Ray-Ban Chromance Sunglasses

Ray-Ban Chromance Sunglasses

  • Polarised lenses featuring all-new technology to boost clarity in a range of light conditions
  • 99% of reflected glare blocked by polarised filter - perfect for use around water or on the road
  • Featured in four new frame designs sporting a mix of classic Ray-Ban style and active lifestyle DNA
  • Six different coloured mirror finishes further tune contrast and enhance the look of the lens
  • All models supplied with storage case and cleaning cloth as standard

Our View: See colours brighter and clearer than ever before with new Chromance lenses. Available in four sporty frame designs, it's time to fall in love with a new world of colour!

See colours brighter and clearer than ever with new Chromance lenses. Available in four sporty frame designs, it's time to fall in love with a new world of colour!


The Chromance lens calibrates the light to make the color spectrum brighter and clearer. It maximizes contrasts to enhance details during vision. The Chromance lens also eliminates reflections and glare thanks to the polarizing filter, ensuring perfectly clear vision.

Chromance lenses come in distinctive mirror finishes, ranging from blue to green to purple, that providing a stunning finish and complement their frame designs perfectly. These mirror finishes also further dampen intense light for comfortable vision.

A six-layer anti-reflective coating on the inside of each lens helps to prevent back-side lens reflections from impairing vision and causing eye fatigue, while further improving contrast for high-definition views.


Chromance lenses have been paired with all-new frame designs sporting a mixture of classic themes and modern detailing for a truly unique look. The RB3542 goes for space-age style with an elegant metal frame bar and screw-fitted lenses for a durable yet comfortable design.

RB3562 evokes the shaping of the classic Ray-Ban Cockpit aesthetic for a timeless pilot-style look with a retro double bridge.

The bold squared shape of the RB4264 captures the powerful spirit of street style with the added benefit of Chromance lens technology.

Inspired by the DNA design of the original Ray-Ban Predator, light, flexible materials, wrapped profiles and refined colors dictate the forms of the competitive new RB4265.


To maximise comfort and clarity all lenses in the Chromance range use polarised technology as standard, blocking more than 99% of the sun’s reflected glare to give incredible views in sunlight.

Sunlight reflected by any surface, for example while driving, walking on the beach or skiing on the mountains is a source of polarised light. This light can cause blinding glare, wash out colours, impair vision and cause eyestrain.

Polarised lenses block the blinding glare that bounces off horizontal surfaces, for reduced eye strain and exceptional comfort.

Combined with the contrast-enhancing qualities of Chromance lenses, you’ll be able to enjoy perfectly clear vision whatever the weather.

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