Trail Running: A Beginners Guide

Trail Running is coming into focus this week thanks to Charlie at Pure Trails Adventure!

Forget minute mileage and split times and start thinking about bubbling brooks and hilltops to stop and soak up the view. Trail running is a sport that becomes a lifestyle. Step out of your front door and onto a trail that leads to endless fulfilment. All through this, stay in tune with the natural world around you.

Charlie Pure Trails
We’ve teamed up with Charlie from Pure Trails!


Trail Running in our eyes is anything off-road, this constitutes a footpath, bridleway or anything dirty. Usually it is undulating and provides a route which preferably involves a bit of elevation gain or loss along the way. Forests, meadows, fields, river banks, mountains, fells, seashores, and hills, these are all trails and many of which will be waiting within just a few minutes of your front door.

Trail Running in the Mountains
What a way to experience the scenery!


Absolutely not, all you need is a pair of trainers and a sense of adventure to get into it.

A huge benefit of running on trails is that the nature of the terrain makes running a lot slower than you would otherwise experience on the road. Underfoot conditions can be so changeable (especially with varying weather conditions) so it pays to take some care and attention of the surface you are running on. Take your time! Walk all of the uphill bits and to take it steady on the downhill bits. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, focus on the adventure you are experiencing.

Before you know it you will slowly build your base of running fitness which will allow you to run for longer and to explore more challenging terrain.

Local Tracks
Get out and explore some local tracks!


Put simply no, you don’t need any specialist gear when you are first starting, however, we need to be careful as the broad term trail running applies to a variety of terrain; everything from a local field to mountain trails.

For the beginner trail runner heading out on a dry, warm day, running across a flat meadow or a well sign-posted forest footpath you can easily afford to put on a normal pair of running trainers and feel the benefits immediately.

Being based in the UK though and with changeable weather right throughout the year, we would caveat this depending on where you are planning to run. If the weather changes and the underfoot conditions become muddy or slippery then your road running trainers will not cut the mustard and you should consider purchasing a pair of trail running shoes.

Trail shoes are designed to provide appropriate foot support, hugging your foot which reduces the chance of slip and holds you in place. Just about all trail shoes provide an appropriate grip with large lugs which gives friction when running on slippy surfaces.

This might sound overkill, but use your common sense before heading out. When running in a new area, be prepared for all weather conditions.

Trail Running Sunglasses

While we’re talking specialist gear, here’s some of our favourite  sunglasses that would be perfect for trail running!

Rudy Project Propulse – Shop Now
Propulse Sunglasses
Rudy Project Propulse – Matte Merlot / Multilaser Red
Red Bull SPECT Pace – Shop Now
Red Bull Pace Sunglasses
Red Bull SPECT Pace – Matte Blue / Smoke Blue Mirror
Julbo Aero – Shop Now
Julbo Aero Sunglasses
Julbo Aero – Black & Red / Reactiv Performance 1-3 Red Flash Photochromic
Oakley EVZero Blades – Shop Now
Oakley EVZero Blades
Oakley EVZero Blades – Steel / Prizm Sapphire






Trail running is so easy to get started and trails are found everywhere! For the beginner trail runner starting in the countryside, the footpath is the ideal place to start. There you can run almost the same as you would if running on a road. Over time you will build up your running fitness, as well as your endurance and will help you stay healthy and injury-free.

Over time, you’ll graduate to running in hillier and more mountainous areas, we need to start considering running technique in greater detail. The underfoot terrain can change dramatically. You need to think about loose ground, stones, tree roots, and hard uphill and steep downhill sections all considered hazards. On longer trail runs this can become more taxing on your mental and physical strength as you spend longer focusing on the changing terrain around you, whilst experiencing the harder physical toll it takes on your body.

If you take it steadily, adjusting to this changing terrain will become second nature. Adapting to its changes and being able to withstand the endurance elements associated with trail running as your strength and stamina improve.

Trail Running at the coast
Trail Running can take you to some pretty spectacular places!


Road running is immersed in pace per miles and split times, it can be an intimidating battleground to navigate!

The wonderful news is that trail running is not associated with any of these; it’s you against adventure, you decide the rules of play.

