Ski Helmet are as follows:

56cm - 59cm
59cm - 62cm
Salomon Mirage+ Ski Helmet - Black / ML Red Photochromic
Sizes: S