Urban Cycling

“The bicycle is the most civilized conveyance known to man. Other forms of transport grow daily more nightmarish. Only the bicycle remains pure in heart.”

Iris Murdoch, Author

Are you tired of paying the extortionate prices for fuel? Or are you through with waiting in traffic, when all you want to do is get home after a hard day at the office? If so, ask yourself, have you ever considered cycling to work?

Increasing numbers of us are opting for two wheels rather than four for the daily commute, even more so with companies adopting Cycle to Work schemes. Even the government are encouraging commuters in the capital to switch to cycling in the build up to the Olympic games next year. This does, however, replace petrol prices and road rage with a whole new set of bumps in the road to tackle.

We believe that our brand new range of cycle helmets and Transition lens sunglasses will offer a little help this Autumn, if you are considering joining the growing ranks of cycle commuters. Brands such as Oakley, Rudy Project, Adidas, Nike and Giro offer a wide variety of products to keep up with you and your lifestyle.

Check out www.rxsport.co.uk to view our collection of cycle sunglasses, cycle helmets and many other products that will complement your active, healthy lifestyle.

Transitions: The Perfect Solution for Cycling Commuters

At this time of year, cycling to work can be a visual minefield. Cycle commuters can expect to face changing light conditions, a combination of intermittent cloud cover and the shortening hours of daylight, which seem to be most prevalent at those times when we are on the move. As we head towards Autumn, the sun sits lower in the sky during commuting hours and glare can become a greater issue. Without a windscreen to protect us we can expect to face the wind and all the things that come with it, predominantly bugs and grit, as well as exposure to UV.

By wearing a pair of wraparound glasses you can make the journey to work much more comfortable and it can certainly solve most of these problems. The high wrap on sports sunglasses will shield your eyes from the elements, foreign bodies and both UVA and UVB rays. Flexibility is the key, because we simply can’t predict the conditions from day to day or from morning to night. One option is to make sure that you choose sunglasses that utilise interchangeable lenses such as the Oakley Jawbone and Oakley Fast Jacket XL, or almost any from the Adidas and Rudy Project ranges.

These brands offer a wide range of spare lenses to suit almost any conditions, however changing between lenses is not ideal at the end of a day’s work, when all you want is to reach home as fast as possible. For this, the solution would be a single pair of lenses that can adapt, without you having to do a thing.

Almost all of the main sports eyewear brands will have a version of photochromic (light-adjusting/Transitions/Reactolite) lens tints, which adjust to the light – darkening in brighter conditions and lightening as the light fades. Transitions react to UV, in natural light only, which causes a chemical reaction within the lenses. Due to the lenses reacting to the intensity of the UV, the lenses will adjust to allow just the right amount of light through, to reduce eye fatigue that can result in headaches.

There are numerous variations of photochromic lenses, with the main difference being between those that start completely clear and go dark, and those that start off as a light tint and simply darken with the weather.

Non Prescription Photochromic Specialists

Adidas frames, such as the Adivista, feature the LST Vario lens. This is a rose based tint that varies between a lighter Cat. 2 shade and a darker Cat. 3. Therefore, it is ideal for dealing with intermittent cloud cover, due to its contrast enhancing properties. This lens is ideal for people who will always cycle during the day, and only use the glasses outdoors.

Rudy Project offer perhaps the widest range of photochromic lens options. The Impact X Photochromic Clear is particularly popular. This lens starts completely clear, which makes it ideal for those who start their commute in the dark in winter. Equally, photochromic lenses will help those commuters whose routes involve tunnels, underpasses or even just a stop at the local shop for an early morning energy boost (well that’s our excuse for eating chocolate at 8am!). The Impact X lenses can be found on numerous Rudy glasses, from the legendary Rydon to the brand new Swifty.

