RedBull SPECT Enters Cycling Market

RedBull SPECT Enters Cycling Market

One of the most iconic and recognisable brands on the planet has joined forces with a premium eyewear manufacturer to create some ground-breaking new sunglasses fit for their time. Red Bull SPECT was born through a collaboration with Austrian eyewear brand SPECT and the iconic Red Bull brand.

Partner this exceptional combination with the release of a brand-new sports-specific frame and you’re onto a winner!


By detaching the lens from the frame, the effect of a free-floating lens is created. The flexible properties of the frame allow the lens to bounce up and down freely when subjected to shocks. The technology thus takes weight off the wearer’s nose for ultimate comfort. This shock-absorbing technology is as innovative as it is effective!

A perfect vision is key to great achievements. V°MAX optimizes airflow and reduces fogging. The air intake slots allow for air passage behind the shield to prevent fogging. The air outlets on the temples guarantees a constant circulation.

The ventilated lenses are easily interchangeable due to Red Bull SPECT’s S°LOCK quick change system. Adapt to changing weather conditions by swapping the lens in the split of a second. Select models of the Flow & Pace come with an additional clear lens for low light conditions.

To ensure an even more comfortable fit, the frame is highly customizable. The nose pads can easily be moved into the desired position, so the frame will leave no traces on the nose even after hours of hard workout. The temples of the frames can also be adjusted to the optimal position to fit comfortably under your helmet.

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