Rudy Project Soundrise Sunglasses

Rudy Project Soundrise Sunglasses

  • Frame Crafted from premium acetate for a luxury feel
  • Lenses Fitted with sports-grade lightweight and impact-resistant lenses
  • Use Versatile frame suited to active lifestyle use
  • Fit Unisex design, suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Accessories Includes microfibre bag for cleaning and storage

Our View

Blending performance with style, the brand-new Soundrise frame is an active lifestyle design for those who keep on their toes. As always with Rudy Project, there is no compromise with the features on this frame.

Rudy Project's View

Blending urban style and performance soul, Soundrise revamps the Rudy Project active lifestyle collection with a new design language. Edgy yet subtle octagonal frame, stylish side details, and superior lenses deliver maximum comfort, perfect eye protection, and sharp vision, making Soundrise the ultimate casual sunglasses for active people.

Rudy Project Soundrise Sunglasses


  • Acetate frame material
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Polar 3FX HDR Lens Technology (optional)
  • Multlaser lenses (optional)
  • Includes microfibre bag
  • Weight: 27 grams
  • Polar 3FX HDR Lens Technology

    Rudy Project Polar 3FX HDR Lens Technology

    Experience The True Colours

    Polar 3FX lenses use lens polarisation technology to block glare from reflected surfaces, resulting in far superior lens clarity, eye comfort and reduced eye fatigue in bright conditions. These lenses really come in to their own in high-glare environments such as on and around water.

    Select Polar 3FX lenses also filter the HDR filter, which fine-tunes contrast to further enhance visual performance and clarity. All Polar 3FX lenses also feature a hydrophobic coating for easy-clean convenience.

    Polar 3FX HDR Lenses - Polarisation


    Polar 3FX technology eliminates glare by filtering non-harmful light wavelengths, filtering glare from car headlights, the sun's rays, and refracted light on wet or shiny surfaces like water and snow.

    Polar 3FX HDR Lenses - HDR Technology

    HDR Technology

    By refining the intensity of specific wavelenghts of light, the HDR filter provides extraordinary visual performance. Benefits include superior perception, sharper images and unparalleled contrast definition.

    Polar 3FX HDR Lenses - 3FX Benefits

    Premium Lens Coating

    Every Polar 3FX lens features a hydrophobic barrier to minimise the formation of smudges, enabling water to slip off the surface and preventing stains and fingerprints to make cleaning easier.

    RP Optics Lens Technology

    Rudy Project RP Optics Lens Technology

    Experience The True Colours

    RP Optics is Rudy Project's entry level range of lenses, but there's nothing entry level about the quality and performance of this massive selection of lenses! Made from lightweight and impact-resistant polycarbonate, these lenses will go the distance no matter your sport.

    The various lenses on offer enable you to perform and excel in any conditions you may encounter. Like the rest of Rudy Project's lenses, RP Optics lenses provide complete UV protection and deliver high-quality optics for leading sports performance.

    Dimensions for the Rudy Project Soundrise are as follows:

    Lens Width
    Lens Height