Oakley Prizm Sunglasses

Oakley Prizm Sunglasses

Oakley has long been known for providing the ultimate in sports performance eyewear, establishing themselves as one of the most recognisable brands in the world. Oakley’s strive for perfection has taken a quantum leap with the introduction of Prizm technology. Designed to give you a sporting edge, Prizm really is a magnificent development in the sports eyewear community.

Fine tuning vision is what Prizm is all about, helping you spot more in the sporting arena to progress your performance and see what the pro’s see. This technology being available to everyone is a huge bonus; frequently world class technology and developments has only been accessible to professional athletes but Prizm allows anyone to develop their performance in a range of environments. From Prizm Road to Prizm Cricket, there’s a lens for everyone.

Oakley has branched out with their Prizm technology to bring you both Polarised and everyday tints, to accentuate your vision in normal environments, not just on the sports field. The addition of the Prizm Everyday range has allowed for an optimised experience in day to day life.


15 years of engineering went into developing the Prizm technology and in 2014 it was released to the world. A world that could now see more thanks to the science Oakley harnessed to transmit light through their lenses in a whole new way.


Prizm technology now has a wider range than ever. From use on the professional sports field to everyday lenses for a stroll around town; there’s a tint to cover it all. Prizm Road is perhaps Oakley’s most popular lens and sits perfectly with their line of sports sunglasses.


With a contrast enhancing hue, Prizm lenses boost contrast and often feature an Iridium coating to help cut through even the brightest lights and give the lenses a truly 21st century look. Look out for Prizm Black Iridium for a great all-round lens!

It’s safe to say that Prizm lenses are a game changer. After the years spent researching light transmission and colour science, the outcome is truly spectacular. These lenses are colour tuned for specific sports and environments to provide greater visual detail and sharper colour contrast; optimising your experience in a variety of situations. It's a total reboot - a lens technology specifically engineered to correspond with different conditions.

Prizm lenses work by fine-tuning individual colours of the light spectrum and certain wavelengths of light to offer precision vision in several environments. Visual acuity is sharpened to reveal more detail and give you game-changing vision. It really is an evolution in lens technology, offering the world the chance to see what they have never seen before and allowing you to react faster and compete with confidence.

Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Lenses

Oakley Prizm Lenses - Prizm Road

Oakley Prizm Lenses - Prizm Road Spectrum

Prizm Road

Prizm Road brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens and reds so riders can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards more easily for a confident riding experience.

Oakley Prizm Lenses - Prizm Daily

Oakley Prizm Lenses - Prizm Daily Spectrum

Prizm Daily

Prizm Daily enhances all colours by utilising the same Prizm performance technology seen in sports lenses, but is balanced to create an enhanced visual experience with vibrant colours.

Oakley Prizm Lenses - Prizm Deep H2O

Oakley Prizm Lenses - Prizm Deep H2O Spectrum

Prizm Deep Water Polarised

Prizm Deep Water filters out the shades of blue that overwhelm your vision on open water, while boosting greens and reds and keeping whites bright, so anglers can see what’s beneath the surface.

Oakley Sunglasses - Prizm Prescription

Oakley Prizm Lenses - Prescription options

Prizm Sport

A range of popular Prizm sport lenses are available in prescription

Enjoy the style and functionality of Oakley Prizm by combining the ultimate prescription glazing technology with the leading sport specific lenses for a truly spectacular pair of prescription sunglasses.

Choose between some of Oakley’s best selling lenses; Prizm Golf, Prizm Road, Prizm Trail and Prizm Field. All specifically tuned to give you the best possible vision out in the sporting arena.

With hundreds of lens tints and frame colours to choose from; head over to our Oakley prescription sunglasses page to find your perfect pair.