Nike Sunglasses

Nike Sunglasses

Nike has revolutionized athletic sportswear. Nike's vast range of products includes specialized training gear, footwear, apparel, accessories, and sports equipment. Nike Vision eyewear brings the same inspiration and innovation to athletes with product that helps them See Sport Better. Product is developed for each category of sport within Nike, which are sport inspired and for the athlete in everyone, from lifestyle sunglassess to all-out performance models.


With Nike Vision sunglasses you are in esteemed company. These frames have been sported by a host of Olympic medallists including Mo Farah, Trey Hardee, Manteo Mitchell and Shiwen Ye; golfing champions such as Paul Casey and Michelle Wie; and tennis star Bernard Tomic.


Nike frames are made using durable, lightweight and flexible thermoplastic, giving athletes essential prolonged wearing comfort. Thanks to Nike Max Optics, their lenses give precise vision in all directions and sport-specific lenses can perfect the viewing experience with photochromic tints.


All Nike sunglasses feature the unmistakeable swoosh logo on temple, giving an authentic feel and guarantee of performance quality. Along with specialist designs for golf and running, you can also find models like the Bandit which look just as good off the field of play as they do on!

Nike brings three leading vision innovations to the athlete: advanced high-precision sport optics, engineered lens tints, and progressive frame designs. As well as high quality sport frames, Nike also offer the latest in lens technology.

Wiley X Sunglasses Technology - Impact Protection

It has always been in Nike's nature to innovate. Nike look at the eyewear challenge from every side, developing optical and material advancements for a high performance experience of total comfort, control and clarity. Nike sunglass frames have innovative features which are built to perform.

Nike Sunglasses Technology - Aerodynamics

Aerodynamic Innovation

Utilizing aerodynamic advancements, we build eyewear that is incredibly lightweight and streamlined. From a combination lens-frame that reduces weight and wind resistance to angled lenses that cut through air, our designs are made to be lighter, sleeker—better.

Nike Sunglasses Technology - Ventilation


When you’re on the field, on the trail, or on a course, eyewear that doesn’t fog up is essential. Nike looks beyond the lenses to the whole frame for solutions that provide optimum ventilation so you can give your peak performance.

Nike Sunglasses Technology - Responsive Comfort

Responsive Comfort

Eyewear needs to stay put, so you can stay focused. Our innovative lens materials and frames stabilize eyewear during movement, grip when you sweat and conform to the shape of your face for maximum comfort.

Nike Sunglasses Technology - Optimum Clarity

Optimum Clarity

Your environment can shift within seconds, affecting how and what you see. Our lens technology conquers glare, shadow and unpredictable weather for precise vision in every sport and climate.

Wiley X Sunglasses Technology - Impact Protection

As well have having the latest in frame design Nike also have the optics to match. Nike’s lenses are tailor made to work perfectly in the conditions you require them for. The Nike Max Optics that are avaliable are the MAX Speed, Outdoor Golf and Polarised, each being designed specifically to work in different conditions.

MAX Speed - 'Relax your eyes and run'

Nike MAX - Speed Comparison

Nike Max - Trainer Speed

Because runners focus their eyes on a single spot for extended stretches, the Nike MAX Speed Tint is scientifically tuned to reduce this tiring and damaging high-frequency light. Cut down the harsh reflected brightness on the road to relax your eyes and your body.

MAX Outdoor - 'See everything'

Nike MAX - Outdoor Comparison

Nike MAX - Terminus Outdoor

By cutting down the harsh direct sunlight and brightening the details in shadow, this tint enhances your view of everything around you, relaxing your eyes at the same time. Dim the sun, brighten the shadows and keep your eyes on every detail with the Nike MAX Outdoor tint.

MAX Polarised - 'Silence the glare'

Nike MAX - Polarised Comparison

Nike MAX - Tailwind Polarised

Nike MAX Polarized technology greatly reduces the bright, disruptive glare from highly reflective surfaces like water and snow, when it can feel like you’re looking at a second sun. This optical filtering innovation prevents light at certain angles from passing through the lens. Less squinting, better focus. Take the glare off the snow, the water, and anywhere else that reflected light impairs your vision.

MAX Golf - 'See the green'

Nike MAX - Golf Comparison

Nike MAX - Skylon Golf

Specially tuned to the game of golf, this tint is ideal for any course, in the sun or under the clouds. The ball visually “pops”, and the contours of the green are revealed through the Nike MAX Golf Tint. Engineered for the unique visual challenges of the golf course.