Bolle Phantom Sunglasses

Bolle Phantom Sunglasses

Improved vision equals improved confidence. Phantom lens technology, developed by Bolle in partnership with Essilor Sun Solution, redefines how you see the environment. Industry-leading optical clarity and light-adaptive lenses allow you to reveal the invisible whatever the light conditions.

Bolle Phantom Lens Technology

Improved vision means improved confidence. Phantom lens technology – developed in partnership with Essilor Sun Solution – redefines how you see the environment. Industry leading optical clarity and light-adaptive lens technology allows you to reveal the invisible whatever the light conditions.

Bolle Phantom Photochromic Lenses

Phantom photochromic lenses have been engineered to excel in specific conditions encountered when playing sport. Here are some of the examples of how Phantom Light Adaptive Lens Technology can give you the edge.

Two cyclists wearing Bolle sunglasses

Phantom Vermillon Gun is designed to enhance contrast to bring out detail in the road surface, with a light-adjusting tint delivering precise vision specific to light conditions in the moment.

A tennis player using a Bolle Phantom Court lens

Being able to see the ball clearly at high speed will give you the advantage to return serve or prepare your forehand shot. Phantom Court enhances contrasts to highlight white and yellow colors on every court.

A golfer wearing Bolle sunglasses

Developed to boost contrast of green hues and enhance depth perception, Phantom Brown Gun lens is the ultimate golfers' lens. Clearly differentiate between greens and fairways, and elevate your game to a whole new level.

Reveal The Invisible

Phantom lenses are a combination of three advanced technologies that revolutionize how you see your environment. Made with NXT material for enhanced definition and a molecular photochromic filter that adapts to all light conditions, a high-contrast filter is also added to improve colour and depth perception.

Bolle Phantom Lenses - Optical Clarity

Optical Clarity

Made with NXT material, Phantom lenses raise the optical clarity of Bolle lenses to a new level. NXT material also boasts light weight, high impact resistance, chemical resistance, and 100% UV protection.

Bolle Phantom Lenses - Photochromic Performance

Photochromic Performance

Phantom lens technology adapts to any light condition, ensuring precise visual acuity whatever the weather. The lens tint changes with the light, from light to dark. Enhanced vision whatever the conditions.

Bolle Phantom Lenses - High Contrast

High Contrast

Bolle has advanced the performance of Phantom lens technology by adding a high contrast filter on its lenses. The filter boosts colors and significantly enhance your vision in a range of environments.