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Prescription Sporting Eyewear
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Sports and in particular winter sports are extremely focussed on performance, and high performance at that. For those of us with sight issues, wearing glasses or contact lenses may be a necessity, but it also may be an annoyance and detraction to our performance. Fortunately there is a better solution thanks to RxSport, who are providing prescription eyewear in order to enhance sporting performance.

For skiers, goggles are one of the most essential pieces of kit available. In times past, skiers would be required to wear ski goggles over the top of their standard glasses or contact lenses; this would and could cause a whole range of issues, ultimately culminating in reduced performance. This though no longer needs to be the case thanks to prescription ski goggles from RxSport, all prescription ski goggles from RxSport come with prescription lenses and prescription inserts included in the price. With advancements in anti-fog technology and a variety of different lens tints available, prescription goggles are real performance enhancers. RxSport stock ranges from well known brands such as Adidas, Bolle and Smith, meaning that the consumer has ultimate choice in the latest range of prescription ski goggles.

Some highlights from RxSport’s range of prescription ski goggles include the Adidas ID2 Pure Prescription Goggles. The ID2 Pure goggles are the ultimate in performance, boasting the new 2-frame levelling and nano-foam technology, the goggles are designed to fit perfectly with unrivalled levels of comfort. In addition, Adidas’s ClimaCool technology will ensure that fogging, on of the biggest issues with ski goggles, is non existent. A slightly cheaper alternative to the ID2 Pure, are the Bolle Sharkfin ski goggles, despite providing great value they still retain an impressive array of features. The Sharkfins include their own anti-fog and anti-scratch technology, and are versatile enough for a large range of scenarios.

Prescription eyewear can be a key performance enhancer for sportsmen and women, especially those who partake in winter sports. RxSport provide high quality sports eyewear that can be tailored to an exact prescription, ensuring performance and functionality.

Brand Profile : RED Ski & Snowboard Helmets

RIDE FOREVER – Bailing 20 times before you land it, pushing through the blood, bruises and fear – that’s what RED is all about. It’s the first on the hill and the last to leave, riding every day, every night, hiking ’til the last patch melts. It’s non-stop laps in the rain, waking up at 4am to hit a handrail, and feeling the freedom of linking that first turn. For those who aren’t afraid of what it takes to reach the next level, welcome.

From the first snowboard specific helmet in history to the latest creations like the superior fit of the RED Air Fit System and premium sound REDphones, RED remain dedicated to their shredding founders, formative designers, and fearless riders. With the latest lightweight materials, rider-driven features, and easily customisable designs, RED makes protection a no-brainer.

RED Helmets was founded in 1996 and is dedicated to the evolution of impact protection by offering products that revolutionise the balance of style, fit and technology. The brand is now part of the Burton family

Here are some of the awesome tech features a RED helmet can bring you…

Safety First…

All RED helmets have protection certifications, ASTM 2040 / CE 1077B/CPSC

Airvanced Ventilation™

Rider-controlled venting that allows variable airflow to the inner helmet microclimate and limits the invasion of outside elements.

GlovesOn™ Buckle

The combination of the tri-slide buckle and away-from-collar positioning makes the helmets easy to adjust with gloves on.


Customize the level of warmth, padding, and protection desired for helmets, accessories and body shielding with modular padding systems and removal options. When it comes to audio, upgrade any 2010 or 2011 adult RED helmet with REDphones™

Quick Clip II™ Ear Pads

Simply snap in place and you’re ready to ride. Improved locking pads add warmth to enhance comfort and easily convert for multi-season use.


This design feature allows you to wear your beanie and/or goggles under your helmet, while maintaining the benefits of air flow. The Velcro-free helmet interior keeps your beanie from sticking to the innards of the shell. Feature available on RED Mutiny and RED Hi-Fi helmets.

Goggle Gasket

Fully removable shield that eliminates the gap between ski goggles and helmet while remaining windproof and breathable

Unison Technology™

Where form, fit, and function become one. This ultra smart technology engineers the entire fit system, helmet shape and mechanics in unison, leading to reduced bulk and weight, a superior fit, and ultimately a better riding experience.

REDphones™ Audio Accessory Compatible

This premium speaker system brings you flawless audio integration on and off the mountain . The 40mm drivers plug-and-play into helmet ear pads while the 57mm drivers work in both the helmet ear pads as well as RED’s premium DJ headset. REDphones™ are compatible with iPod® or other music players and feature on-cord volume/mute control. NEW for 2011, REDphones Premium include Smartphone cord with inline audio controls.