Oakley’s range of non-prescription photochromic lenses are growing all the time. Whilst not available on every model, they offer both clear to dark and light to dark options. For example, the Flak Jacket XLJ is available with a Clear Black Iridium photochromic lens; whilst the Jawbone is available with the VR50 Transitions lens, which is a rose based photochromic lens.

Prescription Possibilities

Both Adidas and Rudy Project can provide prescription capabilities through the use of clip-on optical adaptors, but when it comes to directly glazed prescription sunglasses, Oakley prescription sunglasses are hard to beat on quality, price and turn-around time.

An impressive range of lens tints to begin with, Oakley can boast 5 different Transition tints, including three Iridium (mirrored) based tints. A tint such as Gold Iridium Transitions would be a great choice for the commuter. The brown base tint enhances contrast, to help see all the bumps and edges on the road; whilst the Iridium coating will help to reduce the glare bouncing of wet road surfaces.

Whilst you can choose Transition tints in any Oakley frame (except Radar and M-Frame), the Oakley Fast Jacket is worth considering. Its semi-rimless design makes it lighter than its competitors, and you won’t lose the option of having a 2nd set of lenses later on (even in prescription format).

To order Oakley prescription sunglasses with Transitions, use the Custom Build option. This will allow you to choose your preferred frame and lens combination (free of charge). If you want to go one step further with changing icon or ear sock colours, please contact us to order. There is a £40 surcharge for this fully customised Oakley service.

Cycle Helmets

Would you get in a car without buckling up? Would you disregard the seatbelt icon on an aircraft? Would you ever dream of riding a motorcycle without a helmet? If you’ve said no to these, ask yourself; do you ride a bike without a helmet?

According to the Department for Transport’s (DfT) statistics, between 2007-2010, of 1,953 incidents resulting in injury on the road, 10% were cyclists.

There is much debate about the use of cycle helmets, with new studies being published each year. Cycle helmets may or may not reduce the likelihood of a fatality in an incident. Equally, it is likely that the majority of us will live our lives never suffering from a serious road traffic accident, whether on two wheels or four. Chances are, we won’t need it…but what if..? It’s the “what if” that really makes it worth while wearing either a seatbelt or a crash helmet. We never know what’s round the corner…

Nowhere is this more true than when commuting to work in urban areas. Whether it is kamikaze bus drivers, drivers wildly swinging their doors open, or simply the humble pot hole, dangers lurk at every street corner. With growing numbers of great looking helmets now available, there is no need to fear the jibes from kids at the bus stop as you sail past! Equally, the lightweight designs of modern day helmets (the Giro Prolight weighs just 172g!) mean that you don’t have to worry about lugging a dead weight around all day either.

RxSport Picks

For the ultimate in commuter cycle helmet safety, you can’t go wrong with the Bell Muni helmet, which even features integrated rear flashing lights.

Alternatively, the Giro Indicator is perfect for the daily ride around town and is available at a price of £31.49 for a limited time only!

Finally, if you’re fed up with the standard cycle helmet look, why not switch to one of the uber trendy Bern helmets? As seen on a whole host of Hollywood A listers, these will surely convince even the most ardent fashionista to put a lid on it. To top it off, the Bern Watts w/EPS Thin Shell foam is priced at an attractive £49.99.

All our cycle helmets pass CE EN 1078 certification so you can guarantee maximum protection and peace of mind when riding to the office.

We are currently offering 10% off all cycle helmets to celebrate the addition of helmets to our range of products, but this won’t last forever so hurry! NB. Prices on the website include this discount.

Contact us on 01780 783932 to discuss any of our cycle helmets or to place an order.

Featured Athlete – Jessica Ennis

Jessica Ennis wearing Adidas Evil Eye HalfRim SunglassesPhillips Idowu and Jessica Ennis led GB’s challenge at this month’s World Athletics Championships in South Korea. Before heading off, they met up with Adidas to be kitted out with some of the latest sunglasses styles. Philips opted for some Adidas Retegos, whilst Jessica chose this year’s hottest release, the Adidas Evil Eye Half Rim.