When it comes to running on trails it is important to stress that your miles per minute will be greatly slower than your miles on the road. As a guideline comparison an 8 – 10-minute mile road runner will roughly cover the same ground on trails 1 – 2 minutes more slowly depending on the route, this could even be slower. What that means is forget about the pressures and expectations, focus on you dictating your own pace and enjoy the flow of the trail. An important message to remember is to take your time! Walk all of the ups, as well as all of the downs if you are not as confident in your footing. Jog all of the flat bits and enjoy your surroundings.


Do remember that trail running is an adventure, it’s wild and away from the paved pedestrian roads and vehicles, you may end up running remote routes away from access or other people.

With that in mind, consider safe practices and the risk of injury associated with the planned route. Plan your route in advance, taking the appropriate kit with you based on the weather conditions and the time of day you intend to run. Firstly, it’s always worth carrying a fully-charged mobile phone with you in case you injure yourself and require assistance. Secondly, tell somebody where you are planning to go and how long you will be out for.

Being prepared is always best practice and will give you the confidence to go further for longer and your experience of trail running will grow from there.

Mountain Trail Running
Some amazing views await!


Trail running is the most rewarding sport we have ever come across. So much so that we decide to create a business around it! Take courage and confidence that whatever your experience or ability to run, you are capable of becoming a trail runner yourself.

Access to trails is everywhere! If you live in the middle of a city you will be surprised how easy it is to access the countryside. It is also a great way to explore a new environment whenever travelling away from home for a visit or on holiday. Be adventurous and be creative, set achievable goals and you’ll find the rich rewards that this sport offers.

Get in touch with any of the team at Pure Trails Adventure. Even if you just want to ask us for some advice on how to get started! We want to inspire you and to help you to #FINDYOURPATH

Contact us at: or give us a call on +44 (0) 117 251 0039

Take a look at our recommended Running sunglasses – RxSport

Oakley Prescription Lenses Reviewed

Grant Williams has very kindly reviewed his Oakley Prescription sunglasses. Here’s what he had to say about his prescription Oakley Field Jackets!

For more than a decade I have combined various Oakley glasses with contact lenses for cycling driving and skiing. I thought this was the optimum combination, until deciding to try a prescription lens, initially for road cycling.


Road Cycling
The weather called for socially distant rides!

My positive experience of Oakley eyewear prompted a desire to buy into their prescription lenses. By uploading my prescription details into RxSport’s website, I received confirmation that my prescription requirements could be achieved from an Oakley lens.


Oakley create prescription lenses (with various performance traits) for many of their frames designed for sport. Although I already owned frames that prescription lenses are available for, I wanted to experience new design features, which they did not include. I chose to pair my new lenses with the Oakley Field Jacket.


Field Jacket
Oakley Field Jacket Prescription Sunglasses

On placing an order with Rx Sport UK, an email confirmation dropped into my inbox shortly after, and my new Oakley glasses arrived within the quoted delivery period. (Rx Sport UK were really helpful in doing everything possible to achieve delivery in time for a cycling holiday).


The Oakley prescription lens provides me with excellent visual clarity. This performance is complemented by the stability of the Field Jacket, which remains constant over rough road surfaces, sections of which are barely paved.


Road cycling
Transitions lenses are ideal for brighter days too

Given the ease of use and performance of these glasses, I decided to seek out something specifically for use in lower light conditions and riding at night. On reviewing my options, and talking these through with Rx Sport UK, I chose the Oakley prescription Brown Transitions lens.

For me, the Oakley Transition lens, with a brown tint is a fantastic option to have alongside the Black Iridium (or Prizm Black) lens. The visual clarity is excellent, and the transition from brown tint to clear, makes it suitable for a broad range of light levels.


Having used the Transitions for several months, these are the ones I reach for when the conditions are predominantly cloudy or for riding into late evening. Given the versatility of the Transition lens, I also decided to try it whilst riding my mountain bike.


Contrast enhancing prescription Transitions lenses are perfectly suited for shaded woodland trails

Part of the feedback provided by RxSport UK, confirmed a feature of the brown tint is the potential to add definition to surface texture. This certainly corresponds with my experiences whilst riding, as the lens performance assists being able to counter subtle pitting in macadam surfaces, or to interpret an intricate root matrix weaving across an off-camber, narrow trail.


MTB Image 2
And even better when the tight trails open up!

