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Prescription Sporting Eyewear
Provided by RxSport

Sports and in particular winter sports are extremely focussed on performance, and high performance at that. For those of us with sight issues, wearing glasses or contact lenses may be a necessity, but it also may be an annoyance and detraction to our performance. Fortunately there is a better solution thanks to RxSport, who are providing prescription eyewear in order to enhance sporting performance.

For skiers, goggles are one of the most essential pieces of kit available. In times past, skiers would be required to wear ski goggles over the top of their standard glasses or contact lenses; this would and could cause a whole range of issues, ultimately culminating in reduced performance. This though no longer needs to be the case thanks to prescription ski goggles from RxSport, all prescription ski goggles from RxSport come with prescription lenses and prescription inserts included in the price. With advancements in anti-fog technology and a variety of different lens tints available, prescription goggles are real performance enhancers. RxSport stock ranges from well known brands such as Adidas, Bolle and Smith, meaning that the consumer has ultimate choice in the latest range of prescription ski goggles.

Some highlights from RxSport’s range of prescription ski goggles include the Adidas ID2 Pure Prescription Goggles. The ID2 Pure goggles are the ultimate in performance, boasting the new 2-frame levelling and nano-foam technology, the goggles are designed to fit perfectly with unrivalled levels of comfort. In addition, Adidas’s ClimaCool technology will ensure that fogging, on of the biggest issues with ski goggles, is non existent. A slightly cheaper alternative to the ID2 Pure, are the Bolle Sharkfin ski goggles, despite providing great value they still retain an impressive array of features. The Sharkfins include their own anti-fog and anti-scratch technology, and are versatile enough for a large range of scenarios.

Prescription eyewear can be a key performance enhancer for sportsmen and women, especially those who partake in winter sports. RxSport provide high quality sports eyewear that can be tailored to an exact prescription, ensuring performance and functionality.