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Prescription Sports Protective Eyewear

Prescription Sports Protective Eyewear

If you need corrective vision it's essential to wear the appropriate protective eyewear when playing sport. The selection of frames found on this page are all certified to deliver essential impact protection in a wide range of sports including squash, tennis, football, basketball and badminton.

With modern designs from industry-leading brands including Bolle, VerSport and Progear you can be sure of finding the right protective frame for you. Choose from a wide range of prescription lens options, including standard clear, light-adjusting photochromic or tinted lenses with premium anti-fog treatments to keep vision clear during exertion.

Say goodbye to your old eyeglasses and risky contact lenses and retain your competitive edge with the confidence of assured protection from this range of certified sport protective glasses. Read on to discover what makes protective eyewear essential equipment for people playing sport.

Rec Specs Protective Glasses - Technology

Prescription Sports Protective Glasses

POC Goggles Technology - POC Clarity Detail

In the heat of competition sport can be fraught with hazards, not least for people in need of corrective vision. Taking to the field of play in a pair of traditional eyeglasses can be a huge hazard. Traditional eyeglass frames were not designed for the rough-and-tumble of sport!

Your everyday frame probably isn't designed to provide a secure fit when on the move at pace, and even if it was, it's also unlikely to be fitted with impact-resistant lenses capable of withstanding the impact of a tennis ball, squash ball, football, or even the occasional faceplant!

If you do need prescription eyewear when playing sport, we sell a diverse range of sports protective eyewear designed specifically to fit comfortably, help you see clearly, and protect your eyes in a host of different sports. This is purpose-built protection for your eyes.

Wearing protective sports glasses no longer means compromising on style either - we stock some of the latest frames from popular brands including Bolle, VerSport and Progear, complete with modern styling to help you look the part during play.

POC Goggles Technology - POC Clarity Lenses

Progear Eyeguard Protective Glasses - Certification Standards

Certification Standards

Protective eyewear by all of the brands sold at RxSport is tested to meet stringent impact protection standards for sport. These certifications give you assurance that your product is capable of delivering essential impact resistance if the worst should happen. All protective eyewear sold here will meet at least one of either the ASTM (United States) or EN (European) certification standards.

To give an idea of the tests involved in certifying protective eyewear, these are the speeds of various object balls when hitting the lens in the ASTM F803-11 test:

Bolle B-Clear Lenses - Lightness



Bolle B-Clear Lenses - Impact Resistance



Bolle B-Clear Lenses - Impact Resistance



Bolle B-Clear Lenses - Impact Resistance



Bolle B-Clear Lenses - Impact Resistance



Bolle B-Clear Lenses - Optical Precision



The glasses are tested on different headform sizes: small/medium and large. Balls hit the center of any lens, the front corner of any hinge, the hinge from the side, the bottom and the top of the glasses, and from different directions. Your glasses will bear permanent markings to certify compliance with specific standards.

Progear Eyeguard Protective Glasses - Frame Technology

Eyewear Technology

This range of protective eyewear sports unique features helping to set it apart from traditional eyewear, and helping you keep your competitive edge. In both frames and lenses, advanced technology helps to maximise comfort, performance and safety whatever your pursuit.

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Purpose-Built Frames

Frames are crafted with the intensity of sport in mind, featuring shock-resistant materials, ventilation channels and wrapped shapes for a secure fit.

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Photochromic Lens Tints

Choose from a range of lens options, including light-sensitive photochromic tints which will see you through everything from bright sun to night-time conditions.

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Anti-Fog Treatments

Most of our frames are available with premium anti-fog lens treatments to keep vision dependably clear even during the most extreme workout!