So, would I want to completely commit to using the prescription lenses I now have, for all the riding I do? For the road, yes. However, for mountain biking, personally, I will use the Transition lens with brown tint for virtually all the off-road riding I do. When conditions are really wet and muddy, I will switch to non-prescription glasses with contact lenses. This is simply because the Transitions are vital for my road cycling, and I wish to reduce the chance of the wear and tear that harsher, off-road conditions may cause.


For that reason, I will add an Oakley Flight Jacket Prizm Trail to my collection…..Plus they look pretty cool too!


Flight Jacket
He’s not wrong, they do look pretty cool!

Take a look at the entire range of Oakley Prescription Sunglasses

Introducing The Latest Bolle Sunglasses

Introducing the latest styles from Bolle for this season.


New to the Bolle collection for 2019 the Ada is a perfect versatile frame for all occasions. The feminine design and colour availabilities offer a stylish frame for ladies whilst still being strong and sturdy to support an active lifestyle.

• Lightweight & optically precise Polycarbonate lenses
• Carbo Glass coating for extra protection
• Hydrophobic & Oleophobic lens treatment
• Anti-Reflection coating to help eliminate glare

Shop Bolle Ada


Brand new for Bolle in 2019, the Frank is a perfect mix of bold lines and sharp angles to offer a modern lifestyle frame. Available in a range of colourways and lens options so you can find your perfect pair to suit your lifestyle.

  • Lightweight & optically precise Polycarbonate lenses
  • Carbo Glass coating for extra protection
  • Hydrophobic & Oleophobic lens treatment
  • Anti-Reflection coating to help eliminate glare

Shop Bolle Frank


True mountain heritage combines with a modern shape to create Cobalt. With removable injected side shields and available with Phantom lenses for a true hybrid product. From peaks to streets, Cobalt is your best ally.

  • Hybrid frame perfect for mountain sports and lifestyle use
  • Vented side shields offer your eyes ultimate protection and can be removed easily when needed
  • Anti Fog treated lenses finished with an anti reflective coating offer you crystal clear views
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings keep the lens free of dirt, grease and water spots

Shop Bolle Cobalt


Inspired from the famous Bollé Chronoshield model, the Shifter is packed with simple yet progressive features to enjoy the ride. Curved temples, vented lens & Phantom lenses have made Shifter the natural choice for the AG2R La Mondiale pro cycle team.

  • Shield lens design with full-rim protection, designed for cycling
  • Anti Fog treated and vented lenses ensure to offer perfect vision.
  • S-Curved temples provide ultimate comfort and perfect helmet integration.
  • Hydrophobic and oleophobic coatings keep the lens free of dirt, grease and water spots

Shop Bolle Shifter

Brecken Floatable

One of Bolle’s latest active lifestyle frames is now floatable. The Brecken’s imposing rectangular design not only looks tough, but performs excellently by using sports-grade materials, including polycarbonate lenses.

  • Rectangular-shaped active lifestyle frame by Bolle
  • Floatable frame perfect for water activities
  • Fitted with lightweight, impact resistant, sports-grade polycarbonate lenses
  • Flexible yet durable injected nylon frame material provides superior fitting comfort

Shop Bolle Brecken Floatable


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Introducing The Latest Oakley Sunglasses

Introducing the latest styles from Oakley for this season.


Forager is a lifestyle sunglass loaded with performance features designed to keep up with the adventures of the day. – Oakley

Oakley Forager

  • Wrapped active lifestyle frame with stylish round lenses and double bridge
  • Lightweight O Matter frame material delivers all-day comfort and durability
  • Unobtainium nosepads provide a comfortable and secure no-slip fit even when wet
  • Premium impact-resistant Plutonite lenses block 100% of harmful UV
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit, includes microfibre bag

Our View: Oakley Forager sunglasses make the difference for active lifestyle enthusiasts in search of a frame that will take them everywhere in style. An eye-catching round lens shape is crafted from lightweight durable O Matter material with no-slip nosepads for a comfortable fit without compromise.

Shop Oakley Forager

Frogskins Mix

Frogskins Mix takes a fresh approach to the brand’s most iconic lifestyle sunglass, Frogskins, with the added sophistication of stainless steel temples. – Oakley

Oakley Frogskins Mix Sunglasses

  • Redesign of the Frogskins frame featuring stainless steel temples for a sleek edge
  • Lightweight, flexible and durable O Matter frame front keeps the fit comfortable
  • Softened square lenses create an easygoing look suiting any face shape
  • Unobtainium-coated temple tips give a secure, no-slip fit even when wet
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit, includes microfibre bag

Our View: Taking a style icon back to the drawing board, Oakley’s Frogskins Mix sunglasses amp up sophistication with sleek stainless steel temples giving an edgy finish to this timelessly fresh design.

