Brand Profile: Anon Goggles

Anon Optic goggles are part of the big Burton family. It has become the benchmark in design and function for ski and snowboard goggles. All concepts, features and styles of Anon Goggles are a direct reflection of the collaboration between Anon’s international team riders and the product group in Burlington, VT.

Anon Optics uses proprietary design features relentlessly tested in the lab and on the mountain to enhance your riding experience. Exclusive Air-mesh venting, Anon Spherical Lens Tech, Anon Panoramic Lens Tech and Solar Shield Tech (SST) tints have been developed to match any condition.

Now here’s the science bit…

Lens Tints

Anon Goggles offer the widest range of lens tints with VLT’s (visible light transmission) that covers every light condition. From crystal clear to Solex mirrored, Anon has you covered from white out to glacier bluebird.

Spherical Lens

This proprietary de-centred injected lens construction provides the highest quality of optical clarity and enhances horizontal, upward and downward field vision white reducing eye fatigue and distortion.

Panoramic Profile

Utilising a proprietary de-centered injected cylindrical shape that is thicker in the middle and tapers to the edges to reduce distortion and enhance optical clarity.

Vented Dual Lens Anti-Fog Protection

Anon’s dual lens construction ensures the proper climate control between the lenses and in the face cavity to prevent fogging in all conditions. For a second line of defence against fogging, all lenses are treated with Anon’s anti-fog coatings.

Interchangeable Strap

This unique universal anon feature lets you change straps among anon goggles. Trade with your buddies, create a new style and add your personal flavour.

Dual & Triple Density Face Foam

Utilising moisture wicking fleece on variable dual and triple density face foam, provides a perfect goggle-to-face seal that keeps out the elements while providing comfort for riding all day long.

Pro Models

Jeremy & Teter

Anon, together with Jeremy Jones and Hannah Teter have designed two Anon Figment Pro models…




The Anon Team

Mark Landvik – Frederik Kalbermatten – Bode Merrill – Nic Sauve – Gabi Viteri – Johnnie Paxson – Jake Welch – Jeremy Jones – Peetu Piiroinen – Annie Boulanger – Jack Mitrani – Hannah Teter