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Sweet Protection helmets represent the pinnacle of all-mountain protection. The selection may be limited but you can rest assured that the quality of the product is second to none. This means adjustable fitting systems, MIPS, lightweight construction, shatter resistant visors and full ventilation all coming as standard. And that’s not all! Browse the product range to learn more about why Sweet are helping to lead the way in mountain bike helmet design.

Mountain Biking Helmets (MTB)

Sweet are serious about protecting you from any impact, no matter the angle. This has meant integrating MIPS technology into every model. MIPS is designed to reduce violent forces exerted on the brain in certain impacts.

Conventional helmets offer minimal protection from rotational impact, which can cause the most injury to the brain. MIPS uses a low-friction membrance to dissipate this energy to enhance protection in oblique impacts.

Sweet Dissenter MIPS

Sweet Dissenter Helmet


The Dissenter rides hot on the heels of its bigger brothers in the Bushwhacker series. This model has stripped down functionality and comes in at a lower weight, but still packs a spicy punch. Beneath the Dissenter’s low-profile in-mold shell you’ll find MIPS as standard, a fully adjustable fitting system and aerodynamic ventilation channels.

Sweet Dissenter MIPS – £116.99

Sweet Bushwhacker II MIPS

Sweet Bushwhacker II



Designed as the ultimate go-to for enduro and trail riders, the Sweet Bushwhacker II is a formidable part of any serious mountain biker’s armoury. Brimming with tech including MIPS, an adjustable fit system and patent-pending ventilation methods, this lid will keep you safe cool and comfortable during even the toughest trails.

Sweet Bushwhacker II MIPS – £165.99

Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS

Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon

The Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS takes the excellent build of the original Bushwhacker II and ratchets up strength with integrated carbon fibre shell elements. With an up to 15% improvement in protective capability, this model is suited to ambitious enduro riders taking on the most challenging trails.
Sweet Bushwhacker II Carbon MIPS – £209.99


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