Shop Oakley Frogskins Mix

Latch Alpha

Latch Alpha presents a bold lens shape and double bridge architecture crafted by blending die-cast aluminium with high density Unobtainium in a frame that clips to your shirt, raising the bar of style. – Oakley

Oakley Latch Alpha Sunglasses

  • Premium metal frame crafted from die-cast aluminium, featuring rugged square shaped lenses
  • Features the Latch mechanism to clip the frame onto a shirt when not worn
  • Durable high-density Unobtainium coating on the temples provides a unique finish and no-slip fit
  • Premium Plutonite lenses give complete UV protection and essential impact resistance
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit, includes microfibre bag

Our View: Latch Alpha is Oakley’s latest iteration of a popular design. Die-cast aluminium is sculpted into a daring masculine shape, featuring the iconic Latch mechanism to clip the frame onto your shirt to raise the bar of style.

Shop Oakley Latch Alpha


Designed to stand out, Oakley Mercenary has upped the sport-performance eyewear game with a sleek, double-bridge architecture and a larger, rounded lens shape merged with innovations built to perform. – Oakley

Oakley Mercenary Sunglasses

  • Wrapped sports performance frame featuring halfrim lenses and stylish double bridge
  • Sleek frame architecture crafted from lightweight yet durable O Matter frame material
  • No-slip Unobtainium nosepads deliver a secure, comfortable fit even when wet
  • Large premium Plutonite lenses provide excellent lens coverage and impact protection
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit, includes microfibre bag

Our View: For athletes looking to push their limits in style, Oakley Mercenary sunglasses come to the fore with a wrapped shape and large half-rim lenses featuring an aggressive cut for a uniquely rugged edge.

Shop Oakley Mercenary


Designed with performance in mind, Sutro gives cyclists a bold and versatile look that they can confidently wear on and off the bike. – Oakley

Oakley Sutro Sunglasses

  • Lifestyle-inspired shield sunglasses suitable for a wide range of sports
  • Oversized Plutonite shield lens provides complete UV protection and impact resistance
  • Lightweight yet tough O Matter frame material delivers form-fitting comfortable wear
  • Unobtainium nosepads increase grip with sweat to keep the fit secure even during exertion
  • Suits a medium to large adult fit, includes microfibre bag

Our View: Drawing inspiration from modern lifestyle shapes, Oakley Sutro sunglasses flaunt sport performance that dares to be different with a striking shield lens looking great on and off the bike.

Shop Oakley Sutro


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Brand In Focus 2018 – Anon


From progressive design concepts to technical executions, Anon ensures that every product meets the demands of the top snowboarders in the world while delivering an unparalleled riding experience and style statement.


Anon helmets pick up the baton from RED – keeping standards as high as you’d expect from the Burton Snowboard family. Innovative blended helmet constructions, plus collaborations with BOA fit systems and MIPS technology, show that Anon mean business. Technical expertise has been blended with Anon’s renowned artwork, allowing riders to express their individual style.

Raven and Highwire

One for Hardshell enthusiasts.

“The men’s Anon Highwire helmet features Endura-Shell construction for long-lasting durability and strength. The sleek, low-profile design with a classic brimmed look incorporates venting throughout to keep goggles clear and maintain comfort all day long.” – Anon

Like many brands, Anon create a women’s specific version of their helmets. Therefore the Raven is born from the Highwire. So what makes the Raven different? Not only do they come in a unique colour range,

Auburn and Invert

After a helmet that’s lightweight and has a modern design – that’s exactly what you get with the Invert from Anon.

Looking for a women’s specific helmet? You’re in luck. Anon have taken the Invert and created a women’s specific version – the Auburn. What makes it different? More feminine colour options, fleece lined ear pads and inner lining.

“The women’s Anon Auburn helmet features MIPS (Multidirectional Impact Protection System) for the safest protection against angled impacts. In-Mold shell construction offers the best in comfort with a sleek, low-profile fit and performance. Multiple vents throughout keep goggles clear and maintain comfort all day long.” – anon.


