RxSport Focus Week – Smith

Winter is in full swing and we feel it here at RxSport!

Our focus this week is on one of the biggest hitters in the snow sports world, Smith Optics.

Born in Sun Valley, Idaho in 1965, by an Orthodontist of all people; Smith is now world renowned and an industry leader in the market. Smith started out by developing the world’s first sealed thermal lens and breathable goggles to allow riders to stay out on the slopes longer.

Ever since the introduction of this pioneering goggle, Smith have been at the forefront of technology advancements by establishing a multitude of new tech to benefit snow sports enthusiasts; from the world’s first interchangeable lens system to the launch of two new ventilation systems for seamless goggle/helmet integration to current times where ChromaPop lenses lead the line in lens technology.

This passion for snow sports and desire to develop and produce the best products around have lead Smith to where they are today. It is testament to those involved with Smith, who are snow mad themselves, that their products are now among the most popular on the slopes.

This season sees Smith pushing the boundaries to offer riders an even more enhanced experience. From the revolutionary, tech filled Quantum helmet to the ultra-stylish Squad XL goggle; Smith can continue their dominance across the globe with these brand-new products. Perhaps Smith’s greatest advance in the goggle world is their introduction of 8 brand new ChromaPop lens tints.

Through Smith’s proprietary ChromaPop™ lens technology, you can see detail and colour beyond normal capabilities. ChromaPop™ filters light at two specific wavelengths. By doing this the lens delivers greater definition, more natural colour, and unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail.

Smith’s interchangeable series has stayed the same for a couple of years now; headlined by the impressive I/O7 and backed up by the ever popular I/O goggle which has been slightly adjusted to offer a 1% increase in peripheral vision. The addition of a number of new ChromaPop lenses into this range has made them true mega stars for top of the range goggles.

Brand new this season and hitting the ground running is one of the most stylish goggles around; the Squad XL. With a triple layer, moisture wicking face foam, Fog-X Anti-Fog lenses, Tapered Lens Technology and most importantly, 2 ChromaPop lenses as standard, the Squad XL is a goggle well and truly suited to the new age of rider.


Smith Turbo Fan Goggles

Tired of fighting against fogging up? Smith have the tech for you! Turbo Fan goggles are revolutionary and one-of-a-kind!

Derived from Smith’s military background and their tactical department, Turbo Fan goggles feature a near silent two speed fan which exhausts warm air out from inside the lens, keeping it clear and fog free for your days out on the mountains.

With enough battery life and a small battery pack attached to the goggles, this revolutionary technology keeps you focused on shredding, whatever the weather throws at you.

Turbo Fan technology is featured on 3 goggles here at RxSport;

  • I/OX Turbo Fan
  • Phenom Turbo Fan
  • Prophecy Turbo Fan 


New helmets for 2017/18.

The Vantage has been Smith’s premier ski helmet for a number of years now but this season sees a brand new lid take the limelight.

The Smith Quantum is helmet royalty and features a plethora of high-quality tech to keep you protected out on the slopes.

Featuring a Hybrid shell with an exoskeleton design to boost protection levels around the most vulnerable parts of your head, the Quantum ticks all the boxes for protection. With the addition of Koroyd; designed for extra protection and ventilation whilst keeping it ultra-lightweight and of course MIPS.

Smith have introduced the Fidlock buckle and the BOA 360 fit system onto this lid to allow for ultimate comfort and adjustability whilst the dual-regulator ventilation allows for a customised feel when you’re out shredding.

The new Quantum is protection with maximum horsepower. Using Aerocore™ construction featuring Koroyd® and Smith’s innovative Exoskeleton design to provide increased protection in side-impact zones, this is the helmet for athletes pushing the limits on the mountain.” – Smith



As well as the Quantum, Smith have improved their range on In-Mold helmets. Introducing the Code.

With an ultra low profile design; the Code MIPS is the go-to choice for Smith’s ever growing list of pro athletes down to us who just want to look smart and stay protected out on the mountain.

Brand new for 2017, the Code has taken helmets to a new level. Its minimalist design is a firm favourite with park riders yet the low-profile style is ideal for those who find other helmets a bit too large. The Code is fitted with Koroyd to improve protection around the ventilation channels and also a Fidlock buckle and BOA 360 fit system for ultimate comfort. The inner liner is removable on the Code to give you that park style to be worn with a beanie or a balaclava. MIPS is available as standard on all colours of the Code. If you’re looking for a new lid for 2017/18 then look no further, the Code has partnered next level protection with ultimate styling for arguably the best value for money helmet on the shelves.

“The new Code combines a minimalistic aesthetic with Aerocore™ construction featuring Koroyd® for the new front edge of skate-style protection. The low profile shell design is better protection combined with Smith-pioneered AirEvac technology for superior goggle integration.” – Smith

For a limited time only, we are giving away a free Smith snow eraser with every purchase of Smith goggles and helmets. Perfect for those powder days. Chamois leather on one side and sponge on the other makes this handy little tool the ideal companion when out on the slopes playing in the pow!

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Prescription Ski Goggles

Winter is well and truly on and ski holidays are just around the corner!

RxSport are here to get you clued up on how a good pair of prescription ski goggles can help you enjoy yourself out on the slopes this season!

Around this time of the year, hundreds of you begin your quest to find the perfect pair of goggles and wonder how your prescription can be incorporated.

There are 2 ways in which prescription can be included in your goggles; Prescription Inserts or OTG.

Prescription Inserts

Thousands of these beauties make their way through the RxSport machine over the winter months and this is the most popular way of transforming your goggles into prescription goggles.

Prescription inserts come in a few shapes and sizes but our most popular is the Salice Universal Insert. The insert is glazed with your prescription, as you would expect from a normal pair of glasses and clips in to the inside of the frame to give you perfect optical correction; whether that being for picking out undulations in the snow, finding your way around by reading the piste map or checking out the wine list at your lunch time stop!

The best thing about the prescription insert is its versatility; it can be inserted and removed in a matter of seconds yet still allows you to have a pair of goggles that can be worn over your glasses or with contact lenses. Also, you can change your outer goggle lens whenever you want!

Prices for the insert on its own start at £59.99 which includes your prescription and a basic lens.


Fancy upgrading? RxSport offer the choice of a wide range of lenses to fit into the insert, perfect for those with slightly higher prescriptions or people among us who are slightly more heavy handed and need some added protection!

Tough lenses present you with the best value for money and are far and away the most popular choice among our customers. The lightweight polycarbonate lenses include an Anti-Reflection coating to offer clearer and crisper vision. Fogging up a problem? We offer an Anti-Fog option with the insert which includes an Optifog UV coating during production to help keep you fog free out on the slopes!

