Buying Varifocals

Almost all of our prescription sunglasses and everyday glasses are available with varifocal lenses. Simply place your order online, or call our friendly customer care team on 01780 783932 if you prefer.

After Ordering

At RxSport, we pride ourselves on optimising your vision. Just like when you buy varifocals on the high street, our in-house dispensing opticians need some extra measurements to ensure your new frames are set up accurately.

Put the frames on
1. Once you have placed an order for varifocals, we will send you a 'dummy frame' and a handy guide. Pop the frames on and get your camera ready.
Take the picture
2. Make sure the camera is held at arm's length and at eye level. Look straight ahead, directly into the lens and take the photo wearing the frames.
Send your photo
3. Email your photo to quoting your name or order number as the reference. Please attach as a full size image!

Varifocals for Sport

Whilst many sports only require distance correction, varifocal lenses can be a major advantage for certain activities.



GPS systems and computers are now considered essential kit for cyclists. Varifocal lenses will allow you to see your route data as well as the road ahead.



Whether it's glancing at the Sat-Nav or checking your speed, varifocal lenses allow you to read your dashboard as well as see the road and road signs.



Varifocal lenses are ideal for fishing as you can focus on your knots and hooks in the reading segment and use the distance portion of the lens to help with casting.



Maps, charts and knots are crucial when out on the water, so the ability to focus up close is just as important as seeing out to sea.

Varifocals: The Science

As we get older, the muscles in the eye get weaker and this can make it harder to focus on things that are close up. This weakening of the muscles also means that the eye struggles to focus quickly between near and distance objects. A great way to deal with these issues is to wear varifocal lenses.

Simply put, varifocal lenses seamlessly incorporate your distance, intermediate and near vision to allow you the ability to see at all distances. Through the top of the lens, your distance vision will be crisp and clear. The middle of the lens incorporates your intermediate vision, ideal for computer use. The lower portion of the lens has your reading prescription so near vision tasks can be completed easily.

Varifocal lenses are different to bi-focal lenses as the lens progressively changes the optical power. Bi-focal lenses are an older technology and have a visible half-moon reading section in the lens whereas varifocal lenses are seamlessly integrated and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a varifocal and single vision lens!

Our Lenses

We get asked a lot about which varifocal design is used on our lenses, this handy guide will give some insight into which package is available with each brand:


Essilor's Varilux Comfort Max package offers sharp, natural vision at any distance. We have hand picked this option as we feel it's the best compromise between performance and value for daily use and sports.


Oakley Authentic Prescription lenses use a high-quality universal varifocal package that is designed to offer excellent performance optimised for sports in sunglasses or glasses for everyday use.


Shamir's performance varifocal lenses are designed for ultimate sports use. We use the Shamir Attitude III Sport package which offers the ultimate solution for athletes and those with active lifestyles, especially on wrapped sports frames.

If you usually use another package, contact our in-house dispensing opticians who will be able to look into other options.