View the full collection of Anon helmets available at RxSport


For over a decade, Anon has challenged the competition by pushing the limits of design, style and technical execution. Art and design is incorporated into every component. By fusing proven performance with progressive aesthetics, Anon take it further to give riders what they need.

M4 Toric Goggles

Utilising the latest in lens technology, Anon’s M4 Toric features a new lens curvature which is optimised for ventilation, peripheral vision and helmet compatibility. Paired with the outstanding optics offered by Zeiss’ Sonar lens technology – the M4 Toric goggles are one of the outstanding designs of this winter.

“The Anon M4 goggle offers the most precise helmet-to-goggle fit with maximum field of vision, SONAR by ZEISS clarity, powerful magnetic lens retention, and the unprecedented versatility to switch between toric and cylindrical lenses. Toric lens technology mimics the curvature of the eye for superior optics, enhanced peripheral vision, and maximized venting for fog-free vision.” – Anon.

Did you know, all M4 Toric Goggles also come with a magnetic facemask (as shown below).

M4 With Face Mask


Although at present we only offer the M4 Goggle with a Toric lens out of the box, we stock both the Toric and Cylindrical lenses as spare lenses.

View the full range of Anon Goggles available at RxSport

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Christmas 2018 Ideas – Staff Picks

Here at RxSport we cannot wait for Christmas, but where do you start when it comes to gift shopping?

We’ve had a few members of the RxSport team handpick their favourite kit from the current range:


Picking my favourite kit from 2018-19 is pretty easy, I love the female specific kit available at the moment.

ROXY ANGIE SRT SKI HELMET - BEET REDRoxy Angie SRT helmet – The fleece lining keeps you nice and warm on the slopes and the Fidlock buckles means you can take it on and off without having to take your gloves off. Also having the new shock response technology really gives you piece of mind knowing you are well protected

GIRO ELLA SKI GOGGLES - BLEACHED OUT / VIVID ROYAL + VIVID INFRAREDGiro Ella Ski Goggles – I love the colourful designs and fleece lining you get in this model and the fact they fit over my glasses so comfortably is a real bonus! The Vivid lenses are great for bringing out the definition in the snow and the fact they are so easy to change with their magnetic system makes them my go to pair for any condition.


OAKLEY TURBINE SUNGLASSES - MATTE BLACK / PRIZM JADE POLARISEDFor me it’s pretty easy. My go-to sunglasses are the Oakley Turbine. The lightweight and wrapped design makes for a stylish but very practical frame that can be worn all day long, with no discomfort.

KREEDOM ROVER SKI GOGGLES - WOOD SATIN / COPPER CHROME + YELLOWNew to RxSport for 2018-19 is the brand Kreedom. Their collection includes three ski goggle styles, but the standout piece to me is their Kreedom Rover Goggles. A quick change magnetic lens design for under £90 is almost unheard of.

ANON INVERT MIPS SKI HELMET - GREYHelmet wise, it’s got to be the Anon Invert MIPS. The Anon Invert MIPS helmet symbolises everything Anon does best as a brand. A sleek, low-profile design which is deceptively feature-packed!



For someone who snowboards, mountain bikes, road bikes and a few other crazy sports, picking my favourite piece is tricky. So here’s just a few!

SMITH VANTAGE MIPS SKI HELMET - MATTE BLACKSmith Vantage Ski Helmet – The Smith Vantage MIPS (also available in a non-MIPS version) is Smith’s market-leading helmet. They’ve created a helmet that is extremely strong, offering maximum protection, whilst keeping it extremely lightweight. This is down to its hybrid construction combined with Aerocore and Koroyd technology.

ELECTRIC ELECTRON SKI GOGGLES - MATTE BLACK / BLUE CHROME PHOTOCHROMICElectric Electron Ski Goggles – Where do you start on this? With groundbreaking electrochromic lens technology means you’ll never have to change your lens again, no matter what the conditions. A quick press of the button and it’s adaptive LED lens will lighten or darken between three settings, adapting to your conditions. It’s really easy to operate too!

OAKLEY PITCHMAN R - CLEAROakley Pitchman R Optical Glasses – If you’re a Liverpool fan, you may have spotted Jurgen Klopp wearing these throughout this season. The Pitchman R takes inspiration from the Pitchman, but with round lenses (hence the R). Temples created from ultra-light steel make for a lightweight and comfortable frame.