Thin lenses are the highest index lens we offer. Perfect for prescriptions over +/- 4.00. Thin lenses include a premium AR coating and is 30% thinner and lighter than the basic lens. A great choice if you’re looking for something ultra-lightweight!

Bi-Focal lenses are also offered in the Tough lens material to give you that extra help to read a piste map! A small bi-focal patch is included in the lens with your reading prescription; after all, you don’t want to get lost!

The Salice Universal Insert fits a huge range of goggles and these are some of our favourites!




Some brands offer their own model of prescription insert, but it does exactly the same job as the rest! Be sure to check out Bolle and adidas goggles with their specific insert!



Worried about people seeing the insert behind the goggle lens? Most lenses these days feature strong mirrors, so the inserts are shielded.

Check out this pic of Fil testing out the Salice Insert in his Oakley Airbrakes with a Prizm Jade Iridium lens!

OTG Goggles

OTG stands for Over The Glasses and does what it says on the tin. The goggles are specifically designed to fit with prescription glasses and not put pressure on your temples; something that can cause real discomfort during a day’s skiing!

To do this, part of the frame is cut out on the side to allow for the ultra-flexible foam to flex with your glasses. On some models, even the foam is cut away too!

Instead of the temples putting pressure on the side of your head, the foam adjusts to keep the glasses comfortable and your vision on point!

On some frames, the foam is cut away giving you an even greater release of pressure and more room for your glasses to move and keep you comfortable.

OTG compatibility is an extra bit of tech added to certain frames to make them even more versatile! Check out some of our picks for the new season!


RxSport Top Tip – All Anon goggles are OTG compatible!



For us here at RxSport, it is all about prescription inserts! We get asked about directly glazed goggles, but although the technology is being developed as we speak, it’s just not there yet. We would love them too, but we would also love a hover board! Be sure to know that as soon as it is, RxSport will be straight on it!


RxSport Focus Week – POC

Another week into winter, another RxSport focus week.

This week, we take a look at POC, one of the most recognisable brands out on the slopes and one that is revolutionising the game.

POC is a Swedish company with a strong mission to do the best they can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes. POC represents technological and protective excellence in an understated though nonetheless stylish package.

Featuring one of the most recognisable logos around and tech to back up its reputation, POC once again pushes the boundaries in protection and quality. With the introduction of brand new Clarity lenses, developed in conjunction with Zeiss and POC SPIN helmet technology, POC are a force to be reckoned with this winter.

POC have often been synonymous with protection but this year Goggles offer some of their greatest advances in technology.

Featuring a brand new flagship model, the ORB Clarity and all the old favourites making a comeback; POC has a goggle for all occasions, including one for your groms!

The ORB Clarity is the latest in a long line of ultra-stylish goggles from POC and this season it has been boosted with even better optics; POC Clarity, developed through a long-standing collaboration with Zeiss.

POC Clarity lenses

POC Clarity introduces a new highpoint in optical performance, thanks to unique lenses made in collaboration with industry leaders ZEISS. POC Clarity lenses have been developed for all day, all mountain use. Highly advanced tints are designed to enhance vision by significantly improving contrast and light in differing weather conditions. By maximising vision, performance and the ability to react to hazards are boosted.

POC Clarity lenses are frequency-tuned in to the needs of skiers and snowboarders who need all-day precision and performance. Lenses for sunny and partly sunny weather are enhanced with specific mirror coatings.

By combining POC Clarity lenses with Spektris mirror coatings, base tint and mirror can work in sync to enhance colour and contrast while protecting the eyes from fatigue and glare.

POC Clarity lenses are available on the Fovea Clarity and the Orb Clarity.

New goggles for 2017/18.

New gear is always the most exciting part of the winter and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Obviously, Clarity lenses have taken the headlines this season but POC’s big release is of the Orb Clarity. A brand-new design and it’s one of the best looking goggles around this season!

Orb Clarity introduces a new level of optical performance thanks to unique lenses produced in collaboration with industry leaders, Carl Zeiss. Integrated with the grilamid Orb frame, which has a maximized field of view and a simple and quick lens changing system, the result is unparalleled vision and performance whatever the weather.” – POC

POC Orb Clarity – Basketane Blue / Clarity Spektris Orange

New helmets and helmet tech for 2017/18.

As well as goggle tech, POC have once again revolutionised the helmet and protection scene. Protection is where POC made its name and is a big part of the Swedish company’s heritage.


POC Lab was created to be at the forefront of safety, innovation and development. It brings together experts from a range of disciplines and medicine to support and advise, in conjunction with X Games riders, Olympic cyclists and elite World Cup skiers to ensure that what POC develop is the most reliable and advanced protection on the market.

POC Lab allows collaborations with some of the world’s foremost sports medicine experts, brain scientists and specialists in spinal cord injuries.

This season, SPIN is the big release out of the POC Lab and it has come thanks to years of development.

POC SPIN has been developed to combat injuries as a result of oblique impacts, where brain injury occurs as a result of rotational forces. Yes, you may have heard of tech like this already existing in MIPS but SPIN is different as it is built into the helmet padding and adding a function into the comfort components of the helmet, there are no extra parts or additions into the helmet.

Thanks to its development in the POC Lab, it is hoped that the reduction in injury due to rotational and linear forces will go a long way to save lives and improve protection to athletes who need it the most.

SPIN can be found in two brand new helmets for this season; leading the line this season is the Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN and its little brother the POCito Auric Cut SPIN, perfect for your little groms out on the slopes!

POC Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN – Bohrium Red

“A size adjustment system offers a superb and flexible fit and the adjustable vents on the front and top of the helmet provide adjustable ventilation, for mixed weather conditions or when accessing the backcountry. The Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN is versatile, very safe and durable, equally at home carving up the piste or facing diverse challenges in the backcountry.” – POC

It isn’t only SPIN that POC have included in this lid, the Auric Cut Backcountry SPIN features Recco avalanche recognition sensors for that extra level of protection and assurance when you’re out exploring the mountains.

POC POCito Auric Cut SPIN – Fluorescent Orange

“The Auric Cut POCito SPIN offers serious safety for kids on the mountain. Featuring POC’s patent pending rotational impact protection system, SPIN, the internal shearing pads will reduce the effects of an oblique fall by reducing the amount of force transmitted to the head and brain.” – POC

Premium protection for your little ones. The POCito Auric Cut Spin is the go-to lid for those who want to keep their groms as safe as possible. Again, POC have gone the extra mile with this lid by including even more safety tech. This helmet includes an integrated LED panel across the back of the helmet, so you can spot your kids across the slopes!


POC have kindly sent us some beanies to giveaway with every POC helmet and goggle purchase. For a limited time only, order a POC helmet or goggle and receive a free beanie! Offer is while stocks last, so treat yourself early doors!