Whilst missing out on retaining her gold medal, Jessica still did us proud by winning silver in the heptathlon.

Both the Retego and Evil Eye Half Rim sunglasses can be made to prescription, so check out our range of prescription Adidas sunglasses!

New to RxSport – Giro & Bell Cycle Helmets!

**In 2018 we launched a new range of cycling helmets on RxSport.co.uk, check these out here**.

An absolutely essential piece of kit for any cyclist, cycle helmets can help to save you from serious head injuries if you have an accident whilst cycling. We feature bike helmets by cycle giants: Giro and Bell. Rudy Project cycle helmets are also coming soon, so what this space!

Cycle helmets have come a long way from the awful lids your mum used to nag you to wear, and are now an integral part of every bike rider’s look. Whilst putting together our range of cycle helmets, we have focussed on:

  • Adjustable helmet fit systems
  • Bike helmets that pass CE EN 1078 certification
  • Vented bike helmet designs to keep you cool
  • Lightweight cycling helmets

Free UK P&P on all cycle helmets!

As an introductory offer, RxSport have taken 10% off all Giro, Bell and Bern helmets!

RxSport Top Picks for Cycle Helmets

Giro Prolight Cycle Helmet – £134.99

In 1985, the original Giro Prolight cycle helmet set the standard for modern lightweight cycling helmets. Now, 26 years later, the new Prolight redefines a new generation of ultra lightweight helmets. After an exhaustive, ground-up design and engineering process, we’re confident that the new Prolight is the lightest game in town. And it’s remarkably well ventilated and comfortable too—a labyrinth of optimised internal channels allows the helmet to exhale hot, stale air. And by utilising Italian made, featherweight webbing along with Giro’s new, minimal Roc Loc SL fit system, you’ll have to remind yourself that you’ve got a helmet on at all. The Prolight is a superb reminder that simplicity doesn’t have to sacrifice performance.

Suggested Use: Road Race

Giro Indicator Cycle Helmet – £31.91

The Giro Indicator cycle helmet is an unbelievable combination of performance, value for money and style. Check out all the features you get for just £34.99!

  • Acu-Dial fit system provides one-handed micro adjustment whilst on the move and ensures a perfect custom fit for every rider.
  • Advanced strap management keeps everything in place to allow further fine tuning for a safe and secure fit.
  • In mould hardbody adds strength and protection for no extra weight penalty.
  • 20 vents allow cold air in and hot air out to provide cooling and increase rider comfort.
  • Additional rear exhaust vents pull air through the helmet even when riding uphill and at slower speeds.
  • Snap fit visor helps keep the sun and rain away from your face.
  • Universal shell size fits 54-61cm head sizes.
  • Meets CE EN1078 certification

Bell Faction Cycle Helmet – From £22.49

The versatile Bell Faction cycle helmet sets the standard in skate-inspired helmet with superior style, fit and comfort. Old school style and dual certification, makes the Faction helmet perfect for bicycle or skate use, while the dual-density EPS foam makes for a low-profile fit. Designer graphics from the likes of Paul Frank and Jimbo Phillips take it over the top.

Suggested use: BMX Stree/Dirt, Cruiser, MTB Trail Ride, Skate, Urban/Commute

  • 12 vents for good cooling as you try to nail that move
  • Duel -density foam liner with thicker foam at the front for greater impact resistancewhere it is needed the most
  • High Impact ABS shell for maximum protection and excellent resistance to knocks and scrapes
  • Plush internal padding and adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit
  • Weight: 426 grams
  • Certified to both the CE EN1078 and ASTM 1492 Skate standards

RxSport is Recruiting!!

**This position is now closed. For all recruitment enquiries please contact us via email**

Sports vision specialists looking for a sport minded individual with an optical background to join a successful, fast growing online company.

