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Dragon Sunglasses

Illuminate Your Life

It’s a new decade so a new era for RxSport & Dragon. This season we are stocking a brand-new range of Dragon sunglasses that are packed full of tech and look as smart as they perform. This new range features models such as the ultra-stylish Baile which has been designed in conjunction with World Champion surfer, Mick Fanning, a pretty good combination if you ask us!

Plant Based Resin

It isn’t just new styles where Dragon have excelled this year. With a greater impetus on renewable materials and saving the planet; Dragon have developed their very own Plant Based Resin.

“Plant-based resin is a natural bio-based plastic, a smarter and much cleaner alternative to standard petroleum-based plastics. The material we use comes from castor bean oil, a highly resilient and renewable plant resource. It creates plastics that are strong, light, and durable while reducing our carbon footprint and ultimately, our impact on the planet. “

Dragon XP Collection

Featuring 3 all new collections specifically developed to help you in some of the toughest environments found on earth.

Hydra Collection

The Hydra Collection is built to adapt. Created using a lightweight low-density thermoplastic frame and featuring a detachable floating leash as standard on all XP Hydra models, this range of sunglasses float! Don’t think that because they are built using a lightweight material that they aren’t hard wearing! The Hydra collection includes performance polarised lenses to cut through glare while on the water and a unique recessed lens design that helps to prevent lens scratching from salt water.

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Terra Collection

Adapt to your environment with the Terra collection. All XP Terra frames come as standard with replacement lenses for low and medium light conditions. Don’t get caught out, the Terra frames have a quick-change lens system so you can replace lenses on the fly. Also featured on this range is an ergonomic fit system that includes adjustable and ventilated nosepieces as well as full adjustable wire-core temples.

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Glacia Collection

One of the harshest environments on the planet requires a superior product. The XP Glacia collection includes detachable sun shields for extra peripheral protection against the brightest sunlight as well as interchangeable cable temples for an even more secure fit when the treks get tough. With ventilated nose-pads & temple tips for better security and grip, this collection is packed full of technology to support your adventurous side.

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Lumalens Technology

With Lumalens Technology standard across the board with this new range of Dragon Sunglasses, the great outdoors never looked so good. These high-quality lenses, paired with Dragon’s eye catching new styles offers a new approach to sports and lifestyle frames and we love it here at RxSport!

  • Precise Depth Perception – Lumalens technology filters out light that is attributed to haze & glare, improving your depth perception
  • Reduced Eye Fatigue – Improving visual definition across the full visible light spectrum helps your eyes adapt and sharpens your vision
  • Colour Optimisation – Incredible colour dimensions are added to your visual field, like seeing in HD
  • Clarity – Illuminate your life with Lumalens; it amplifies light that intensifies clarity and provides a smoother visual experience.

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