Buying varifocals online

Almost all of our prescription sunglasses and everyday glasses are now available with varifocal lenses. Simply place your order online, or please feel free to call us on 01780 783932 if you prefer.

After ordering

At RxSport, we pride ourselves on optimising your vision. Just like when you buy varifocals on the high street, our dispensing opticians need some extra measurements.

We will send you a disposable frame (this is not always necessary for products with inserts).
Follow these instructions and email a picture to
We will make up your glasses and ship them to you.

If you do not have access to a digital camera or smart-phone, you can simply send us a set of previous varifocal glasses.

Varifocals for sport

Whilst many sports only require distance correction, varifocal lenses can be a major advantage for certain activities. Check out the following examples:


GPS systems are now considered essential kit for many cyclists. Varifocals will allow you to see where you are going, as well as the road ahead.


No need to trust your playing partner to fill in your card, varifocals allow you to keep track of your score as well as tracking the ball down the fairway.


Varifocals can stop you hitting a black run when you meant to meander down on a blue. No need for a second set of reading glasses to check the piste map.


Maps, charts and knots are crucial when out on the water, so the ability to focus up close is just as important as seeing out to sea.


Whether it is glancing at the Sat-Nav or checking your speed, the ability to see both near and far is crucial for safe driving.


Everyone loves chilling on the beach, but we all want to read a good book between checking out the waves.

Varifocals: the science

As we get older, the muscles in the eye get weaker and this can make it harder to focus on things that are close up. This weakening of the muscles also means that the eye struggles to focus quickly between near and distance objects. A great way to deal with these issues is to wear varifocal lenses.