Prescription Guide

Prescriptions and prescription eyewear can be a tricky thing to get your head around. Luckily it's our bread and butter and our in-house dispensing opticians and optical experts have been specialists in the field for over 15 years so aim to make it as straightforward as possible with this handy guide.

Prescription Sunglasses

With a design and method for almost any sport or activity, get to grips with what the different techniques on offer in our range of prescription sunglasses. Find out which one is best suited for your needs and your sport.

? RxSport recommends Recommended for everyday and sports use for those with lower prescriptions, directly glazed lenses are the classic solution and don't compromise on quality or aesthetics.
Directly Glazed
Directly Glazed
The classic option.

Directly glazed is the way to go if you want slick design, styling and performance. As the name suggests, your prescription lens is directly glazed into the frame so you get ultimate corrective vision without compromising aesthetics and style that looks the same as a non-prescription sunglass.

Clip-On Prescription Inserts
The most flexible solution.

Designed for those with higher prescriptions, contact lens wearers and those who want flexibility, prescription inserts are a great choice for sports performance frames. The sunglasses themselves are exactly the same as an 'off-the-shelf' product while the prescription capability is provided via a seperate and removable clip-on insert that attaches to the inside of the frame.

? RxSport recommends If your prescription is slightly higher and you need a frame for sports use, inserts are for you as they provide a more streamlined package without a chunky, unsightly lens. Also ideal if you have multiple sunglass lenses for all conditions or wear contact lenses.
? RxSport recommends Large prescription implants offer excellent peripheral vision, coverage and optical quality for fast paced sports as you still maintain the benefits of the shield lens design. Although high quality, they aren't necessarily the most stylish option and the finished product isn't for everyone!
Shield Implant Technology
The alternative solution for shields.

If you demand a sunglass that the pros wear but need a prescription, shield implants may well be for you. For your prescription, you need two lenses (left & right) but this can be difficult on shield designs. To solve this, two sections of the shield are laser cut out and two prescription lenses are implanted into the shield. No clutter, no extra lenses and fully integrated!

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Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription Glasses

We offer a range of packages, finishes and options in our range of prescription glasses. Designed to suit almost any prescription or use, this will help to narrow down the options and what is available for your prescription.



1.50 index CR39 plastic lenses offer great value for money and are the go-to choice for lenses from high street opticians.



1.59 polycarbonate lenses are the most popular for sports use. Our tough package is 20% thinner and lighter than the Essential lenses and feature a hard coating.



Sports grade 1.59 polycarbonate lenses are applied with a premium Shamir Glacier Plus anti-fog treatment on the back surface. Also includes a front surface anti-reflection coating.



30% thinner and lighter than the Essential package, 1.67 high index lenses are ideal for those with higher prescriptions. Complete with Essilor’s Crizal Sapphire HR anti-reflection coating.

Ultra Thin

Ultra Thin

1.74 High Index lenses are 50% thinner and lighter than the essential package and are designed for the strongest prescriptions. They provide a superior cosmetic result thanks to the Crizal Sapphire HR anti-reflection coating

Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter

Blue light filters are designed to reduce harmful blue-violet and ultra-violet light passing through the lens to your eyes. Usage of digital screens is crucial in this day and age, but the light emitted from the screen can cause eye fatigue. Blue Light protection helps to limit this fatigue and damage caused by this harsh light.

Prescription Goggles

Custom made prescription inserts fit into the goggle to provide ultimate corrective vision on the slopes. Unfortunately the technology isn't there for directly-glazed ski goggles right now but prescription inserts are the perfect solution!

What is the Prescription Insert?

The key feature in prescription goggles is the use of prescription inserts, this is a separate frame that fits into the framework of the goggle.

It's all about inserts for goggles. We often get asked about directly glazed goggles, but although the technology is being developed as we speak, it's just not there yet. Prescription inserts are the best solution but don't worry, with the right lens in place when you're out on the slopes, the inserts are hardly visible.

Prescription goggle insert
Prescription info goggle insert

What are the benefits?

The insert doesn't change the functionality of the goggle frame itself, meaning you can still take full advantage of any lens interchange system your goggle uses. The spring-loaded insert is easily mounted and removed from the frame, making it easy to clean.

Prescription inserts sit further away from your face than regular glasses which enables more airflow through the goggle. They offer a large lens coverage for greater corrective peripheral vision and can be glazed with anti-fog lenses to help limit the chance of fogging out on the slopes.

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Sports Specialist Eyewear

When it comes to specialist sports, the correct eyewear can be the difference between winning and losing. This collection of sports protectives and specialist eyewear has been carefully selected to ensure protection, quality and precision.

Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles - Sphere Only

Off the shelf prescription swimming goggles are a great cost effective option for those who are just after a general improvement to their vision and aren't in need of goggles which allow then to read or make out finer details arount the pool.

Swimming Goggles - Full Prescription

For a finely-tuned swimming experience which grants you excellent vision at all disatance then full prescription googles are perfect for you! These custom-made swimming goggles are produced just like a pair of glasses correcting your full prescription.

Protectives - The Problem

Sport can be fraught with hazards, not least for people in need of corrective vision. Taking to the field or court in a pair of traditional glasses can really hamper your performance and not least impact your safety. Everyday glasses were not designed for the rough-and-tumble of sport so you need something specifically designed to meet the needs of a fast paced environment.

Protectives - The Solution

Purpose built protection for your eyes is the name of the game with this selection. Each meeting or exceeding industry standards, our range of sports protective glasses and goggles can be used for a range of sports and activities. If you want protective prescription or non-prescription glasses for squash, tennis, football, basketball or badminton then you're in the right place.

Sports Protectives

Our Lenses

For the past 15 years, our expertise has led to us being one of Europe's leading prescription specialists. Over that time we have built relationships and partnerships with some of the biggest and best names in optics to offer the perfect package with a quality finish guaranteed.


Shamir are a world-leading glazing lab who offer high-performance lens options for wrapped sports frames. Shamir lenses incorporate the latest technologies to deliver top quality vision and have done so for over 50 years.


Recommended by opticians for over 150 years and with the mission to improve lives by improving sight, Essilor is a market-leading glazing lab that has been at the forefront of technology advances in the optical industry.


Authentic Oakley prescription lenses, glazed directly at Oakley's world-renowned glazing lab. Each Oakley prescription lens is laser etched with the Oakley "O" to show an icon of innovation and leading technology.

Authentic Ray-Ban prescription lenses are glazed at Ray-Ban's industry leading in-house glazing lab. Etched with the RB logo for authenticity and quality, you can be safe in the knowledge that your lenses are the best of the best.

Optimise your vision with authentic Bolle prescription lenses. Using B-Thin Active Design technology, Bolle are able to deliver corrective vision to an expansive range of prescriptions in an array of frame shapes.


Serengeti's VARIODRIVE Thin Design Rx programme represents the culmination of the most cutting-edge advancements available in the optical industry, including NXT Trivex lenses and Serengeti's Spectral Control technology.

Maui Jim

Drawing on decades of experience producing quality eyewear, the MauiPassport prescription program delivers authentic, custom sunglasses for those needing corrective vision. See more of the world's vibrant beauty than ever.

Julbo's Rx Lab offers the best of its expertise for a new visual experience. Offering greater precision and responsiveness, it manufactures some of the best-performing prescription sports sunglasses on the market.