Sales & Office Assistant

Why work for us?…

RxSport is raising the bar in sports eyewear, by providing non-prescription and prescription sunglasses and ski goggles to enhance sporting performance. Working with high quality, innovative brands such as Oakley, Adidas, Rudy Project, Nike, Burton and Giro has given us the edge on our competitors and we have become the leaders in this specialist field.

With the fast growing nature of the business, comes the potential for career development in managerial roles and advancement in other areas of business such as marketing & PR, web-development and SEO.

The Role…

We are looking for a pro-active, self motivated and enthusiastic individual to match the ambition of this young, dynamic company and someone keen to put their stamp on this valuable role. A keen interest in sport and someone with an optical background would be an added benefit to the role, but not essential. RxSport pride themselves on offering excellent customer service and advice, so an individual with a confident, outgoing persona is essential in dealing with telephone & sales enquiries.

In short, a Sales & Office Assistant’s main responsibility is to keep the office running on a day to day basis and using their skill set and experience to increase sales output. Being a young, small family business, RxSport requires an all rounder who can be flexible moving from one task to the next efficiently. There will never be a dull moment!


  • Dealing with customer telephone and email enquiries which include product, sporting and optical advice
  • Bringing in new sales by offering advice and support over telephone and email
  • Website maintenance/updating (uploading product images and descriptions)
  • Placing orders with suppliers, building supplier relationships and developing product ranges.
  • Checking, packing and despatching orders
  • Accurately maintaining stock inventory

Skills & Experience…

  • Customer focused
  • Optical experience beneficial
  • Keen interest in sport
  • Strong PC skills including Excel and Photoshop
  • Capability to learn quickly
  • Pro-active
  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Flexible
  • Trustworthy


£12,000 – £14,000

What next?…

If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV and covering letter; including a little about yourself to claudia@rxsport.co.uk. If we like to sound of you, we will call and ask for you to come in to an informal interview.

Oakley Fast Jacket™ Sunglasses

Quick Glance…

Oakley Fast Jacket Frame:

  • Switchlock™ interchangeable lens technology allows for fast, secure interchangeable lenses Hi-Strength Metal Injection Molded (MIM) Stainless Steel Switchlock™ mechanism
  • Durability and all-day comfort of lightweight, stress-resistant O Matter® frame material
  • Unobtainium® earsocks and nosebombs increase grip with perspiration
  • Comfort and Performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Metal Icon Accents

Oakley Fast Jacket Lens:

  • Distortion free lenses via Oakley’s cushioned lens suspension system
  • Additional set of Oakley HDO lenses for low light conditions (in most configurations)
  • Optimized peripheral vision and side protection of 8.75 base lens curvature
  • Optical precision and performance that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards
  • Impact protection that meets ANSI Z87.1 standards for High Velocity and High Mass impact resistance
  • Maximum clarity at all angles of vision with patented XYZ Optics®
  • UV protection of Plutonite® lens material that filters out 100% of UVA/ UVB/ UVC & harmful blue light up to 400 nm
  • Glare reduction and tuned light transmission of Iridium® lens coating (optional)
  • Available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses (+2.00 to -3.00 combined power)

Oakley Fast Jacket Accessories:

  • Includes Oakley Nano-Clear Hydrophobic Mini-Pen
  • Protective Oakley Soft Vault included
  • 2 sets of Oakley HDO lenses included (except photochromic)

More Detail…

Oakley took the idea of “adapt and conquer” to the extreme. Oakley Fast Jacket™ is a performance product with a unique interchangeable lens design that lets you match your optics to your environment. Switching out the lenses is fast and easy, thanks to Oakley’s Switchlock™ Technology. It’s an innovation that locks the lenses in place with a quick release system. With Switchlock, the lenses are securely suspended without any stresses that could alter the optics, so you’ll have premium clarity with true, accurate vision. Oakley have shaped stainless steel with metal injection molding to create a convenient button that releases each lens. That means minimal handling and no hassle. Just put in a new lens set and go.

