Cebe Sunglasses

Cebe Sunglasses

Cebe is a brand seeking to emphasise the fun of the outdoors while still trying to meet the high demands of mountaineers, climbers and trail runners. Our Cebe range seeks to strongly cover all the bases for outdoor activity, with the ICE 8000 and Proguide models being great choices for mountaineering, the S'Track for trail running and the Wild and Session models being the perfect all-rounders.


Founded in the cradle of French glasses making in the late 19th centry, Cebe was a pioneer of sports glasses. Worn by many climbers on expedition, it was their input that helped develop products specifically adapted to the most extreme conditions.


Through collaboration with their athletes Cebe frames boast features making them excellent for most outdoor activity. Their crystal lenses can be found in selected models and are ideal for use in environments prone to the most extreme light conditions.


Wrap-around shape and large lenses are the key theme in our Cebe selection, but these frames aren't just about maximal function. This range has been given a splash of kaleidoscopic colour to keep your style as well as your skill points high!

Cebe specialise in outdoor sunwear. Across all terrain and a wide range of sports, you can find a mix of sunglasses that offer both specialised and all-around performance. Read on to learn how Cebe lead the way with their range!

Cebe's mountain biking sunglasses are built to resist dust, sweat and hot weather. They thrive in the most arduous conditions! The Session has a tough shape with thin temples for the perfect fit with a helmet.

A pioneer in mountaineering eyewear, Cebe know what it takes to protect in this environment. The Jorasses and Proguide provide excellent eye coverage and their wrapped shape keeps the fit secure in all weather.

More than a sport, trail running is a passion. Cebe lives through it and becomes your best partner for long distances. The S'Track's oversized lenses shield the eyes, yet the lightweight frame will never weigh you down!

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