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RxSport’s Ski Helmet Guide

Keeping your head protected since 2005! RxSport’s stock of ski helmets are back for another winter and we are here to guide you through the ins and outs of lids.

In-Mold, hybrid, ABS, EPS, Carbon Fibre, MIPS, SPIN and more! Ok, so it can be a little confusing… Here’s your handy guide of what’s what in the helmet world!


Ski helmets, what to get and why.

The first thing that you need to know about helmets is the construction. Brands like putting their own spin on things in this regard, but it is relatively straight forward!


Hybrid vs In-Mold vs Hardshell

The three basic and most popular ways of helmet manufacture. Fairly straight forward but get your notepads ready!


The premium approach to helmet construction and one that is found on the top of the range models. Allowing for hugely ventilated helmets and premium protection levels. Hybrid helmets allow the best of both worlds in helmet design, Hardshell components where lids need the most protection and In-Mold components to improve ventilation and keep weight to a minimum.

Smith Quantum MIPS – The premium in Hybrid helmet protection. Smith’s brand-new top of the range model features all you need on a high-end helmet. Plenty of active ventilation channels, a Fidlock strap system and an Aerocore shell construction featuring Koroyd. Equipping the Quantum with ultimate lightweight protection and unmatched ventilation.

Bern Heist Brim –  Bern’s brand new top end lid. The Heist Brim incorporates Dual Shell Integration for ultimate protection. Also featured on the Heist is aluminium plating around the temples and rear of the helmet to guard against the most violent of impacts.


Often lighter and cooler than traditional helmets, they allow better ventilation systems and can achieve a lower-profile look. Often considered to be a premium approach. In-Mold helmets tend to look smarter because of them being a lower profile and that is thanks to the way it is constructed. Instead of the ‘old school’ way of bolting or gluing a shell to the inner foam protection layer, In-Mold helmets are either dipped or injected into a PVC or similar material outer shell to offer a more premium feel and a lighter weight helmet.


A lower profile look is hot on the mountains right now and In-Mold helmets tend to give you better ventilation. Given the construction method of these lids, they are really lightweight compared to their hardshell counterparts! An EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) inner liner has been the go-to for helmet manufacture due to its lightness and impact-absorbing traits but the outer shell of the helmet is where the magic happens with the ventilation and styling.

What In-Mold helmets are popular?

The more premium approach is an In-Mold helmet, they are often the most stylish too! Here are some of our favourites from this season!



POC Fornix – POC is one of the most recognisable brands out on the slopes and the Fornix has become a staple of their range. Picking up various awards since its introduction, the Fornix is a great choice for an all-mountain rider.

Salomon Icon 2 – Another superb helmet that is ultra-lightweight and features great ventilation. The women’s specific design features a plush fleece lining and this model is also available with Salomon’s Custom Air feature, giving you a custom fit for all head shapes.


Branded as the ‘original’ helmet manufacturing technique, Hardshell helmets present you with great value for money. The method of gluing or bolting the inner EPS or foam lining to an outer hardshell offers brilliant durability and helps the helmet hold up to multiple little bumps and bangs. The slight drawback with these designs is the limited ventilation that can be offered, but that is more than made up for with the hard wearing and robust nature of the helmet.


Hardshell helmets are the best option for those just starting out their snow career! Being more durable than In-Mold helmets, they can withstand a few minor bumps and bangs thanks to the hardened outer shell. The inner liner being glued or bolted to the outer hardshell gives great impact protection and also helps to keep the cost down. Once again EPS is often the material of choice for the inner lining.

What Hardshell helmets are popular?

Sticking to a budget but keeping it stylish. Here’s some popular choices from this season’s range of Hardshell helmets.

Smith Holt – An ever-popular model in Smith’s helmet range. The Holt features Bombshell Construction which features an ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) outer lining and plenty of ventilation.



Giro Ratio MIPS – A Hardshell helmet from the protection experts. Giro have released the Ratio MIPS this year for a stylish and affordable MIPS helmet that stands up to whatever you can throw at it.

This takes us nicely onto MIPS. What is it and why do you keep seeing that big yellow badge everywhere!?

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and is a revolutionary approach into head protection. Offering protection against oblique impacts and transferring impact energy across the membrane.

“The MIPS technology is developed in Sweden since 1996 and scientifically proven to reduce rotational motion by absorbing and redirecting rotational energies and forces transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head.” – MIPS

It is becoming more and more popular for helmets to come with MIPS and it is now a staple in the industry. MIPS helmets tend to come in more expensive but the extra £20/£30 is certainly worth the investment!

Sweet Grimnir Team Edition – If you’re looking for the ultimate in winter sports protection, then look no further than the Grimnir! Including MIPS as standard and a Carbon Fibre reinforced polymer shell, the Grimnir is pound for pound one of the strongest lids on the market. It is the most advanced freeride helmet on the market and the one to go for if you’re after the tip top in the helmet game.

There’s your outline into helmet construction. Now we move onto what gadgets and gizmos you should look out for on your helmet.


Keep the sun out? Keep the snow out? Maybe, but everyone loves a peaked helmet because of the styling! Peaked helmets often help with goggle integration too!


Goggle Clips

Often removable and they can come in a variety of styles. Goggle clips help keep your goggles snug on your helmet in the event of a fall. These days, it is popular to remove the clips to wear your goggles under the helmet so most top end helmets have this availability to chop and change the style!


Size Adjustment

Often the big selling point of a helmet. The ability to adjust the size of the lid is crucial. Usually found on the lower end helmets are elastic strap fitting systems which fit nice and tight to your head.

Looking up towards the higher end models, they often feature fully adjustable sizing, with dial adjustments. BOA fit systems are the most recognisable and is featured on the premium level helmets. Look out for BOA 360 fit system for the ultimate in helmet security!


Helmet ventilation comes in all shapes and sizes. From passive to active, get in the know about what your helmet offers.

Passive Ventilation

Passive ventilation is when the helmet has pre-determined channels in the lid to direct airflow and keep the helmet and your head nice and cool. There is no way to close these channels and this is often found on the lower-end helmets. It is a great option to keep constant air-flow through the helmet and keeping you cool.

Active Ventilation

Active ventilation is found on the more premium helmets. Allowing you to adjust the ventilation channels in order to gain a more personalised feel. Active Ventilation channels are usually opened via a slider on the top of the helmet, allowing you to change it with your gloves on. Giving you versatility to open the venting when you’re hiking up to the top of a glacier to keep you nice and cool to shutting up shop when the clouds roll in and you want to keep nice and toasty, active ventilation is the go-to choice.

Audio Compatibility

Being able to listen to your favourite tunes when hitting the slopes is a big plus and these days brands incorporate this into the design of their helmets. Featuring pockets in the helmet ear-pads to drop your audio into!