Oakley Fast Jacket™ has open-edge lens architecture to give you an advantage when looking through the downward view, ideal for sports such as cycling, golf, running and triathlons. We made the frame out of comfortably lightweight O Matter®, a durable material that withstands the punishment of pro sports. Each frame comes with two sizes of interchangeable nosepads to help you get a precise fit. Like the earstem sleeves, they are made of Oakley Unobtainium® that increases grip when you perspire. A Three-Point Fit keeps the optics precisely aligned while maximizing comfort by eliminating the pressure points that come with ordinary frames that hook your ears.

Oakley Fast Jacket™ sunglasses come with two sets of interchangeable lenses, formulated so one set for bright sun and engineered the other for lower light, so you’ll be ready for a wide range of environments. It all stows conveniently in the included case.

Need Oakley Prescription Lenses? No worries there. RxSport offers Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses that work perfectly with the Switchlock™ system of Fast Jacket™, and you can choose from a wide array of lens options.

The New Oakley WIND JACKET Sunglasses!

The long-standing connection between Oakley Sunglasses and motorcycle enthusiasts is about to be revved up another notch.

Introducing the Oakley Wind Jacket, a special rendition of Oakley’s renowned Split Jacket™ sunglass built with snap-in gaskets for a protective seal and added a removable strap for a secure fit. Originally designed with motorcycle riders in mind, the removable gasket minimises air flow across your eyes at high speeds. Complete with SwitchLock™ Technology for quick and easy lens changing, this interchangeable lens design is essential gear for any life with high velocity.

Don’t forget RxSport offers Prescription Oakley Sunglasses that are specially made in Oakley’s high-tech super lab in Ireland.

Top 10 Picks for Winter 2011

RxSport have handpicked the 10 best ski goggles and ski helmets they have to offer for Winter 2011 to make your shopping experience as pain free as possible. As ever, all helmets meet European safety certifications.

Smith Variant Brim Ski Helmet

The award winning Smith Variant Brim showcases Smith’s helmet technology in its finest form. This full performance helmet built with Hybrid construction and equipped with a slim, sleek brim, has received the highest compliment that could be hoped for – competitor imitation. Technical performance with tons of style!

Just some of the Smith Variant Brim features…

Great helmets start with a great fit. Smith’s proven ergonomic head form combined with their Adjustable Helmet Fit System provides exceptional performance and control.

The AirEvac 2 design is the ultimate in goggle-helmet integration to prevent goggle fogging and climate controlled helmet. The science bit? Where the shell vents and internal EPS channels are connected the airflow evacuates warm, moist air from the goggles and out through the helmet vents. Smith Goggles are also available at RxSport.

Hybrid Shell Construction is the ultimate in helmet protection and comfort. It combines separate lightweight and durable shells to create an entirely new helmet category. By fusing Smith’s tough Bombshell technology ABS construction with flyweight In-Mould technology, the Hybrid shell optimises the favorable traits of each materials. The result…? Avoid the ‘mushroom head’ look with a modern design that provides a lightweight, low-profile and a perfect fitting helmet!

Other features include…

  • Adjustable ventilation for easy climate control using 22 different vents
  • Removable Snapfit Ear Pads
  • Skullcandy Bluetooth and Twin-Tip Phone/audio available
  • Weight: 530g

Smith Holt Helmet

From the skate park to the terrain park, the Smith Holt helmet has you covered with smooth style and a year-round, convertible pad kit.

Airflow ventilation utilises waterproof vent plugs for easy climate control in all conditions. Removing the vent plugs allows maximum airflow and heat exhaustion in warm temperatures. This alongside the AirEvac system, which actively pulls warm, moist air out of the goggles and out through the helmet vents, ensures a fog free, climate controlled ride!