SWEET BUSHWHACKER II CARBON MIPS MOUNTAIN BIKE HELMET - SATIN BLACK METALLICSweet Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS Bike Helmet – I was a fan of the original Bushwhacker II, but this new model cranks safety and strength up a notch with its integrated carbon fibre shell elements. It’s perfect for those days on the trail!



As an avid cyclist and duathlon ‘doer’ I’m all about winter training and being able to continue throughout the colder months. Therefore my top picks for winter are focused on exactly that.

First up would be Rudy Project Rydon Sunglasses, but with their Photochromic lenses. Or if you’re like me, with a slightly smaller head you can opt for the new Rudy Project Rydon Slim.

Next up would be a helmet that keeps you visible out on the road, so either the Poc Ventral Spin in Zink Orange, or the Oakley ARO5 in Retina Burn.

Finally, something that was new this year, Oakley’s Prizm Low Light lenses. These have been a gamechanger for those early morning and evening outdoor training sessions, when Prizm Road has been too dark for good visibility. Prizm Low Light really does enhance the road ahead whilst allowing plenty of light through. There’s a great article on Prizm Low Light here.


When it comes to goggles, I’m a fan of quick and easy to change lenses, therefore I really like the surge in magnetic lens technology that’s hitting the market.

If I had to pick just two, it would be:

ANON M4 TORIC MFI SKI GOGGLES - BLACK / SONAR RED + SONAR INFRAREDAnon M4 – The Anon M4 was my first introduction to Toric Lenses. This goggle offers a new lens curvature which is optimised for ventilation, peripheral vision and helmet compatibility. Pair this with Zeiss lens technology and it’s a truly incredible goggle. After something a little smaller? Maybe try the M2.

GIRO AGENT SKI GOGGLES - RED PEAK / VIVID ONYX + VIVID INFRAREDGiro Agent – Their infinity lens design is something to behold, whilst providing unmatched peripheral vision and a seriously cool look! Also the fact they’ve got a men’s and women’s variation (women’s is the Eave). The Axis and Ella are also worth a look!

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Oakley – Harmony Fade – A Winning Design

Their was one standout goggle design that owned the 2018 Winter Olympics.

If, like most of us here at RxSport you were glued to the TV during the Olympics in Pyeongchang you may have noticed a certain goggle colour combination dominating across the sports. The likes of Chloe Kim, Mikaela Shiffrin and Aksel Lund Svindal were all rocking a bright and bold yellow – orange goggle.

So what exactly were the goggles?

It’s the latest special edition goggle colour combination from Oakley. Their Harmony Fade collection can be found on many of their standout models. Let’s take a look at where you can find it for 2018-19.

Ski Goggle Lineup 

Oakley’s Iconic Harmony Fade collection can be found on the following styles – Canopy Goggles, Flight Deck XM Goggles, Flight Deck GogglesLine Miner GogglesAirbrake XL Goggles and Fall Line Goggles.

View the full range of Oakley Goggles available at RxSport

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Stand out, even on the darkest of days.

Oakley’s Retina Burn colourway… love it or hate it, it’s designed to make a statement.

With winter fast approaching, it’s a great choice for those wanting to continue training outdoors whilst staying safe, and visible. So what’s available from Oakley in their increasingly popular Retina Burn style?

Bike Helmets

Let’s kick off with helmets, the Oakley ARO3 and ARO5 road bike collections are available with the striking Retina Burn colour option.


The ARO3 is designed for the climbers and those who run hot in winter, with increased ventilation, it’s a great option. The Retina Burn colour across the rear of the helmet ensures that you’re as visible as possible to those approaching from the rear.


Let’s move to the ARO5, designed traditionally for the sprinters amongst us, with less ventilation but increased aerodynamics. Oakley have kept the Retina Burn – Black combination but swapped it around, making this helmet beautifully bright from every angle. Whether you’re looking to make a statement in summer, or stand out and stay safe in the winter months.


When it comes to sunglasses, you’re spoiled for choice when looking for Retina Burn frames. Just some of our favourites are shown above – the Flight Jacket, Field Jacket, both new for 2018. The infamous Jawbreaker, and the every popular Radar EV Path.