Outdoor Tech are the big hitters in this area. They have introduced a wireless setup that costs less than most helmets and can be controlled at the click of a button. Simply drop the headphones into your lid, crack some beats on and off you go!

Check out our range of Outdoor Tech headphones to make your days shredding out on the slopes!

Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Wireless Audio – £99.99

If you want to find out more about Ski Helmets and what tech is what, check out our YouTube and Social Media pages!


Adidas Goggles – What’s New This Season?

It’s a new season and the big brands are bringing out some awesome new tech for us to get our teeth into!

This week, we check out adidas and what they’ve brought to the table this season.

The big release this season from adidas is the Progressor Splite, a brand new goggle that tips the scales at less than 80 grams!

“There’s lightweight and then there’s the new Progressor Splite – a stand alone model in the Progressor line – tipping the scales at less than 80 grams. Consequently, these are some of the most comfortable goggles to ever touch your face and the first choice on your quest for higher speed up and down the mountain.” 


The party piece of the Progressor Splite is the ultimate packability and seriously lightweight design.

Weighing in at less than 80 grams (less than a flapjack!), the Progressor Splite is one of the lightest goggles on the market. This is thanks to its revolutionary rib-ventilation system, a foam inner layer with plenty of ventilation channels that is a hugely flexible and lightweight material.

Featuring a dual-layer lens with a range of lens tints, including adidas’ LST Technology, there is a lens for all conditions. Keep an eye out for the LST Bright Blue Mirror lens, a brand new into the line-up this season; perfect for days when the lights go out!

Other tech on the Progressor Splite:

  • Siliconised Strap
  • Includes a Microfibre bag for storage and protection
  • Climacool® Ventilation system
  • 6-Base Spherical Lens for great distortion free views
  • Available with a range of LST or Mirrored lenses

Thanks to the rib-ventilation and flexible lens material, the Progressor Splite can be folded up to fit into your pocket for the longer and more variable days out on the slopes. With its target market being Ski-Tourers, Cross-Country Skiers, Split Boarders, Snow-Shoers and even conventional skiers or boarders who fancy a lightweight goggle to put on when the weather changes! The Progressor Splite is a perfect, non-bulky addition that can save the day for you sunglass wearers!

The Progressor Splite has been picking up awards since it was released into the public eye, earlier this year it picked up the ISPO Award in the Ski Segment thanks to its ground-breaking design!

What else is new with adidas?

We spoke briefly about the LST Bright Blue Mirror lens, but this is the other big release of the season.

Previous seasons have seen adidas’ goggles being stylish and at the forefront of innovation with their Lenspod changing system, but there hasn’t been much of a facility for low-light lens conditions. Adidas have rectified that this season with one of the smartest and highest performing lenses around!

The amber base tint helps to tune up contrast and boost the detail when the lights go out whilst the Blue/Red mirror helps to dampen reflective glare if you happen to get caught out when the sun peeks through!


Making a comeback this season are the Progressors. Welcoming the Splite into the family; the Progressor S, Progressor C and Progressor Pro Pack are great goggles for the fashion conscious and performance nerds!

The Progressor Pro Pack once again is the flagship model in the adidas range; featuring 2 sets of lenses and a handy protective case, it has all the tech you need in a high-end goggle for an incredibly reasonable price!

Sitting pretty at £139.99, the Progressor Pro Pack is the daddy of adidas’ Lenspod System. Giving you the ability to change your lenses in seconds and not only for bright and low light conditions, but the Pro Pack now lets you change between Cylindrical and Spherical lenses, perfect for those who like throwing a bit of style and functionality down on the slopes!

The Pro Pack features a Spherical lens on the model with a replacement Performance Cylindrical lens, for adaptability and a change in style when you fancy a different look.

Following suit in the Progressor family are the Progressor S and Progressor C models.

Progressor S

The Progressor S features a Spherical lens as standard which is the ultimate in optical clarity, contouring with the shape of the eye, the Spherical lens offers less distortion and keeps your vision sharp and clear.

Also including the quick-change Lenspod system, replacement lenses can be sourced to upgrade your Progressor S! With a range of lenses to choose from, including the LST Active Silver lens and prices starting at £99.99, the Progressor S is a high-performance goggle for a fraction of the price of its rivals.

Fancy some 2018 styling? Check out the Mystery Blue colourway!


Progressor C

The Progressor C is the stylish counterpart of the Progressor S. With Cylindrical lenses coming back into fashion as a throwback to original goggle styling, the minimalist frame and bold Cylindrical lens on the Progressor C is one of the best looking goggles on the shelves this season.

Cylindrical lenses are flat, making them optically true and by that nature, they can sit closer to the face, giving you great peripheral vision in all conditions. The style of the Cylindrical lens is the big selling point with this model, and it is certainly a looker!

Fancy changing the look of the Progressor C? It also features the Lenspod system so you can chop and change the lens to get a stylish and high performing goggle.


Adidas offer the Progressor S, Progressor C and Progressor Pro Pack in prescription thanks to their own insert! The insert clips into the frame so you glasses wearers can have even more flexibility on the slopes!

Last but not least, the adidas Backland comes back to RxSport for another season! Coming in at £69.99 for the Backland with LST lenses, it is a bargain!

With an oversized Cylindrical Dual-Lens; the Backland is an ultra-stylish goggle and is really in keeping with the times. The 2018 season stock has seen an increase in popularity of cylindrical frames so the Backland is sure to be a big hitter this winter!

With tech way above its price point, the Backland features silicone beading on the strap, adidas’ Climacool ventilation, lightweight SPX frame and a Microfibre bag for storage and cleaning.


Share your adidas adventures with us on our social media platforms and check out our new YouTube channel for videos reviewing goggles, helmets and tech!

RxSport’s Ski Goggle Guide

Once again, RxSport are on hand to guide you through what you need to know about ski goggles this season!

Know your Spherical from your Cylindrical, Outriggers from your Oversized and feast your eyes on some of the new goggles hitting the shelves this season!

Ski goggles, what to look out for.

First, we are going to talk lenses. Lenses are the most important part of a ski goggle (obviously) and even this comes down to style as well as functionality.

Cylindrical vs Spherical

Get ready for some jargon, this is where it gets confusing! Now there are two different types of lenses that you’ll find in goggles. Cylindrical and Spherical lenses both have their pros and cons so let us show you the ropes!

Spherical Lenses

Technically and rationally, the best option if you can stretch to it. Max views, reduce glare and distortion, whilst spherical lenses help to cut out fog too. The easiest way to explain spherical lenses is that they are the same shape as the eye, any lens that contours in this shape offers greater and more correct optical clarity. Because of this, Spherical lenses tend to be found on the top of the range models and tend to cost a few £ more than their Cylindrical counterparts.