NEW Air Band™ 270 Fit System

Air-fuelled comfort in a low-profile headband. Adjust the soft, fleece wrapped Air Band™ with the pump-button on the right webbing strap to fine-tune your fit. Choose between the Air Band™ 270 available on the Theory and Aletta or the 180 fit system, available on the Hi-Fi and Women’s Hi-Fi, each offering a different level of customized comfort.

The RED Team…

Mason Aguirre – Kevin Pearce – Hannah Teter – Peetu Piiroinen – Danny Davis – Shaun White – Kelly Clark – Luke Mitrani – Mikkel Bang – Ellrty Hollingsworth

Check out Shaun White’s signature RED Hi-Hi II helmet and Hannah Teter’s Anon Figment goggles.

Brand Profile: Anon Goggles

Anon Optic goggles are part of the big Burton family. It has become the benchmark in design and function for ski and snowboard goggles. All concepts, features and styles of Anon Goggles are a direct reflection of the collaboration between Anon’s international team riders and the product group in Burlington, VT.

Anon Optics uses proprietary design features relentlessly tested in the lab and on the mountain to enhance your riding experience. Exclusive Air-mesh venting, Anon Spherical Lens Tech, Anon Panoramic Lens Tech and Solar Shield Tech (SST) tints have been developed to match any condition.

Now here’s the science bit…

Lens Tints

Anon Goggles offer the widest range of lens tints with VLT’s (visible light transmission) that covers every light condition. From crystal clear to Solex mirrored, Anon has you covered from white out to glacier bluebird.

Spherical Lens

This proprietary de-centred injected lens construction provides the highest quality of optical clarity and enhances horizontal, upward and downward field vision white reducing eye fatigue and distortion.

Panoramic Profile

Utilising a proprietary de-centered injected cylindrical shape that is thicker in the middle and tapers to the edges to reduce distortion and enhance optical clarity.

Vented Dual Lens Anti-Fog Protection

Anon’s dual lens construction ensures the proper climate control between the lenses and in the face cavity to prevent fogging in all conditions. For a second line of defence against fogging, all lenses are treated with Anon’s anti-fog coatings.

Interchangeable Strap

This unique universal anon feature lets you change straps among anon goggles. Trade with your buddies, create a new style and add your personal flavour.

Dual & Triple Density Face Foam

Utilising moisture wicking fleece on variable dual and triple density face foam, provides a perfect goggle-to-face seal that keeps out the elements while providing comfort for riding all day long.

Pro Models

Jeremy & Teter

Anon, together with Jeremy Jones and Hannah Teter have designed two Anon Figment Pro models…




The Anon Team

Mark Landvik – Frederik Kalbermatten – Bode Merrill – Nic Sauve – Gabi Viteri – Johnnie Paxson – Jake Welch – Jeremy Jones – Peetu Piiroinen – Annie Boulanger – Jack Mitrani – Hannah Teter

Brand Profile : Sweet Protection Helmets

Pushing the limits since childhood, the Sweet founders never accepted the second best. So, they made their own protection products.

The Sweet Story…

Stronger, lighter, better. The Sweet mantra can be traced back to a school paper from 1988, made by one of the founders and design manager, Ståle Møller. With a group of friends, Ståle had already spent two years on making the best skateboards in his hometown of Trysil. Skateboarding was prohibited in Norway until 1989 – the only country in the world where the government judged it too dangerous.

The local boys from Trysil did not care about the government. They wanted to skate. Ages before Internet and long before cell phones, this crew had more cultural input from California than Oslo.

In 1997, freestyle kayaking was taking off. As the local river was closer than the dream of pacific surf, freestyle kayaking became rapidly popular in Trysil. All of a sudden you could make surf moves in the local river! This inspired the creation of the Sweet brand. Still in design school, Ståle made a carbon fiber helmet that could be used in the freestyle kayak world championships. The kayak equipment in those days was kind of ‘soviet agricultural chic’, and Ståle’s fresh design was breathtaking. Everybody wanted it, and soon the garage production from the early Bushmade days was keeping family and neighbours awake at night again.

In 1999 a friend of Ståle’s suggested over a beer the idea of starting up a new company: Sweet North. Integrating their uncompromising demand for quality and functionality into innovative products. Growing up with action activities in mountains, rivers and ramps, they had learned how to protect themselves from the elements. Having a Sweet day, but staying safe. From the challenging environments of kayaking, they had learned to help each other out of dangerous situations. Bringing these values and insights into snowboarding and skiing made sense, right? Yes, Ståle said, but let’s drop North. Let’s just call it Sweet.

