Bell Muni Cycle Helmet - Safety Yellow

Bell Muni Cycle Helmet

SKU: CB2024223

RRP: £59.99


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The all-new Bell Muni cycle helmet takes the mantle of Bell urban helmets to a new level with outstanding functionality, great features, and well-mannered design and graphics. Visibility is a big part of the Muni story, with a pair of integrated rear flashing lights which come as standard equipment.

Suggested Use:

  • Urban/Commute
  • Cruiser
  • Touring

Our View: The Bell Muni bike helmet is a great new additon to the Bell range. The flashing rear lights and bright colours make it a perfect choice for that commute to work in rush hour!

Fit Systems

OneStep Plus Fit System

The world’s easiest helmet fitting system is now available on adult helmets with the all-new OneStep Plus fit system. Just like its pint-sized predecessor, the new ‘Plus’ version features an innovative fit belt that automatically adjusts to the rider’s head size with a one-time adjustment. The first time it’s worn, simply select one of the three fore-aft arm positions and tighten the chin strap to the proper length. After that, the helmet self-adjusts for a correct fit every time.Another feature of the Plus are the integrated rear LED flashers. These sleek, ultra-lightweight, lights feature bright, long-life, flashing LEDs for increased conspicuity in low-light situations.

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