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Red Bull SPECT Sunglasses

Red Bull SPECT Sunglasses

One part sport, one part fashion. Red Bull SPECT sunglasses fuse these two distinct worlds to create eyewear that goes the distance in style. With a load of advanced tech used to give these designs the edge over their competition, Red Bull SPECT eyewear is good looking functional eyewear perfected.


The Red Bull name is synonymous with adrenaline-charged sports across the globe, not least in the world of snowsport. They have teamed up with Austria-based eyewear manufacturer SPECT to create this sunglasses line.


Enjoy glare-blocking polarised lenses across the lifestyle range. Available on select models, the Wing Dual Temple System transforms lifestyle frames into performance sport designs through a unique sliding mechanism.


Iconic lifestyle shapes and striking new sports frames are found across the range. Red Bull's iconic branding can be found on all frames, so you can represent the adrenaline-fuelled lifestyle while you live it in these sunglasses!

Red Bull SPECT are here to beautify functional eyewear. This collection is proof that performance doesn't have to be a style compromise!

Red Bull SPECT Bubble Sunglasses
Red Bull SPECT Sport Sunglasses
Red Bull Sunglasses
Red Bull SPECT Eyewear

Whatever your eyewear preference you'll find your ideal frame in Red Bull SPECT's range of easy-to-wear active lifestyle and high-performing sports shades!



A classic rectangular frame with a secure fit, the perfect teammate through hard work and play.



With a patented floating lens system, the Flow is your endurance sports sidekick for when you demand performance.



Stylish enough for the street but sporty enough for adventure, this frame is the ultimate all-rounder.

Wing 3

Wing 3

A lightweight and comfortable frame with patented Wing technology, designed for high-movement sports.


Red Bull Flow Logo

By detaching the lens from the lower frame, a free floating lens effect is created. The elastic characteristics of the frame allow the lens to freely move up and down while being exposed to movement or shocks.

Red Bull Flow Frame Tech

TR90 Frame Material

Constructed with a lightweight yet strong and flexible TR90 frame material.

Floating Lens

Flexible frame with floating lens for shock absorption, ventilation and comfort.

Adjustable Nosepads & Temples

Adjustable rubber nose pads and temple tips for secure grip in tough conditions.

Interchangeable Lenses

Fast & easy click system to change lenses & adapt to new environments seamlessly.

Leading-edge tech features are what give Red Bull SPECT sunglasses the edge over their rivals. Look out for these features in their range.

Ultra-Flex Style Ultra-Flex Logo

Ultra Flex Style

An extremely flexible material with excellent shape memory. The frame jumps right back into form after being bent or twisted, meaning durability and comfort are enhanced.

Wing Dual Temple System Wing Dual Temple Logo

Wing Dual Temple System

This patented system transforms your lifestyle frame into a sports design by using a hidden metal wire to deliver a secure fit which hugs the ear even during high-level sports activities.

Z.Polar Lenses Z.Polar Logo

Polar.Z Lenses

All sunglasses in the range have polarised lenses which reduce the effects of reflected light and glare. Contrasts and colours appear more intense increasing visual clarity and comfort.