The science (sort of)! – If you’re confused about what’s what, a Spherical lens looks more ‘bubbly’ than a Cylindrical lens. It curves on more than one axis so the shape of the lens, if you followed it round, would eventually make a sphere or a ball. As you can see from the above image, the lens curves from top to bottom and from left to right.

What can I get with a Spherical lens?

Top of the range products tend to have Spherical lenses due to their superior optical clarity and stylish looks so here’s a collection of goggles that have this feature.

Oakley Flight Deck – One of the most popular goggles on the market, complete with an oversized Spherical lens for ultimate vision out on the slopes.

Smith I/OX – One of the most stylish and technically advanced goggles around! The Spherical lens is part of a top of the range package that includes a replacement lens and a quick release lens system.

Dragon X2 – Dragon have pulled out the stops with their rimless and oversized X2 with a quick release Spherical lens.

Cylindrical Lenses

The original shape, but after spherical lenses came out, cylindrical goggles were considered to be the poor relation for many years, however fashions do change and cylindrical shapes are the hottest look right now. Cylindrical lenses have come back into style in a big way and are often seen being worn by the pro’s. So much so that the big hitters in the snow goggle world (Oakley, Smith, Anon & Atomic) have bombarded the market with brand new cylindrical goggles and they look awesome.

Cylindrical lenses are flat and only curve on one axis. If you followed the shape of a cylindrical lens it would make a tube shape so only curves side to side. Cylindrical lenses often sit closer to the face and provide really good peripheral vision as they can curve round the side of your face further. The image above shows the curvature of the lens really well!

What can I get with a Spherical lens?

As previously mentioned, Cylindrical goggles are making a huge comeback and they are now seen as some of the most stylish around. Here’s a collection of new Cylindrical goggles that are likely to hit it big this season.

Smith Squad XL – Smith’s newest and largest goggle and it’s a cracker! Oversized is the way to go this season so this goggle looks great and performs better than ever.

Atomic Revent L – Brand new to RxSport this season, the Revent L features Atomic’s Stereo HD lenses for unparalleled clarity and performance in a stylish yet refined style.

Giro Axis – Another brand new model for this season and another looker! A really stylish goggle with optics by Zeiss for perfect clarity when you’re out shredding.

Next up on the agenda is the style of the frame. Now this is an easy one! Framed vs Frameless!

Now this doesn’t necessarily need explaining but I will anyway! Framed goggles have a frame and frameless goggles don’t..!

Framed goggles throw it back to original styles and are really big here in 2017, they look stylish and clean and give you a bit more protection if your goggles get a bit of a bashing throughout the season!

Bolle Nova 2 – A great goggle that offers premium performance and a lower price. The larger frame throws it back to original goggle styling and helps it hold it’s own when being packed and thrown around!

Frameless goggles are amongst the most stylish found today. Personal preference of course, but the frameless goggles are very smart and offer you slightly better vision due to no interference from the frame. It’s like looking through a window!  

Anon MIG – Ultimate frameless look for great peripheral vision. Featuring Anon’s MFI technology and brand new Zeiss Sonar lenses.

To confuse you even more, 2017 has seen a greater range of semi-rimless goggles hit the shelves, they look awesome!

POC Orb Clarity – A brand new goggle this year and one of the nicest looking goggles to land this season. At £209.99 it isn’t cheap but well worth treating yourself!

That’s framed and frameless goggles done! Now let’s get into some of the more technical features found on goggles.

Face foam

This can often be the difference between a comfortable day on the slopes and an itchy face! Triple-Layer face foam is the gadget to look out for, offering a variety of layers to help improve ventilation, stay comfortable on your face and often come with a moisture-wicking layer to help stay fog-free.

Silicone-Backed strap

Now found on pretty much every goggle in the range, silicone beading on the inside of the strap helps keep your goggle secure on your helmet through even the roughest riding.

Keep an eye out for oversized straps, found on models like the Oakley Line Miner and Smith Squad XL which boast even more beading to keep them snug on your lid.


Outriggers are found on the outside of the goggle and are often where the strap attaches to. They serve a great function, by allowing the goggle to sit closer to your face when wearing goggles with a helmet. Having flexibility in that part of the frame keeps the goggle nice and snug on your face and doesn’t apply pressure when wearing goggles with a lid.

Lens Tech

Lenses are jam-packed full of tech these days, including Anti-Fog inner coatings to keep you fog free and clear out on the slopes. Dual Layer lenses form a thermal barrier between the lenses to trap warm air and keep the inner lens warm and dry, again this is a tech found on the high-end models. Mirrored lenses are a massive part of ski goggles and they not only look awesome but serve a serious function, by helping to deflect bright light and dazzling glare to keep you focused on the important things!

Goggle Ventilation

Saving the most important until last! You can forget your anti-fog coatings and all that jazz if your goggles aren’t well ventilated! Ventilation channels often line up perfectly with helmets in corresponding brands to help expel warm air from the goggles and keep them fog free. Foam venting found in the top and bottom of the goggles also helps clear air and keep them from fogging up. When getting some new goggles, keep an eye out for something with great ventilation across the top and bottom!

In terms of goggle tech, that’s pretty much all covered, nice and easy..!

Now we can move on to the fun stuff – Prescription!

Full prescription goggle lenses aren’t yet a thing but be sure RxSport will be first in the queue to get some when they become a reality!

For now, the best option is a prescription insert, which sits on the inside of the frame and allows you clear vision without the issue of wearing your everyday glasses.

Pictures can explain things a lot better than I can, so here’s the idea of a prescription insert!

They are cost effective, lightweight, and far better than wearing your own glasses or contact lenses. Concerns over fogging can be alleviated with anti-fog coatings. They also allow you to change the outer lens to match the conditions.

For those of you who need a bit of help reading; Varifocals are not recommended for ski goggles, but we do offer a ski goggle-specific bifocal lens. This is perfect for those who need a bit of help to read the piste map, but do not want to lose all the benefits of a ski goggle.

If you want to find out more about Ski Goggles and what tech is what, check out our YouTube video!

New season stock has now landed so make the most of our Early Bird offer (ends 20th October 2017) and grab some brand new goggles and look sharp out on the slopes!

RxSport Focus Week – Scott

Welcome to winter and RxSport’s new feature, brand focus weeks.

This week, we take a look at Scott, a stalwart in the winter sports industry and a firm favourite in the RxSport office.

Scott has a rich pedigree in action sports and dates back to 1958. Ed Scott revolutionised skiing by introducing an aluminium ski pole and since then has brought a number of innovative products to the table.

