Julbo Sunglasses

Julbo Sunglasses

Julbo's values have remained strong since being founded in 1888 by Jules Baud. Observing, listening, sharing, innovating and amazing: Enjoying close relationships with athletes and their consumers, Julbo's products are designed to meet all needs and bring comfort and convenience to you whatever your lifestyle. Aimed at not only providing excellent protection from the elements but also offering a diverse range of lenses to enhance your performance.


The Jura department of France had been home to a thriving spectacles industry for centuries.  In 1888 Jules Baud opened his business, supplying sunglasses to the crystal hunters of Chamonix who need protection from harsh glare.


NXT photochromic lenses are designed to react quickly so not to impede performance and in addition to lens materials Julbo adds high-tech coatings to improve performance in accordance to the conditions they are used under.


Designed not only for performance but to look great, with flash finishes giving a mirror finish and a splash of colour on some of the lenses and frames designed to match you'll be sure to look the part in any of their models.

Julbo’s enduring passion for exploration has kept them at the top of the list for extreme performance eyewear for years. Whether travelling at altitude, on water or at speed, you can depend on Julbo sunglasses to give you the added edge when you need it most.

Julbo Mountain

For Julbo the mountains are where it all began. From the first sunglasses designed for Chamonix crystal hunters a century ago, to the incredible speed-climbing exploits of the legendary Ueli Steck, so much has come inbetween - not least the development of some of the most cutting-edge technology in mountaineering.

Julbo Explorer 2.0

Following on from the success of its precedessor, the Explorer 2.0, offers superior ergonomics and better ventilation in a streamlined package. These are glacier sunglasses designed for extreme conditions, without compromise.

Julbo Mountain Pic

The combination of performance frame and lens mean you can take on the most challenging peaks with improved safety and comfort. These are frames for peak athletes, worn by some of the biggest names in the mountaineering world!

Julbo Cameleon

Engineered specifically with mountaineering in mind, the contrast-boosting Cameleon photochromic lens adjusts its tint from a medium to very dark brown for the most intense light at high altitude. The perfect companion!

Julbo Nautic

The most isolated locations on Earth are those hundreds of miles from land, at the mercy of the elements on the expanse of the High Seas. In this environment it is more crucial than ever that you can depend on your equipment to keep performing to its best, even in the most challenging conditions.

Julbo Wave

The Julbo Wave is the ultimate in aquatic eyewear, able to cope with the rough-and-tumble of kite surfing, catamaran and gruelling offshore racing. A protective skirt keeps ocean spray at bay, while the floating frame is easily retrievable.

Julbo Nautic Pic

Thanks to the blend of technology from Julbo’s wrapped frames and its polarised photochromic lenses, boundary-pushing sunglasses for the open water have been developed. Take to the seas with total confidence and unbeatable visual performance!

Julbo Octopus

The open water is notorious for creating hostile visual conditions, with reflected glare causing eye strain, discomfort and reducing visual definition. The Octopus lens is polarised to block reflected glare, and adjusts its tint based light levels.

Julbo Speed

Julbo has strived to engineer eyewear that keeps pace with those that live for speed. Trail runners and mountain bikers need look no further! Radical, robust and reliable, these sunglasses are designed for those who live their sports to the absolute max.

Julbo Aero

The best-selling Julbo Aero was designed for insatiable thrill-seekers. A unique suspended lens construction maximises lens ventilation to minimise the risk of fogging. The remarkable light weight of this frame has to be worn to be believed!

Julbo Speed Pic

Those passionate about high-paced sport will love the options on offer in the Speed range. Ultra-light frame construction combined with the incredible versatility of photochromic lenses mean that you can perform at your best from dawn to dusk.!

Julbo Zebra

The photochromic Zebra lens excels in all-terrain, all-weather conditions. This lens enhances contrast to improve definition of your running or riding surface, and works all day by automatically adjusting tint based on natural light levels.