Melon Alleycat Road Sunglasses

Melon Alleycat Road Sunglasses

  • Frame Lightweight, super-flexible and durable TR90 frame material
  • Lenses Choose from a range of antifog-treated Zeiss Road or photochromic lenses
  • Use Road lenses specifically designed for road cycling and running
  • Fit Unisex design, suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Accessories Includes a hard case, microfibre bag and bonus low-light lens

Our View

Melon's high performing Alleycat frames are given a makeover thanks to Zeiss Road lenses. Utilising premium technology to help improve your vision in road environments, the Alleycat Road really are the raddest and baddest riding shades around!

Melon Optics' View

Using technology developed by one of the world's top lens manufacturers, the Alleycat features lenses from ZEISS's Road Performance lens range. Developed with clarity in mind, the road performance lens range filters light to give you the optimum view of your surroundings.

Melon Optics Alleycat Sunglasses


  • Lightweight and flexible TR90 frame
  • Rubberised nosepiece and temples
  • Contrast-enhancing Zeiss Road lenses
  • Interchangeable lens system
  • Photochromic Lenses (optional)
  • Ventilated lens
  • Antifog-treated lens
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Includes bonus low-light lens
  • Includes microfibre bag
  • Includes premium carry case
  • Sunglasses Technology

    Interchangeable Lens System

    Adapt to conditions in a flash with a simple lens swapping system. Make the most with the bonus low-light lens included!

    Smart Venting System

    With maximum airflow in mind, the frame sits away from the brow and features ventilation at the sides of the shield lens.

    Rubber Components

    Rubberised nose piece and inner temples enhance comfort and make the fit of the frame more secure, even during exertion.

    Super-Flexible TR90 Frame

    An Italian-made frame is crafted to the highest standard using lightweight, flexible and durable TR90 material.

    Zeiss Road Lens Technology

    Melon Optics - Lenses by Zeiss

    Tuned For Performance On The Road

    Melon works exclusively with Zeiss for assured quality in their selection of sun lenses. No matter which tint you choose you can depend on oustanding clarity and impact resistance. All lenses are antifog-treated for clear vision even when you push to the limit!

    Designed to optimise light in a road specific environment. By partially reducing blue light you get greater clarity of the environment as well as improved depth perception, meaning you get a view of road like no other lens can offer.

    Melon Optics - Zeiss Lens Comparison

    Lenses by Zeiss - Complete UV Protection

    Complete UV Protection

    Essential protection from long-term eye damage associated with prolonged UV exposure.

    Lenses by Zeiss - Anti-Scratch


    A durable anti-scratch coating protects the lens surface from damage associated with abrasions.

    Lenses by Zeiss - Water-Repellent


    A hydrophobic coating helps water easily slide off the lens, reducing the risk of lens fogging.

    Lenses by Zeiss - Colour Technology

    Colour Technology

    A range of enhancing lenses designed to help you spot detail in terrain and shadows on the trail.

    Lenses by Zeiss - High-Impact Resistant

    High-Impact Resistant

    Sports-grade polycarbonate lenses deliver outstanding impact protection to the eyes.

    Photochromic Lens Technology

    Alleycat Photochromic

    Alleycat Photochromic

    One lens for all conditions.

    Designed to offer ultimate versatility, the world's raddest and baddest riding shades are now available with photochromic lenses.

    Photo sensitive molecules in the lens react to a change in light which results in the lens transitioning between a Category 0 (low light environment) & Category 2 (mid light environment). A great solution for when riding in changing light environments.

    Alleycat Photo Sunglasses

    What's In The Box

    Melon Alleycat Sunglasses - What's In The Box

    Melon Alleycat Sunglasses - Frame

    Alleycat Sunglasses

    Melon Alleycat Sunglasses - Microfibre Bag

    Microfibre Bag

    Melon Alleycat Sunglasses - Premium Carry Case

    Premium Carry Case

    Melon Alleycat Sunglasses - Bonus Low-Light Lens

    Bonus Low-Light Lens

    Dimensions for the Melon Optics Alleycat are as follows:

    Shield Width
    Shield Height
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses
    INCLUDES: Interchangeable Lenses