Bolle Graphite Sunglasses

Bolle Graphite Sunglasses

  • Frame Flexible B88 Nylon Frame is lightweight, durable and comfortable
  • Lenses Fitted with lightweight, impact-resistant Category 4 lenses
  • Use Vented side shields & Category 4 lenses, perfect for mountain sports
  • Fit Masculine design, suits a large adult fit
  • Accessories Includes soft case and microfibre cloth for cleaning and storage

Our View

A truly dependable and stylish frame that can provide ultimate protection against the elements whilst looking at home on the streets. Featuring removable side shields and dark lenses for those bright sunny days out on the mountain to a sleek design that boasts style and functionality. Mountaineering never looked so smart!

Bolle's View

Bollé brings mountaineering back to the range. Go beyond your limits with Graphite and reach new heights. Ergonomy, ventilation, protection, this glacier style has all it takes to endure the most extreme experiences without any compromise.

Bolle Graphite Sunglasses


  • B88 Nylon frame material
  • Removable side shields
  • Thermogrip components
  • Category 4 mountaineering lenses
  • Curved 8 base frame
  • Anti-Fog treatment
  • Suits a large adult fit
  • Includes soft case
  • Includes microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Sunglasses Technology

    B88 Nylon

    Boasting light weight, impact resistance, flexibility and durability, Bolle's B88 Nylon frame material sets the standard for performance and comfort.

    Thermogrip Components

    Temples and nosepads on this frame are coated with the hydrophilic Thermogrip material which increases its grip when wet, ensuring a secure fit during exertion.

    Anti-Fog Lenses

    Bolle's high performance Anti-Fog lens treatment keeps your vision clear and fog free during tough weather conditions and intense activity.

    Removable side shields

    Featuring removable, vented side shields which offer protection on the glaciers and keep air flow around the frames to help limit fogging up.

    Phantom Lens Technology

    Reveal The Invisible

    Phantom lenses are a combination of three advanced technologies that revolutionize how you see your environment. Made with NXT material for enhanced definition and a molecular photochromic filter that adapts to all light conditions, a high-contrast filter is also added to improve colour and depth perception.

    Bolle Phantom Logo

    Bolle Phantom Lenses - Optical Clarity

    Optical Clarity

    Made with NXT material, Phantom lenses raise the optical clarity of Bolle lenses to a new level. NXT material also boasts light weight, high impact resistance, chemical resistance, and 100% UV protection.

    Bolle Phantom Lenses - Photochromic Performance

    Photochromic Performance

    Phantom lens technology adapts to any light condition, ensuring precise visual acuity whatever the weather. The lens tint changes with the light, from light to dark. Enhanced vision whatever the conditions.

    Bolle Phantom Lenses - High Contrast

    High Contrast

    Bolle has advanced the performance of Phantom lens technology by adding a high contrast filter on its lenses. The filter boosts colors and significantly enhance your vision in a range of environments.

    Dimensions for the Bolle Graphite are as follows:

    Lens Width
    Lens Height