100% Sunglasses

100% Sunglasses

Steeped in motorcross heritage, 100% are now leaving their mark on the world of professional cycling thanks to winning collaborations with Team Bora-Hansgrohe and multiple UCI road world champion Peter Sagan. Currently the definitive look for cyclists the world over, sample iconic frames including the Speedtrap, Speedcraft and Glendale. Whether it’s a championship on the line or everyday life, if you aren’t giving it 100% you will regret it!


The roots of the 100% brand go back to the early 1980s when the iconic brand graced the factory racing equipment of the biggest names in motocross. Today the brand has diversified and is the choice of some of cycling's biggest names including Peter Sagan.


Available in select colours, HiPER lenses harness colour science to boost visual clarity on the road. The party piece in the range is the revolutionary Speedcraft AIR, designed to dilate your nasal passages to assist breathing and amp up marginal gains on the road.


100% specialise in clean-cut, futuristic style with some of the most striking designs in performance sport eyewear. Expansive cylindrical shields as seen on the Speedcraft and Glendale make for a throwback look that not only performs but looks great on the bike!