RE Ranger XLW Sunglasses

RE Ranger XLW Sunglasses

  • Frame Wrapped rimless design with adjustable nosepiece and curved cable temples
  • Lenses 2.5mm thick NexPC lenses by optical experts Zeiss
  • Use Specifically designed for a range of shooting disciplines

Our View

The XLW gets serious with form and function. This model was designed from the ground up by Ranger's team of experienced optical engineers, and is the industry's first shooting-specific 8-base wrapped frame. Where some wrap eyewear may distort your vision, the XLW's lenses, made by Zeiss, are always 100% distortion free.

RE Ranger's View

Serious style for serious shooters. Designed from the ground up by our team of experienced optical engineers, the XLW is the industry’s first 8-base wrap frame made specifically for sport shooting. While some wrap eyewear may distort your vision, XLW lenses are always 100% distortion free.

RE Ranger XLW Sunglasses


  • Unequalled joint strength and integrity
  • Adjustable nosepiece
  • 2.5mm thick Zeiss lenses
  • 100% UV Protection
  • FDA regulation 801.410 rated
  • Flexible cable temples
  • Includes zip-up storage case
  • Includes maintenance tool kit
  • Includes microfibre bag
  • Sunglasses Technology

    RE Ranger Sunglasses - Shooting Sunglasses

    RE Ranger Sunglasses - Shooting Technology

    RE Ranger Sunglasses - Lens Technology

    Randolph have developed their range of shooting eyewear to sit slightly further from the eyes and higher on the face to give an optimal field of vision when using firearms. Frames are built with a lightweight, high-tech alloy to ensure excellent corrosion resistance in all weather conditions

    RE Ranger’s lens tints are designed in close collaboration with optical experts, professional shooters, and the Randolph Engineering team. RE Ranger offers a large array of lenses custom designed to suit any light condition and discipline.

    Dimensions for the RE Ranger XLW are as follows:

    Lens Width
    Lens Height

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