None more-so than their range of snow goggles and helmets. From the ever versatile and ground-breaking LCG Goggle to the cut-price Symbol 2 Plus MIPS helmet; one of the most advanced lids in its price range, Scott has gear to match even the most hardy adventurers.

So let’s start with goggles.

Scott’s flagship model has been the LCG for a couple of seasons now and for good reason. As worn by some of the world’s top winter spots athletes, such as Jeremie Heitz, the LCG is fine tuned to some of the harshest conditions found across the globe.

Party pieces a plenty but perhaps its greatest feature is the revolutionary lens change system.

Scott’s patent pending Lens Change System offers quick and effortless lens interchangeability. The mechanical slider on the side of the goggle raises the lens off the frame, meaning the lens can easily be changed without having to touch the surface of the lens or take off your gloves.

What’s new this season?

Now the bit you’ve all been waiting for. New gear always gets us excited here at RxSport and we can’t wait to get our hands on it! Not to mention you guys, with orders shipping across the globe as soon as new season products come into stock.

This season sees some new goggles enter the line up, including the Linx and the LCG Compact.

The LCG compact is the logical progression from the LCG. As the name states, the compact is a slightly smaller version of the ever-popular LCG but still utilises all of the tech that makes its bigger brother a market leader.


Also hitting the shelves is the brand new Scott Linx.

“The Scott Linx goggle features an excellent field of vision packed into a sleek, modern frame design. A spherical OptiView lens delivers the best in distortion free optics and Scott’s Fit System adjustment allows you to dial a custom fit to your face.” – Scott

Featuring a revolutionary Skeleton construction to stabilise the frame and minimise optical distortion, the Linx is a premium product that performs as well as the big hitters in Scott’s goggle range. Featuring photochromic (Light Sensitive) lens options, it certainly hits the spot for those in search of a solid and well performing goggle.


This takes us nicely onto helmets and what’s new in this season.

As previously mentioned, the Symbol 2 Plus MIPS leads the line this season. Being one of the cheapest MIPS helmets in its category, the Symbol 2 Plus is a great option for those looking for premium protection on the slopes.

Offering a lower profile design, MIPS protection and Scott’s 360 degree Pure Sound technology, the Symbol 2 Plus MIPS is a step forward in protection.

The 360 Pure Sound tech has been developed and trialled with Scott for a number of years and the result is better hearing on the slopes. Now we’ve all been there; shredding down our favourite run in the resort on a freshly bashed strip of snow only to come face to face with the Piste Basher, not noticing it’s sometimes muffled sirens. Pure Sound tech maximises your hearing in this lid to give you an edge in those dangerous situations.


Want some more juicy info? Check it out for yourself!


During our focus weeks, we will be teaming up with each brand to giveaway goodies or get hold of some awesome competition prizes! For our first focus week, Scott have sent us some beanies.

Purchase any Scott goggle or helmet and receive a FREE Scott beanie! Offer is while stocks last so get in there quick!


We love to see what you get up to in your gear! Got some Scott kit for this winter? Tag us in your social media pictures and use our hashtag! #RxSportAdventures





Tour of Britain Summary

The fabulous British weather has, this week, played host to some of the world’s best riders.

With things hotting up in anticipation of Sunday’s finish in Cardiff, let’s take a look back at what has happened this week.

Cycling enthusiasts have had their dream week, with La Vuelta and the Tour of Britain in full swing and being shown on TV, it’s been great!

Unfortunately, the course didn’t come past RxSport HQ but we’ve been keeping a keen eye on proceedings this week. With Cavendish making his comeback, Sky fielding a strong team and some of the big hitters in the cycling world making an appearance; it has proved to be a popular event!

Cycling fans and proud Brits alike have lined the streets from Newark to the sunny seaside towns of Eastern Scotland and they have been rewarded with some less than convincing weather and some world class cycling. Home favourites (sometimes) Team Sky have been consistently up in the top 5 of each stage but Cavendish hasn’t been his imperious self, which some have missed out on!

Today (8/9/17) sees the tour enter Cambridgeshire and the bustling town of Newmarket before heading 187km through Ipswich to Aldeburgh. A fair old trek!

So, who’s been hot on the bike this week?

Stage 1 

Stage 1 started in Edinburgh and took the riders 190kms to picturesque Kelso.

The first stage of this year’s tour was won by the young Aussie, Caleb Ewan. Home favourite Cavendish finished a lowly 109th after his accident on Le Tour that he is still on the mend from.

Ewan found himself in a group sprint for the line in Kelso and with a great lead out coming into the finish, he pipped Boasson-Hagen & Viviani to the line in a photo finish. It was a tough sprint on the cobbles of Kelso but Ewan held his nerve and held his balance to win the race and take the Green Jersey.

Stage 2

Stage 2 was the longest and perhaps one of the most beautiful stages on this year’s tour. Taking in the breath-taking sights of the Northumberland countryside and through Alnwick and Morpeth on a 211km hilly slog.

From its beginning in the Kielder Water & Forest Park to its climax in Blyth, this stage was full of drama. Most notably the sprint finish that was stage 1 runner up Boasson Hagen appearing to take the win. However, it was adjudged that the Norwegian rider had cut in front of Sky’s Viviani so he was relegated for deviating from his line in the sprint. This gave the win and subsequently; the Green jersey, to Viviani.

Stage 3

For the first time, Lincolnshire hosted an entire stage of the tour. Stage 3 saw the riders zig-zag their way around the North-East, along the banks of the Humber and into Scunthorpe.

Stage 3 finished in much the same way as stage 1. With Caleb Ewan taking back the Green Jersey after a group sprint and winning just ahead of his Norwegian rival, Boasson Hagen. Even a classic British September’s day couldn’t deter the hardy fans who braved torrential rain to watch some of the pre-race favourites lead from the front. Team Sky and Team Dimension Data lead the peloton for much of the race and put their sprinters in prime positions, positions that they, ultimately, couldn’t convert into a stage win.

Stage 4

It was the East Midland’s time to host the tour with Nottinghamshire countryside and Sherwood Forest being key points along the route.

Stage 4, yet again, finished with two riders in close contention. As per the Stage 1, they could only be separated by a photo-finish with Viviani just missing out on a second stage win. Viviani, who was chasing a 6 second gap in the GC standings, was just beaten by Quick-Step Floors rider Gaviria. The Peloton looked to have lost the breakaway group and after some controversial pavement riding from Lowsley-Williams & Lewis saw them disqualified and a few riders hit the deck after an unfortunate encounter with a parked car, they caught the breakaway group to set up yet another sprint finish. Viviani’s tight second place was enough to regain the Green Jersey back from Ewan.

Stage 5

Stage 5 saw the riders partake in the Time Trial. The seaside town of Clacton played host to 16kms of fish & chip fuelled riding.

