Every step of the way Smith have strived to push the boundaries of what is possible, integrating performance and style for those seeking both. Not everything Smith do is for everyone, but those who speak the universal language of genuine stoke know that Smith make the great days better. Smith have four key considerations when producing their helmets: protection, fit, comfort and integration with their goggles. Numerous tech features have been developed around these core concepts, and the result is one of the broadest ranges of premium ski helmets around.


In 1965 Dr. Bob Smith, a dentist by trade, made the first ever goggle featuring a sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. This revolutionised the powder skiing experience, and would make Smith Optics a worldwide brand in the years to come.


Adjustable ventilation channels, adjustable fit systems, and the revolutionary Aerocore technology are all definining elements of the Smith range. MIPS technology is now a common fixture, adding an extra level of protection from brain injury.


Our Smith range features models at every price point, meeting every demand and taste with shapes and styles for men, women and children. These helmets pair up perfectly with our range of Smith goggles. Check them out here!

Smith pride themselves on making the great days better. With their helmets this means snug-fitting comfort, hard-hitting protection and head-turning style. With designs at all price points and specifications for men, women and kids you'll find a Smith helmet that's right for you. Keep reading to learn more about some of the biggest talking points in this season's Smith range.

Smith Helmets - Introduction

Pursue Your Thrill

Mountain-made protective headwear for riders, storm chasers and thrillseekers.

What's in a Smith helmet? Let us break it down: premium technology, rocking designs and unbeatable protection. This year is no different, and new faces enhance this selection further to set it apart.

Say hello a couple of new faces, the all-signing, all-dancing Quantium and the low-profile Code. Old friends including the Vantage return. The match-up with Smith Goggles is seamless. Ask yourself, why not both?

Smith Helmets - Features

Smith Helmet Features

MIPS is a low-friction membrane within a wide range of Smith helmets. You won't feel it, or see it, but it's there. If you ever stack and take a knock to the head, this is when MIPS starts doing its thing.

There is rarely anything straightforward about head impacts. MIPS works to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head, giving you extra protection and peace of mind.

Smith Helmets - MIPS Brain Protection

MIPS Brain Protection

The multi-directional impact protection system

Smith Helmets - Aerocore Construction

Aerocore Construction

Uniquely engineered for unbeatable protection

A truly unique technology amongst snow helmets, Smith utilise the remarkable qualities of Koroyd to create Aerocore, a superior impact-resistant shell which stands above conventional construction methods.

Aerocore's honeycomb structure not only gives exceptional impact protection, it's also incredibly airy. With adjustable vents on models like the Vantage, it makes for the most comfortable helmets out there!

For many music adds to the thrill of the mountain exeprience. For those needing their soundtrack fix or just wanting to stay connected to the world, Smith have got you covered with audio-compatible ear pads.

These ear pads have been designed to be a perfect fit for Outdoor Tech's Chips accessories. Just connect, drop them in and rock out or take phone calls when on the snow. Cast your eyes over our selection!

Smith Helmets - Mountain Electronics

Mountain Electronics

Audio-ready earpads compatible with Outdoor Tech Chips.

Smith Helmets - Quantum Technology

Smith Quantum Helmet Technology

Skiers and boarders are more aware than ever about keeping safe on the snow. Smith have answered calls for a lid that is lighter, tougher, more comfortable and better looking than anything else on the market.

Quantum uses Smith's unique Aerocore construction and exoskeleton design for impact protection where you need it most. Sculpted with futuristic lines but a traditional brim, Quantum is the look of the season.

Smith Helmets - Introducing the Quantum

Introducing The Quantum

Protection with maximum horsepower.

Smith Quantum Technology - Hybrid Shell

Hybrid Shell

Combining the best of hard shell and in-mold materials, the Quatumn is toughest where you need it most, while trimming weight to give the most comfortable wear possible.

Smith Quantum Technology - Aerocore


Utilising Koroyd material, this game-changing construction method is tough to boot, with unmatched airflow capacity. Combined with adjustable vents, the fit is the freshest around!

Smith Quantum Technology - Fidlock Buckle

Fidlock Buckle

Skimping on little details can spoil a performance helmet. Smith took no shortcuts here. A magnetic Fidlock buckle gives a no-fuss, secure clip even wearing gloves.

Smith Helmets - Code Technology

Smith Code Helmet Technology

Smith Helmets - Introducing the Code

Introducing The Code

Innovative. Minimalism. Unlocked.

Style-conscious riders no longer need to fret over the protective capabilities of their snow helmet. Smith's new Code ticks all boxes with a low-profile look that doesn't compromise on safety.

Elegant simplicity is the name of the game with the Code, but beneath this lid's minimal exterior is enough technology to keep pace with some of the biggest names on the market.

Smith Code Technology - Aerocore


The honeycomb-like structure of Aerocore not only holds up better against impact than conventional helmet liners, it also gives far superior ventilation to keep you feeling fresh.

Smith Code Technology - BOA Fit System

BOA Fit System

No need to sweat over the details with BOA. This dial-actuated fitting system lets you tweak in the perfect fit, first time. This means a safer helmet that wears better for those long mountain days.

Smith Code Technology - Fidlock Buckle

Fidlock Buckle

You shouldn't need to get undressed just to fasten a strap buckle. Fidlock uses magnets to snap into place quickly, simply and easily even if you're wearing your best mittens.