You can be sure of the right kind of protection with the Smith Holt’s Bombshell Construction, which uses an injection moulded ABS shell to withstand high-impacts and offer unparalleled durability, dent and ding resistance. If you expect your helmet to be as tough as a truck, Bombshell delivers!

The Smith Holt helmet also features:

  • Convertible pad kit for year-round use
  • Removable goggle lock
  • 14 air vents
  • Bombshell ear pads

Sweet Trooper Half Cut

Sweet Trooper Ski & Snowboard HelmetAt £179.99 this is not the cheap option, but you certainly get what you pay for with Sweet. All the advanced technical features ensure, in our opinion, that the Sweet Trooper helmet is well worth the money. The Sweet Trooper helmet is made using state of the art technology, with the very best materials available. It comes fully loaded with carbon fibre top shell which means lightweight and the lowest profile helmet on the market. This helmet is a strong all mountain performer and the Sweet Team’s favourite. It’s the first choice of big mountain specialist Torgrim Vole and halfpipe expert Tore Holvik. Click here to view all the colours available in the Sweet Trooper ski helmet!

Other features we just have to mention…

  • Silicone goggle strap
  • Hugging Occigrip that hugs the nape of the neck
  • High-impact ABS occipital shell
  • EPP padding with coolmax liner
  • Removable earpads
  • Internal ventilation channels
  • Fit pads for a customised fit

Oakley Elevate Goggles

Oakley Elevate Ski & Snowboard GogglesNew for 2011 the Oakley Elevate goggles are all about comfort. These goggles have been specially designed with small to medium faces in mind and Oakley have tried their utmost to cram as many technical features as possible into this one goggle. This is probably why both male and female pros are calling the Oakley Elevate goggles their own.

Now, back to the comfort bit. The Oakley Elevate conforms to your face with a flexible O Matter chassis and strap outriggers that balance the pressure on your face and the pressure on the lens to avoid vision distortion. The surface that is in contact with your face is lined with a triple-layer polar fleece foam that wicks away moisture. With Oakley being Oakley, it doesn’t stop there. They have added an internal skeletal support system that minimises nasal pressure and balances contact forces along critical zones. Translation: You’ll have all the airflow you need to feed your lungs, plus comfort that makes you wonder why you ever wasted a single snow day on ordinary ski goggles.

To add to this, the Oakley Elevate goggles use dual vented lens to fight fog plus a premium F3 anti-fog coating is added. The peripheral view is wide and crisp, and the pure Pluonite lens stops every single ray of UV that bombards the highlands – including, UVA, UVB and UVC as well as harmful blue light. Choose an optional Iridium lens coating to balance light transmission and make the most of your session. Polarised lenses also available.

Giro G9 Ski Helmet

How do you replace the best selling snow helmet ever made? Perserve its core and make it better by bringing it up to date with clean lines and a hint of attitude. The Giro G9 helmet features…

  • Super Cool Vents that pull in cool, fresh air while pushing heat and stale air out keeping you fresh all day.
  • In-Form Fit System makes it easy to dial in a custom fit in seconds – even with gloves on!
  • In-Mould Construction fuses the helmet’s tough outer polycarbonate shell the the impact-absorbing EPS foam liner for extra durability without excess weight.

The Giro G9 ski helmet represents form complimenting function that can be applied to any terrain or riding style. Incredible comfort via Giro’s In-Form Fit System and a great price make this helmet a perfect all-rounder.

RED Theory Ski Helmet

The RED Theory Helmet – before you go spill your spaghetti all over the mountain, lock your lid with the RED Theory ski helmet. Combining nearly weightless protection with the infinite adjustability of RED’s new Air Band 270 Fit System, it also features a low-profile brim to keep snow out of your goggle vents.