In 2003 Sweet made their first ISPO appearance and immediately won the Brand New Award for best newcomer. The years passed by, but the dream is coming true for the friends from Trysil. The inspiration from the California skateboard and surfing culture is still there, but now it is a way of life too. Cultivating childhood activities as you grow older is a privilege that the Sweet founders enjoy. Spending time on the mountains and in the waves makes both life and products better.

The range of Sweet helmets are worn by a number of ski and snowboard stars, including Norwegian snowboard legend Terje Hakonsen – look out for his signature Sweet Trooper (available late 2010). Sweet know that their team riders will never accept second best. Once again, they will be hitting first descents in AK, they will be hitting gnarly street rails and challenging lines at the Verbier Extreme. For the Sweet team riders, it’s crucial to believe in both their skills and their equipment.

New Winter season stock for snowboarding and ski helmets will be hitting down mid October, but we have a little sneak preview for you all below…

Stronger, lighter, better…

Why Buy Oakley Sunglasses?

Why Buy Oakley Sunglasses? Precision & Perfection

Oakley Jawbone Sunglasses

Created for world class athletes and everyday lifestyle, Oakley sunglasses are the leading brand in versatile, stylish and protective models. Manufactured to the ultimate spec to guarantee 100% UV protection and a highly durable frame; whether you’re driving, golfing or mountain biking, RxSport have a pair of Oakley sunglasses to suit everyone.

The Oakley brand speaks for itself, models exceed regular expectations from a mere accessory, and the intensive research into protection and design are evident within every single pair of Oakley sunglasses. Described as “the undisputed leader in performance eyewear”, Oakley sunglasses are the ideal choice for keen sportsmen and women who require instant comfort and protection on the track, road or slopes. Oakley polarised lenses offer optimum glare protection thanks to the high definition optics protection- allowing sportsmen to keep their eye on the ball, arrow or track ahead.

RxSport offer some of the bestselling and sport-friendly Oakley sunglasses on the market, including favourite models such as Oakley Flak Jacket and Oakley Half Jacket sunglasses. “It’s about more than simply looking good out there on the dirt track or astro-turf, Oakley sunglasses are designed with movement, stability and glare resistance in mind” explains James Coakley, director of RxSport, who also specialise in ski goggles and prescription sunglasses. Those browsing for quality, value-for money sports sunglasses need look no further than RxSport, which offer over fifty different Oakley models.

“The Oakley style doesn’t have to empty your wallet either” continues James “RxSport offer in-demand Oakley sunglasses for incredible value, with many models under £75”.

Contact us via email and or telephone for friendly, sound advice on which Oakley sunglasses model, or sports sunglasses will suit your needs.

Summer Holiday Sunglasses

Oakley Split Jacket SunglassesWherever you’re travelling this summer, whether it’s an adrenaline filled sport retreat, a hiking adventure around the Smokey Mountains or simply chilling out by the pool; leading sports sunglasses retailer RxSport have a sunglasses model to suit you. With an ample selection of some of the best eyewear around, RxSport bring Oakley sunglasses, Bolle sunglasses and Nike sunglasses at competitive online prices and of course, ticking off the holiday checklist.

“Summer sunglasses are not just about looking suave on the sun lounger” says James Coakley, director of the Cambridgeshire based company. “What RxSport bring to the table is the option to choose between stylish models with practical fits, durable materials and of course, 100% UV protection.” Market leaders Oakley sunglasses shine through when it comes to mixing up style and practically for both men and women, the snug, personal fit means that when it’s time to leave the poolside and explore through the Pyramids or Jungles, your eyes are fully protected and prepared.

“These are not run-of-the mill sunglasses; each model is designed and created with eye health and lifestyle in mind.” Those taking up an active holiday don’t have to break the bank with a choice of branded sunglasses, RxSport stock a superior range of nike sunglasses starting from just £49.99. Suitable for cycling, golfing and the occasional sightseeing!

Anon Hombre SunglassesThose searching for a more classic look this summer will find RxSport’s collection of Anon sunglasses and Roxy sunglasses have an old school edge teaming with optimum protection, beach, ball court or the bar, these branded sunglasses have got versatility covered. Whichever model takes your fancy this season, the team at RxSport are on hand to offer frame, lens and brand advice to ensure that your eyes stay protected and stylish this summer.

To view the entire range of branded sunglasses from RxSport; visit the website on www.RxSport.co.uk or become a fan of fully protected vision on the RxSport Facebook Page.