Yet more twists and turns occurred during the Time Trial. With a field of some of the most accomplished Time Trialists around, LottoNL-Jumbo’s Lars Boom set a blistering time to finish in the lead and in control of the GC standings. With some of the top riders faltering with the Clacton headwinds, Boom registered a 19.02 time to take him into the lead with a handful of riders left to challenge. After Boasson Hagen finished 30 seconds down on the Dutchman, Boom sat atop the standings for the first time this year.

Stage 6

The 187km sixth stage blazes through the Suffolk countryside before coming to an end in Aldeburgh, a quaint seaside town on the Eastern side of the country.

With the unrelenting rain coming down, it was a day for the climbers, seeing James Shaw take maximum points on the King of the Mountains climb. A breakaway group took control of the race early on but the Peloton always seemed to have them in their sights, despite being over 3 minutes behind at some points. This was until Team Sky got to the front of the Peloton and just destroyed the gap down to the breakaway group and with 3km to go, they were caught and their challenge was over. The rain didn’t seem to deter Caleb Ewan who’s Orica Scott team came out of nowhere to give him clear ground to sprint into and Ewan held of Gaviria to take his third stage win.  Nobody could steal the GC lead from Lars Boom after his imperious win in the Time Trial as the Dutchman finished safely behind the sprinters.

Stages 7 & 8

Stage 7 and Stage 8 sees the tour venturing across to the west of the country. Stage 7 goes from Hemel Hempstead to Cheltenham through some of the most picturesque places in the country, including the Chilterns and the Cotswolds. After this gruelling stage, the final stage sees Wales play host to the riders; the first time the race has finished outside of London since 2012. With the stage beginning in Worcester and ending up in Cardiff where the Tour of Britain winner will be crowned. Can anyone take the Green Jersey from Boom? If the rest of this summer’s races are anything to go by, then who knows what could happen! We are certainly in for some exciting racing over the weekend!

Want to watch it live? ITV4 are showing the final stages in full this weekend! Missing that? The highlights are on in the evening at 8pm, so you won’t miss a moment!

Winter newness, what to look out for!

We hate to say it, especially this soon after the recent Game of Thrones season, but WINTER IS COMING!

The RxSport crew have been busy prepping new winter stock and getting it onto the site for our October overhaul.

Want to get your hands on the new stock as soon as it comes in? Intrigued as to what new and cool tech each brand has? Just fancy some window shopping? Then we have just the selection for you!

What better place to start than with Oakley!

Being the pinnacle in winter sports eyewear for donkey’s years; Oakley has yet again dropped some new releases for us to get our teeth into. Their brand new goggle, the Fall Line is classic Oakley. Finding the latest trends and boosting them has been something that has made the Flight Deck and Airbrake so popular and now the Fall line is sure to follow in it’s predecessors historic footsteps.


Oakley have stolen the show with the Fall Line. 2016 saw a shift in styling and fashion out on the slopes, with oversized cylindrical lenses being the go to look. Cashing in on this, the Fall Line ticks all the boxes for a huge hit this winter. The frameless style is taken from the ever popular and best selling Flight Deck whilst the lens is crafted to partner last year’s new hit, the Line Miner, also in Oakley’s cylindrical collection.

Oakley offer a plethora of colours year upon year and this season it is no different. Our favourite new style  is the Prizm Halo 2018 Collection. Not one for those who like minimalist but those seeking some striking looks and fancy themselves out on the slopes, this is the colourway to go for!


It isn’t only goggles that have got some fresh styling for this winter. Last year’s most anticipated release was the MOD3 & MOD5 helmets and this season they’ve been given some striking colours to match the goggles!












Next up, Smith! One of our biggest sellers year on year and for good reason! Smith goggles and helmets are laden with brand new and revolutionary tech every season so they are a firm favourite with pro’s and casual skiiers alike.


In terms of goggle newness, the Squad XL is the big hitter of the season. First seen during last year’s X-Games, a special edition model of the Squad XL was paired with the Code (a new helmet this season) for a pretty sweet looking bundle!

The Sunburst collection colours are new for smith this season too, a salmon/pink/light orange kind of colour, a strange one, but it looks awesome! 

The Squad XL builds on the success of cylindrical goggles over the last couple of seasons and lands with a semi-rimless look for brilliant peripheral vision and serious park hugging style.


Sure to be a firm favourite with pro’s this coming season, the Squad XL sports Smith’s latest addition to their line, a revamped collection of ChromaPop lenses!

ChromaPop rules the roost in Smith’s goggle and lens tech. ChromaPop lenses offer unmatched clarity to allow you to see more detail. With just one ChromaPop™ lens you experience enhanced definition across a greater range of conditions. Sounds familiar right..? 

Choose between a range of ChromaPop lenses this winter, including ChromaPop Sun Platium Mirror, ChromaPop Everyday Green Mirror and ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash, a ChromaPop lens for any occasion and condition.

Helmets are a staple of quality with Smith. Surely one day they will run out of new tech to cram into a helmet! This season sees the Quantum added to the line up. A premium helmet to offer your swede maximum protection out on the slopes.


With a revolutionary hybrid shell technology, paired with Aerocore featuring Koroyd and MIPS, the Quantum is helmet royalty. Now that may seem like we are talking klingon there but MIPS & Koroyd are great things to have on your lid, protecting you from various bumps and falls!

Sometimes we have time to discuss what we like here at HQ and most of those debates you’ll often hear us snowboarders throw Anon in there as a brand of choice, so let’s see what they bring to the 2017/18 table!

Now, top of the range goggles are pretty much set from Anon over the last couple of years. When your flagship models are the M2 & M3, you don’t need anything else!


Anon’s Magna-Tech lenses & MFI Technology has been a game-changer in the snowsports world! Being able to change lenses in a matter of seconds, even when wearing gloves is a USP to beat all USP’s, hence why I wear them..! 

Magna-Tech lenses clip in and out of the frame with ease, allowing you to change between lenses quicker than you can say ‘bet you can’t land a 360 over that t-bar lift’! Ok, so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but i’m certainly going to test that next time out in the mountains!

The lenses on the M2 have 16 rare earth magnets that keep the lens in place and allow the changing of it to be a breeze!

Anon have got in on the contrast-enhancing and detail boosting lens tech this year. Using Zeiss optics to create their premium lenses, Anon have released ‘Sonar’. Anon Sonar snow lenses enhance contrast and provide the best possible terrain definition in the snow, whatever the condition. Given their are created by Zeiss, a safe bet would be that they will be very good! 

