RE Ranger Shooting Eyewear


We have been searching far and wide to find a specific brand of shooting eyewear to suit us here at RxSport.

And finally, after much deliberation, we hit the jackpot with RE Ranger..!

Developed from the world renowned Randolph Engineering company, RE Ranger glasses apply years of success and experience to the world of shooting sunglasses, and through collaboration with industry leaders and experienced professionals, the result is shooting eyewear that is the choice of champions.

So, who are Randolph Engineering?

  • This family-run, New England-based business began in the early 1990s, with help from the shooting industry’s leading optical experts.
  • Randolph Engineering pride themselves on being the only remaining metal eyewear manufacturer in the USA.
  • Their RE Ranger project converged years of research and development with their knowledge of ballistics to provide world class shooting eyewear.
  • After 3 generations Randolph remains a family-owned and operated company. Their sunglasses are now sold in more than 50 countries.

Why are their glasses so special?

Developing frames and in collaboration with some of the leading athletes in the field has it’s perks! When performing at Olympic levels, athletes need the best possible protection and quality. RE Ranger provide this through their partnership with the Zeiss Optical lab; an industry leader in the world of optics.

RE Ranger’s proprietary NexPC™ lenses can withstand a 12-gauge shotgun blast from 10 yards away. These lenses are five to six times more impact-resistant than the standard industry lens.

Randolph has been a big hitter in the world of military eyewear over the years. Their flagship model; the Aviator, has been standard-issue to U.S. military pilots since the 1980s. As you would expect, military specifications for eyewear aren’t easy to meet and Randolph took on a 20 page document to create their iconic Aviator frames.

Perhaps Randolphs crowning achievement during their illustrious time in the industry is winning a contract to make 70,000 optical inserts per year during the Gulf War. A contract that saw them working tirelessly to produce over 200,000 inserts; none of which were returned for quality issues!

Shooting sunglasses, what do I need for what?

With five different shooting-specific models to choose from you can find a frame that fits your needs perfectly. Choose from traditional designs, full shields and adaptable clip-on style models.

We offer each frame with a selection of RE Ranger’s most popular lens tint colours, meaning you’ll be able to find a lens tint and caters to your exact demands whatever your shooting discipline.

With a range of styles to choose from, you’ll find one to suit you and wherever your sport takes you. RxSport have hand picked a choice of lens tints that perfectly suits our customers and their needs. It really plugs a hole in the market for us and opens up a wide range of opportunities!

Trap Shooting

Our recommendation would be the Ranger Classic. The original RE Ranger frame, designed to push the boundaries in shooting eyewear. It’s classic shape and lightweight feel provides all day comfort whilst the large lenses give great coverage to help you pick out the clays from the trap house.

Team the Ranger Classic with a Vermillion lens for a truly brilliant frame for a variety of conditions. Vermillion lenses help to highlight the orange of the clays in front of countryside backgrounds by neutralising greens.

Sporting Clays

With the variety of positions a shooter has to stand and the variety of conditions and stances faced, Sporting Clay shooters should look for the Ranger Falcon Sport. RE Ranger’s most advanced frame yet really combines everything a shooter in this discipline would need. With a wider field of view and no distractions from a small nose piece; the Falcon Sport is the pinnacle in shooting eyewear.

The Falcon Sport is a perfect match with the CMT lens for bright conditions. Colormag Technology increases contrast between target and background, delivering up to 250% more orange colour than standard lenses.

Skeet Shooting

Skeet shooting provides a shooter with the perfect opportunity to test the waters with their eyewear. This brings the Ranger XLW into play. This model was designed from the ground up by Ranger’s team of experienced optical engineers, and is the industry’s first shooting-specific 8-base wrapped frame.


Use the HD Medium lens with the XLW for enhanced definition in duller light and woodland areas. The HD Medium lens gives you a crisp view of the target, perfect for Skeet Shooting with the differing speed and angles of the clays.

Hunting and Wingshooting

RE Ranger glasses have been specifically developed to be used on the range but their ballistics protection and high quality lenses make them a brilliant choice for days out in the field. The RE Ranger Edge would be a ideal for this discipline. With a wrapped frameless design giving you great protection and coverage combined with curved temple tips for comfortable prolonged wear, the Ranger Edge is the go to choice for a variety of shooting disciplines.

Partner the Edge with the Medium Yellow lens for brilliant contrast enhancement on those dull British winter days. Bring out the detail in the countryside in overcast conditions to help pick out the game birds.

Are RE Ranger Sunglasses available in prescription?

YES! We have recently added the Sporter and XLW to our prescription range! With great versatility and a variety of options, you’ll be sure to find a product that suits you and your shooting style!