Just some of the well-designed features the RED Theory helmet has to offer…

  • Air Band 270 Fit System uses an air pump button to adjust the fit to for that extra comfort and safety.
  • FineTuning enables you to customise the level of warmth, padding and protection with modular padding and removable options.
  • GlovesOn Buckle means no more hassle on the slopes as the buckles can be adjusted with gloves on
  • QuickClip Earpads simply snap on and off so the helmet can easily be converted for multi-season use.
  • In Moulded Polycarbonate Shell is where form, fit and function become one. This ultra smart technology engineers the entire fit system, helmet shape and mechanics in unison, leading to reduced bulk and weight, a superior fit and ultimately a better riding experience.
  • Airvanced Ventilation is rider-controlled venting that allows variable airflow to the inner helmet microclimate and limits the invasion of outside elements.

All in all, the RED Theory helmet is possibly the coolest ski helmet on the mountain this year. Loaded with RED tech features, the lightweight design retains its performance credentials and the helmet looks hot! Understated design as ever from a helmet developed by the Burton Snowboard family.

Anon Majestic Goggles

Anon Majestic snowboard & ski goggles have been designed for women, and showcase some stunning Anon creativity. The Majestic goggles blend Anon looks with tech features galore! Everything you would expect from the Burton family!

On top of Anon’s standard tech features such as polycarbonate lenses, anti-scratch coatings and 100% UV protection, the Anon Majestic goggles also features…

  • Unique Wraps, Prints and Painted Frames, Anon leads the way with unparalleled graphics and detail.
  • Vented Dual Lens Anti-fog Protection construction ensures proper climate control between the lenses and in the face cavity to prevent fogging in all ski conditions. For a second line of defense against fogging, all lenses are treated with Anon’s anti-fog coatings.
  • Full Perimeter Channel Venting ensures maximum airflow to prevent fogging in any ski condition.
  • Interchangeable Strap Tech is unique to Anon and allows you to change straps among Anon Goggles. Trade with you buddies to create your own style and add your personal flavour.
  • Dual Density Face Foam utilising moisture wicking fleece on a dual density face foam, provides a perfect goggle-to-face seal that keeps out the elements while providing comfort for riding all day long.

Roxy Love is All Helmet

The Roxy Love Is All helmet is the premium Roxy Ski helmet. Amazing designs that set apart from the rest, come as standard. One of the most popular ski and snowboard helmets at RxSport, this helmet is one of the lightest on the market weighing just 390g!

  • Adjustable front Venting allows you to control the airflow depending on the conditions you face on the slopes.
  • Full Textile Lining with foam and mesh for that extra bit of comfort.
  • Soft Thermoformed and removable earpads gives you multi-season flexibility
  • Deluxe Chin strap with extra padding for comfort and durability.

Bern Baker EPS Snow Helmet

“Bern created the most stylish helmet in the game. I have had the pro-model in the Baker for four years because it fits and looks better than any of the others.” Seth Wescott, Double Olympic Snowboard Gold Medalist.

The Bern Baker is the original Bern visor lid. Introduced to the world for the first time by Olympic Gold Medalist Seth Wescott, the Bern Baker has captured the attention of all serious action sports athletes.

So what is it about the Bern Baker Helmet that makes Seth Wescott a fan?

  • ASB thin shell with WPS hard foam – All the impact protection you will ever need at 20% lighter than last years model.
  • Bern Profile
  • Sink Fit Bern’s trademark low profile style is combined with a deep surround fit and feel. No more mushroom head!
  • Chine Line of each model separates the top of the lid from the sides. This means the lid ergonomically fits around your head instead of on top of it providing full protection.
  • Removable Knit insert ensures a multi-season helmet.

Uncover Europe’s Best Ski Resorts with Ski Goggles Specialist, RxSport

The European ski season is now well under way with resorts from Chamonix to Zermatt bustling with enthusiastic participants, cool slopes and hot fashions. Along with ski helmets and ski goggles, you’ll of course need to find a great resort to really make the most of your ski holiday. RxSport are experts in combining sizzling slope style with professional quality equipment and fresh from launching their 2011 ski goggles and ski helmet ranges, they have picked their top tips from a selection of new resorts and old favourites. If you’ve packed your snowboarding helmet, dusted off your board and polished up your Oakley ski goggles, the only thing left to do is pick your destination!