More cool tech from Anon is the MFI (Magnetic Facemask Integration) Technology. A ‘snood’ if you will that attaches to the bottom of the frame via more magnets. Fogging up is a thing of that past, usually to keep your nose warm, you would have to tuck it into the bottom of your goggles, not with Anon! Being able to clip the facemask onto the bottom of the frame allows you to breathe normally and not worry about warm damp air going into your goggles!



We are expecting a big delivery of winter stock towards the end of October, so get researching and make yourself a winter wish list!

Want to get in there early? Take advantage of our Notify Me request feature and we will alert you as soon as the products hit our shelves!

Don’t worry, there’s plenty more to come! This is just a taster of what you can expect, keep your eyes peeled throughout September and October for more!

Your Sporting Weekend

Sport is always a big part of everyone’s weekend and this weekend it’s no different! With a variety of sporting events taking place across the globe, RxSport cuts to the chase about whats on!

The Premier League starts tonight, the IAAF World Athletics Championships continues in London, the USPGA Championship is taking place across the pond and the ATP Rogers Cup is in full swing; with Roger Federer looking back to his imperious best!

RxSport are here to guide you what you can see this weekend and, as always, what sunglasses might be on show!

What better place to start than the beginning of the Premier League!

Less than 12 weeks after the final weekend of the season, the best footballers in the country are back plying their trade on sunny Saturdays across the country.

For the first time in Premier League history, the season begins with a Friday night fixture. One time overachievers and everyone’s favourite underdog; Leicester City travel to London to tackle Wenger’s Arsenal.

With the beginning of the season comes football pitches across the land bathed in August sunshine and plenty of fans sporting their fresh new sunglasses that the beginning of summer has given them.

The beginning of the season has put a smile back on plenty of faces and the football shaped void in people’s summers is about to be filled! Unless, like myself, you’re a Yeovil fan in which case being in the headlines at the start of the season for all the wrong reasons wasn’t ideal..!

So, what sunnies might you in the crowd when the camera pans around to sun drenched footie fans?

Oakley Frogskins

As consistent as an in form Stoke side on a wet and windy Tuesday night, Frogskins are a classic. Throwing style back to the 80s with very little to argue about!

2017 saw Oakley refresh their iconic frames with Prizm lenses, perfect for late evening sun in the capital!

Bolle Recoil

Great quality at a budget price. You’d be almost forgiven likening the Recoil to Manchester City’s purchase of Vincent Kompany! The Recoil offers everything you would need for a good casual pair of sunglasses, quality frames, quality lenses and a great choice of frame colours; one to match even the most garish of replica kits!

2017 World Athletics Championship

The British public haven’t had too much to cheer about with the World Athletics Championships this last week or so… King Mo won us our only medal to date and the legend that is; Usain Bolt, couldn’t continue his sprinting dominance, being beaten into Bronze by two Americans.

Can GB get some more medals on home soil? Will Mo use his Quorn power to run to Gold in the 5000m? Lets hope so!

Athletics is often a sport that is overlooked by the British public; that is until the BBC airs competitions on the world stage, then we all turn to pro athletes!

Even on a wet and windy day in East London, athletes still turn up with their trusty sunglasses!

Here’s a selection of what we’ve seen on the track this week…

adidas Evil Eye Halfrim Pro

Something of a legend in the sports eyewear world! The Evil Eye Halfrim Pro is often associated with the world of cycling, not necessarily athletics! However it is the go to sunglass for a few athletes that we saw in London this week!

Ireland’s Brian Greegan showed off his patriotic green Evil Eye Halfrim Pro’s in London! 

Nike Vaporwing 

Worn by King Mo himself, the Vaporwing is the ultimate in running eyewear. The aerodynamic frame is partnered with cutting edge Zeiss optics for extraordinary optical clarity.

2 years of research and development went into perfecting these glasses and now they are available to those on the world stage and those of us in awe of the talent of professional athletes!

2017 USPGA Championship

Golf is one of our favourite sports for sunnies spotting! With golfers having some of the most lucrative sponsorships in the world of sport, it’s no coincidence the big players in eyewear budge their way in!

This week the USPGA Championship got underway at Quail Hollow in North Carolina with Jordan Spieth looking for his career grand slam! Brits Rory McIlroy, Tommy Fleetwood and Paul Casey have started well so British success could be on the cards!

Pre-tournament favourite McIlroy is looking for a first championship win of the season after faltering in previous majors. Can he claw back to win this weekend?

We’ve written blogs before all about what sunglasses you are likely to see during a golf major, check that out here – U.S Open 2017, Who wore what?

Oakley Radarlock Path

An old favourite and potentially one of Oakley’s greatest ever frames. The Radarlock keeps it stake in the world of professional sport and is often seen being worn by Hideki Matsuyama, recently ranked #2 in the world after his impressive showing at the US Open.

The versatility offered by the Switchlock technology combined with Prizm lenses and an ultra lightweight frame makes them the go to choice for professionals. It can’t be doing Hideki too much harm either as this season has seen him win three tour titles.

Oakley Flak Draft

Bubba Watson has provided Oakley a platform on which to spread the word about these new frames. He can often be seen posing for new photoshoots with the Flak Draft in tow.

The Flak Draft use trigger release lenses which lock the lenses in place during exercise. Drawing on the success of previous Flak models, the Draft is once again the pinnacle in sports eyewear; at least for another season until Oakley bring out a new model..!

ATP Rogers Cup Tennis

We love Roger Federer here at RxSport, a true gent and a giant of his game. Being one of the most successful sportsmen ever to have graced the playing field, Roger is once again back to winning titles thanks to his Wimbledon triumph.

This week; the Rogers Cup in Montreal is hosting a prestigious tennis event. With Rafa Nadal out and Djokovic injured, a brave man would bet against Roger to win yet another title!

Tennis and sunglasses often go hand in hand but it isn’t the saturated market that you would expect! Bolle have elbowed their way in by introducing a tennis specific lens – Competivision. A lens designed to enhance the yellow ball against a variety of backgrounds.

Bolle Bolt

A truly versatile model, thanks to it’s lightweight frame and extended lens coverage. The Bolle Bolt provides a perfect frame for tennis thanks to lightweight and impact resistant B-Clear lenses available in Competivision.

adidas Kumacross Halfrim

The adidas Kumacross Halfrim offers great views and optical protection in a lightweight and flexible package. Being able to withstand an active lifestyle is crucial for a pair of tennis sunglasses and the Kumacross Halfrim does just that.

Combine the Kumacross Halfrim with adidas’ award winning Vario lens for a pair of sunglasses that can be worn in any condition. From inside and under lights to bright sunny days out on grass courts, the Kumacross Halfrim covers the ground like an in-form Andy Murray!

That’s it from us for this week, I’m sure there is plenty of sport and sunglasses to get your teeth into there! 

Remember, we’re on social media for all your pictures of weekend adventures!