Don’t forget, Oakley sunglasses are also available in prescription with official Oakley lenses. Allowing you to truly customise your own frame and lens combination. Whether you’re looking for a clear lens, grey lens or a transition tint.

Shop prescription here.

Everyday Eyewear

Love Retina Burn but looking for everyday frames? Fear not, Oakley have a nod to the Retina Burn styling in their Crossrange collection.

You can even shop for replacement Crosslink Pitch temples with their grey smoke and retina burn temple kit.

View the full range of Oakley products available at RxSport

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Brand In Focus 2018 – Oakley Helmets

The Oakley MOD 3 Revamped for 2018

Oakley went back to the drawing-board with the MOD 3 for 2018-19. They’ve redesigned their lightweight all-mountain helmet with in-mold shell and made it better than ever. More tech, more features, and better looks.

Oakley MOD 3

Oakley’s MOD 3 snow helmet is back for a new season, sporting a facelift which has perfected sleek, aggressive design while still packing a mean punch under the hood. New this year is the introduction of adjustable venting, giving you total control over airflow and comfort.

Available in 9 colours, from just £129.99

Oakley MOD 3 MIPS

Oakley’s MOD 3 MIPS returns this season with an all-new look that is as sleek as the freshly-groomed piste, made for skiers and boarders who are serious when it comes to all-mountain fun. Adjustable ventilation and an X-Static anti-odour liner also find their way into this redesigned lid.

What is MIPS? MIPS, an industry leading patented brain protection system, helps protect your head against impact that can come from any direction. A low-friction MIPS layer enables a relative motion between the head and the helmet, adding more protection against rotational motion to the brain caused by angled contact.

Available in 3 colours, from just £174.99


View the full range of Oakley Helmets available at RxSport

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Little Shredders – Top Picks For Youth Helmets

Kids of all ages deserve to look cool on the slopes, that’s a given, but they also deserve the best possible protection and safety tech around. At RxSport we handpick our collections with this in mind. Below are just some of our favourite youth helmets for 2018-19.

Anon Rime

Anon designed the Rime to ensure that kids have access to great looking helmets! A tough hardshell design keeps smaller noggins safe, while the adjustable Youth Fit System means the Rime can accommodate for a little growth. Multi-season certified for all-season little park demons!

Shop the collection online now

Atomic Count Jr

The Atomic Count Jr is perfect for kids finding their feet on the mountain. An adjustable Ear Fit System works with a drawcord to keep the cold air out, plus a Strap Station to keep goggles in place and prevents them getting tangled or folded.

Shop the collection online now

Giro Crue MIPS

The Giro Crue is skate-inspired, youth specific helmet. Its tough Hard Shell construction is fused with MIPS technology to significantly reduce the risk of brain injury associated with oblique impacts. This helmet is designed to pair up perfectly with Giro’s youth sized goggles.

Shop the collection online now

Giro Launch

The easy-wearing Giro Launch helmet features Giro’s finest performance technologies in a lightweight, durable In-Mold Construction. The Launch is equipped with the In Form Fit System and offered in two youth sizes to ensure the best fit.

Shop the collection online now

POC Pocito Auric Cut Spin

The POCito Auric Cut SPIN offers superior protection for kids on the mountains. Encased within a durable ABS hard shell is POC’s patent-pending SPIN technology, designed to protect the brain in rotational impacts. Embedded LED lights in the helmet rear keep children safe and seen when on the hill, even in adverse conditions.

Shop the collection online now


Roxy Misty Girl

Roxy are a brand well known for their female specific collections. Bold in design and full of character. The Misty Girl was designed for smaller heads and complete with flash colours and funky designs, the Misty Girl helmet is perfect for the little ones out on the slopes.

Shop the collection online now

Salomon Pact

The Salomon Pact kids helmet is one of the most advanced junior helmets on the market. Double certified for both alpine and bike standards, it’s versatile, lightweight, and features the added safety of Salomon’s exclusive EPS 4D technology.


Shop the collection online now

Scott Keeper 2

The Scott Keeper 2 ski helmet is a comfortable kids helmet perfect for all day use. The In-Mold shell-constructed helmet is also lightweight, so kids won’t even notice they are wearing it whilst tearing down the slopes!

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Smith Holt Junior

The Smith Holt Junior is an excellent helmet choice for younger thrillseekers. Certified for use on snow and bike, kids will be able to get year-round use out of this sleekly-styled lid!

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