Sierra Nevada, Spain

Think of Southern Spain and you’ll undoubtedly be thinking of the Costa del Sol and resorts like Marbella and Puerto Banus. But, venture an hour or so inland from Malaga airport and you’ll start to climb through the Granada Mountains, ending up at the Sierra Nevada, a ski resort popular with Spanish visitors but largely untouched by other nationalities. A small resort, there aren’t too many places to stock up in Sierra Nevada so double check you’ve packed essentials like prescription ski goggles before you go. There is a fantastic selection of slopes though with all runs designed by European and American experts. Boarders are spoilt for choice with the resort known as one of the top Snowboarding venues anywhere in the world.

Mayrhofen, Austria

Intermediate skiers and advanced snowboarders love the Mayrhofen area in Austria as much for its picture perfect location as its wonderful après ski. A great choice for families, slopes are split between the Penken and the Ahorn with guaranteed snow and an exceptional snow park. Activities include tobogganing, sleigh rides, snow tubing and paragliding.

Cortina d’Ampezzo, Italy

The grand dame of Italian ski resorts, Cortina sprawls across the majestic Dolomites with promises of miles of pistes for all ages, abilities and disciplines. One of twelve resorts belonging to the ‘Best of the Alps’ organization, Cortina has been welcoming tourists for over a century and continues to draw skiers and boarders from all over Europe, eager to traverse the meadows and forests and ski between jagged precipices, rock walls and ridges.

Zermatt, Switzerland

Harking back to a Golden age of European ski destinations, Zermatt is set in a fairy tale Swiss village, isolated from the rest of Switzerland. Skiing along the numerous slopes gives the impression of being cut off from the world but Zermatt has everything you need in a resort with a choice of runs and cosy bars for après ski replenishment.

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

Host of the first Winter Olympics in 1924, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc comprises three main skiing areas with south facing slopes, high altitude north facing slopes and wide open slopes stretching out to the Swiss border.

Although each resort is sure to have some reserves of equipment, it is much cheaper to order online before you depart. Brand name products such as Anon goggles and RED helmets are often more expensive in situ. With 30 years experience, RxSport offers an unrivalled selection of branded ski goggles including prescription ski goggles and one of the most diverse and carefully selected helmet ranges on the market, with ski helmets from Smith, Bolle, Quiksilver and Roxy. As with all RxSport eyewear, every single ski helmet is handpicked by RxSports’ own keen skiers and snowboarders.

Get Creative – Style Your Own ID2 Goggles

You’re a creative type with your own style – so why not show it? This winter Adidas eyewear presents goggles for individualists. Let your imagination run wild with the “Style Your Own’ version of the multiple award-winning, revolutionary Adidas ID2 goggles.

These Adidas Style Your Own ID2 goggles meet the highest technical standards to optimal vision on every ride. Their innovative technology and unique design have won them the Red Dot Design Award and the ispo Boardsports Award 2008.

The Style Your Own set of Adidas ID2 Goggles includes…

  • A pair of Matte White ID2 ski goggles
  • 5 waterproof felt tip pens (Black, Orange, Yellow, Green and Purple)
  • Over 200 stickers
  • A microfibre cloth for lens protection and cleaning

…all packaged in a super cool box!

Lets not forget all the awesome technical features the Adidas ID2 has that makes them award winning ski goggles…

  • Spherical Vision Advantage polycarbonate twin filter lens with antifog coating.
  • 2-frame levelling & fully-padded soft hydrophobic Nano-Foam – enable perfect fit
  • Quick-change lens system
  • Climacool ventilation system – prevents fogging
  • Detachable front part & auto-fit nose
  • Siliconised adjustable strap & helmet compatible