Wiley X Boss Sunglasses

Wiley X Boss Sunglasses

  • Frame Lightweight 8 base wrapped frame with removable facial cavity seal
  • Lenses Meets ANSI Z87.1 and EN.166 S high velocity and mass impact protection standards
  • Use Ideally suited for outdoor adventure and high speed action sports
  • Fit Unisex design, suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Accessories Includes a zip-up case and microfibre bag for cleaning and storage

Our View

The Wiley X Boss is a full-rimmed protective sunglass suitable for for medium to large faces. A removable wind gasket protects the eyes from adverse weather & flying dust, sand or grit. Detachable, adjustable retaining straps and cords keep the fit secure during more strenuous activity.

Wiley X's View

The WX Boss provides a combination of clear vision, comfort and vision protection, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. Being a part of the Climate Control Series, the Boss features Wiley X-patented removable Facial Cavity Seal technology made of multi-layer foam for added comfort and protection.

Wiley X Boss Sunglasses


  • Lightweight and flexible frame
  • Removable Facial Cavity Seal
  • Includes Wiley X retaining cord
  • 8 base curved frame
  • Captivate lenses (select colourways)
  • Polarised lenses (select colourways)
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit
  • Includes microfibre bag
  • Includes hard case
  • Sunglasses Technology

    Wiley X Sunglasses Technology - Hard Coating

    Hard Coating

    A hard, scratch resistant coating protects against damage and extends the life of the lens.

    Wiley X Sunglasses Technology - AR Coating

    Anti-Reflective Coating

    Anti-reflective coating eliminates distracting reflections of the lens surfaces. Only available on Polarised lenses.

    Wiley X Sunglasses Technology - Anti-Fog Coating

    Anti-Fog Coating

    Anti-fog coating prevents misting on the lens in high humidity and temperature differences.

    Wiley X Sunglasses Technology - Facial Cavity Seal

    Facial Cavity Seal

    Wiley X's patented removable Facial Cavity™ Seal blocks out wind, debris and peripheral light.

    Safety Certifications & Standards

    Wiley X - EN.166F Certified

    EN.166F Certified

    Frame and lens must withstand the impact of a 6 mm steel ball weighing 0,86 gram fired at 162 km/h. The lens and frame must remain intact, in place and not shattered.

    Wiley X - High Mass Impact

    High Mass Impact

    Frames and lens must withstand the weight of a 500 grams pointed projectile dropped from a height of 127 cm. Passing this covers almost anything you will encounter.

    Wiley X - High Velocity Impact

    High Velocity Impact

    Frames and lens must withstand the impact of a 6.35 mm diameter steel ball fired at 164.6km/h. The lens and frame must remain intact, in place and not shattered.

    Captivate Lens Technology

    Wiley X Captivate Lenses

    Visualising the light spectrum

    Captivate is a new patented lens technology from Wiley X that redefines color by filtering out harmful UV/HEV blue light and confusing light. Captivate lenses filter light, revealing vivid detail, vibrant contrast and optimal clarity to allow distant objects to be seen more clearly.

    Certain areas of the light spectrum are difficult for the eyes to see clearly, and other areas are very dangerous to your eyes’ health. Captivate lenses filter out harmful rays as well as light that confuses the eye, increasing clarity and definition with vibrant contrast and vivid detail.

    Colour Spectrum

    The Colour Spectrum

    Our eyes can easily distinguish blue, green and red wavelengths of light but it's where the these wavelengths merge together that we have difficulty seeing clearly.

    Captivate lenses filter out harmful rays as well as light that confuses the eye, increasing clarity and definition with vibrant contrast and vivid detail.

    Depth Perception

    Better Depth Perception

    By eliminating the bad blue light haze while separating and enhancing colors in the visual spectrum, Captivate lenses will enhance depth perception.

    Captivate technology is offered in a variety of lens tint options so you can fine-tune your experience based on the specific needs of your environment.

    Anti-Reflective Surface

    Enhanced Clarity & Safety

    Filtering confusing light allows more light where it’s easier for your eyes to see, resulting in enhanced blues, greens and reds for a true color experience.

    Captivate eyewear features an oleophobic coating and is the only contrast enhancing lens that meets the EN. 166 & ANSI Z87.1 safety standards.

    Dimensions for the Wiley X Boss are as follows:

    Lens Width
    Lens Height