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Technically and rationally, the best option if you can stretch to it. Max views, reduce glare and distortion, whilst spherical lenses help to cut out fog too.


The original shape, but after spherical lenses came out, cylindrical goggles were considered to be the poor relation for many years, however fashions do change and cylindrical shapes are the hottest look right now.


It's all about inserts for snow goggles. We get asked about direct glaze goggles, but although the technology is being developed as we speak, it's just not there yet. We would love them too, but we would also love a hover board! Don't worry, with the right lens in place inserts are hardly visible (the image below is to display the mechanics, not the finished product!).

Help reading?

Varifocals are not recommended for ski goggles, but we do offer a ski goggle-specific bifocal lens. This is perfect for those who need a bit of help to read the piste map, but do not want to lose all the benefits of a ski goggle.

Inserts Rule!

They are cost effective, lightweight, and far better than wearing your own glasses or contact lenses. Concerns over fogging can be alleviated with anti-fog coatings. They also allow you to change the outer lens to match the conditions.

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Lens Simulator

Below you can take a look at the effect of different lens colours for snow.

Drag the slider to view more of the image with your chosen lens colour.

Naked Eye
Selected Lens
VERMILLION / ROSE - A rose lens is the perfect all-rounder. The vermilion hue enhances contrast and improves depth perception. Combine with a solid mirror for sunny conditions or a flash mirror for lower light use.
BROWN / BRONZE - A lens for bright conditions, but with added contrast enhancement. As such, we would recommend it over grey for use on the mountain. The contrast enhancement improves versatility, so you will be able to use this in partial cloud cover too.
GREY - Neutral lens tint, ideal for very bright days.
ORANGE / PERSIMMON - A low light lens, with some added flexibility for slightly brighter conditions. The brightening effect will help to enhance contrast on overcast days. Can be combined with a mirror finish for added flexibility.
YELLOW - The original low light lens. The brightening effect under dark skies and when the snow is coming down is hard to argue with. Lacks versatility, as it struggles if light improves. As a result, it is not used so much today.

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Goggle FAQS

Below you will find the most common questions we're asked about goggles.

What is the difference between cylindrical and spherical goggles?
Cylindrical goggles curve horizontally, whilst remaining flat vertically. Spherical goggles, on the other hand, curve on both axes. Cylindrical lenses have traditionally been a cheaper option, but they are currently in fashion. From a technical perspective, the spherical lens is largely superior - offering better optics, more peripheral vision and less fogging.
What is "OTG"?
Simply, OTG (Over The Glasses) goggles are designed to fit over the top of your everyday glasses. They tend to have cutaways in the foam or frame moulding which to avoid undue temple pressure.
Which goggles will go best with my helmet? Do I need to match brand?
Matching brand certainly helps for many people, as the brands have often designed the two products in conjunction. You will find that the vents line up perfectly, which will help to avoid fogging and overheating. Plus, you can match colours to look as cool as snow! However, it is not essential. We would always recommend choosing your ideal goggle and helmet first, and then checking compatibility after. Personal preference on fit/look and individual face/head shape means that there is no 100% rules in this area!
Which features should I look for in goggles to stop them from fogging?
Look for products with maximum ventilation - both frame and lens vents. Also, the more expensive goggles in a range will tend to be equipped with premium anti-fog coatings, which will really make a difference. These goggles also tend to have better quality foam, which will help to wick moisture away, and so your lens stays fog-free. For those who really struggle, we also offer goggles with micro-electric fans - a bit like the set up you have in your car!
How can I look after my goggles to stop them from fogging?
Good goggle care is just as important as specific products/features.
1. Keep the goggles where they belong - on your face, not on your helmet!
2. Keep the vents clear - not blocked with face masks/scarves/etc.
3. Put the goggles on warm - keep them close to you, so they are as close to body temperature when they go on. Don't leave them in boot rooms overnight!
How do your prescription goggles work? Do you glaze the whole lens?
It is inserts all the way for goggles right now. This allows you change the outer lens to match the weather, keeps costs down and makes prescription changes less of a headache. That being said, we know some people really want a direct glaze. When the technology catches up, rest assured RxSport will be the #1 place to look!
How do I change my goggles lenses?
This depends on the manufacturer to a degree. With the growth of lens interchange systems, each brand works slightly differently. As such, we suggest checking the instructions that should have been in the goggle packaging. Alternatively, please contact us, and we can talk you through the process for your specific goggle. For traditional goggles, gently separate the frame from the lens, remove the lens carefully and store in a clean and dry location. To reinsert, you will see little notches that align to matching grooves in the frame. Start with the nose bridge and work your way out to the sides and finish with the top notches.
Which goggle size is suitable for me?
We offer a wide range of sizes, with sizing information provided on the individual product pages. Generally smaller goggles are preferred by women and guys with smaller heads. That being said, there has been a shift towards larger 'over-sized' goggles in recent years. These offer a cool look, and also open up a wider field of view. With adjustable straps on every set of goggles we sell, you will find most goggles fit most people. Overall, it depends on personal preference, and how the goggles fit with your helmet. Remember we offer a free 28 days returns service, and you are also always welcome to come and visit our showroom.

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